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Monday, May 23

Sagami Original 0.02 - It's the Thinnest!

Something naughty and nice to read on ;)

You'll get to know what's Sagami Thinnest now. Introducing Sagami Rubber Industries Co., Ltd. was founded in 1934, the first condom manufacturer in Japan and first condom manufacturer in the world to release colored and dotted condoms. In 1998, Sagami developed Sagami Original condoms made from special polyurethane.  In 2004, Sagami further developed a polyurethane condom at just 20 microns –  the Sagami Original 0.02, which instantly became the best-selling condom in Japan.

Honestly, people are now more aware of getting condoms, and how do I came across about this is because sometimes during the tea sessions, my girlfriends will start asking personal questions. On top of that, I visited Japan last year and they have all varieties of condoms selling in the marts. I did though of purchasing them as souvenirs for my friends, but mostly that you are attracted to their cute designs and packagings, but I am not really sure that they are really useful as a practical condom, 

By looking at the packaging, I love it to be so direct and modern red font contrast with the grey background. Who would be shy purchasing them of course! Sagami Thinnest Original 0.02’s convenient and hygienic blister pack distinguishes polyurethane condoms from latex condoms. Its individually sealed, easy-to-open packaging minimizes damage and accidental tearing. Sagami Thinnest Original 0.02 condoms are so well protected that they can be stored for 5 years.  i think Sagami Thinnest is not only because of the 0.02mm thickness that attracts me but also the materials used to made are very safe for all skin types. We all know, the material will affect both partners during intercourse.

Now, you tell me that are you concerned about what the condom you or your partner is choosing from? Comment below and let me know your thoughts =) 

Check out my video below where I unbox-ed them ;)

The reason by calling it 0.02 is because of the 0.024mm thickness which is only one third of the thickness of an human hair, WOW! Well, the thickness of an ordinary condom ranges from 0.065mm to 0.075mm average. Sagami Thinnest is made of polyurethane. When it comes to toughness, Sagami Thinnest 0.02 is 3 x stronger in pressure test and 2 x better in tensile strength test.*Compared with ordinary condoms! 

I love the mini round cue look-alike packaging of the condom. Safe and easy put in pockets! I am going to present them to all my friends =D

More speciality about 0.02 is that it is also suitable for consumers who are allergic to latex. Most of you might be having a thought on what does it smells like? It is Odourless and Transparent. Bonus point is that Sagami Thinnest 0.02 has better heat conductivity, allowing for a more natural sensation.

Great news is that Sagami Thinnest 0.02 has just launched in Malaysia. The launch party at PLAY Club, Petaling Jaya, the Sagami Thinnest 0.02 is expected to appeal to consumers who demand premium, high performance products that are uncompromising in their quality.  Every Sagami Thinnest 0.02 condom is individually sealed in an easy-to-open blister pack for convenience and hygiene purposes and to prevent damage or accidental tearing.

Sagami Thinnest 0.02 is available exclusively at selected Watsons stores nationwide and Watsons Online Store. 

Get them at price:
RM17.00 (Sagami Thinnest Original 0.02 2’s) 
RM48.35 (Sagami Thinnest Original 0.02 6’s)


Tuesday, May 17

Happy Mother's Day - It's all about LOVE from GUESS

Today, I am so amazed with the GUESS latest collections on their denim, accessories, bags, and jewelry. The iconic brand that impresses us from all kind of styles and looks in fashion. My style can be chic to glamorous. 

I'm in LOVE with the latest GUESS Heartbeat jewelry collection
. Hearts everywhere 

I came across with GUESS Spring/Summer '16 collection on jewelry on their outlet and checking out on the Heartbeat collection. I personally love the rose gold because the colour will match best with any colour of outfit. I got the Heartbeat Rose Gold set for my mommy on Happy Mother's Day! 

The Heartbeat Rose Gold bracelet brings out the feminine of you even you're in your casual wear.

Their latest collection on jewelry comes in gold and silver colours too, some even with crystal on it for shinning look. You may want to check out the latest collection at your nearest GUESS outlets :) Perfect gift for your BFF too!

Well, giving a special gift to your loved ones gotta be memorable and that's all matters! Look, it looks PERFECT on my mom when I present it to her on Mother's Day. She loves how it matches on her as well. Love you, MOM! Mwaaaahhhhssssss.....

 She looks so beautiful and classy with the GUESS Heartbeat collection, am I right? tee-hee Okay, I gotta admit that she does really look younger and not older ;P

The heartbeat collection is pure love from heart with the iconic theme. It brings out one characteristics and style depending how you're wearing them.

Remember to spread and show your love through memorable gifts.

Don't miss out the beautiful collection now, you may check out their daily updates :

#loveguess #guessMY

Saturday, April 30

Smile Makers: Personal Massagers and Lubricants | Beauty Starts with A Smile

First thought from the title, what could makes us SM;)E ? It could be an interesting read for all of us here about this specific blog post as it would be more intimate but hey it can be fun knowing more instead. Dear boys, you would love to check out too to know more for your girlfriend or spouse's good. I am lucky to attend the Smile Makers Media Launch which happened on 12th April 2016 at Pullman Bangsar KL. Smile Makers is a collection of personal massagers and lubricant which is just launched in Malaysia. 

I get to know more in depth of Malaysian women sexual and overall wellbeing. It was told that Malaysian women have the highest level of sexual satisfaction of countries surveyed in Asia and Europe- 3 out of 4 Malaysian women feel that they are in contol of their sex life. Before introducing to the collections, here's below are the sharing and information I've learned from the launch. 

Mr. Matthias Hutling, Co-founder of Smile Makers spoke and explain aboiut the surverys.

The highlights of the survey: 

65% of Malaysian women are sexually satisfied
73% of Malaysian women feel they are in control of their sexual satisfaction
68% of Malaysian women feel sexual satisfaction is important
79% of Malaysian women talk about sex openly as well as their own sex lives with their partners and female friends
9 out of 10 Malaysian women view woman who own a vibrator positively and neutrally, thinking them to be open to new experience and fun & spontaneous
78% of Malaysian women have experienced dry-ness related pain during sex, negatively affecting their sexual satisfaction
58% of Malaysian women have used a personal lubricant, which is higher than other Asian countries
Over half of women in Malaysia are more open to either using, or the idea of trying out a vibrator than many Asian and European counterparts
Three-quarters of Malaysian women consider the ingredients in lubricant products before purchasing them

Women around the world are ready to take charge of their own sexuality.

We have spoken with close to 10,000 women across the world and have found that attitudes are surprisingly similar. Women want to find time to self-pleasure more often. Everywhere we look, using a massager is common; 20-50% have used a massager. Even those who have never used a massager view them positively and are open to trying. Up to 9/10 women would view a woman who owns a massager positively. 60-90% are women are open to buying one – we call them vi-curious.

Sexual wellbeing and overall wellbeing is intuitively linked.

Women rank the smile as second most important attribute concerning attractiveness. Sexual wellbeing is associated with happiness and feeling beautiful.

8/10 feel that self-pleasuring
improves overall wellbeing.

7/10 say that self-pleasuring
makes them feel beautiful

Mr. Matthias Hutling (Co-founder of Smile Makers), Professor Dr. Low Wah Yun (Professor of Psychology and Head of Research Management Centre, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya) and Professor Dr. Jamiyah Binti Hassan ( University of Malaya, Department of Obstetric and Gynaecology) were doing their talks and sharing during the Q&A sessions.

The official launch of Smile Makers partnering with Watsons Malaysia

For me, although the rate for Malaysian women sexual wellbeing is much more higher than many other countries, I have my personal thought on personal massager. When you're on your first buy, question marks appear for ladies. Would they be shy to purchase the product in public at retail shops? Are you afraid of purchasing the wrong products without doing any surveys online? Where do I hide my personal massagers at home? Can I bring it for travel purposes? Are the products safe? One product can make us wonder why always.

Therefore, it is interesting to know SMILE MAKERS in this post as the products did answered my questions. Firstly, let me introduce you the range of Smile Makers personal massagers.

Exciting to meet the "MEN"?
2 for external (The Fireman &
The Frenchman), 1 for internal use (The Tennis Coach), and 1 for both external and internal use (The Millionaire )

The Fireman

He is fiery and unique. A uniquely-shaped clitoral massager featuring an intense nose, exhilarating tip, and ‘soft-flames’ for extra sensation. You may choose the speed too. The design is derived from the flames. 

* The Fireman beat iPhone in D&AD international awards in London

The Frenchman 
The electric feather of massagers – super flexible and soft. It looks like a scoop but I like how they make the concept more interesting. This could even place it at the bedroom side table and there is no need to be shy and hide the massager.

The Millionaire 

A classic bullet massager with perfectly crafted form. When the Millionaire could give you the pleasures with this calm look of massagers.

The Tennis Coach 

Gentle G-spot massager for vibrator-curious women. You'll be curios what can a tennis coach surprise you with the tennis ball tip looking. A fit man could bring you more adventure in the indoor as well.

Don't you love the pop and vibrant colours of the Smile Makers personal massagers collection?

They can make you smile and also they can follow you to anywhere you go at anytime! They can accompany you and ideal in size, shape and fun colour.

A Smooth Operator.
We use the best silicone available. Feel secure knowing that it is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. To give you the best possible experience, the silicone is cryogenically polished,
making it super-smooth.

100% Phthalates Free.
We only use the good stuff. Everything about our massagers is completely safe for your body.
Our products are completely free of phthalates and other harmful materials.

Probably the quietest massagers in the world.
Words don’t do them justice. Less than40dB * Shhhhhhhh

100% Waterproof.
All massagers are completely waterproof and very easy to clean.
Feel free to enjoy them in the bathtub or in the shower.

Women are very concern about the product they use and apply to their skin and body. Just like our skincare and cosmetic products. We are concern what are the after effects of using them. Smile Makers offers the range of lubricants that is comfortable for us to use and also place them.

Discover Little Light Liquid, Stay Silky Serum and Generous Gel for their purposes. They are very helpful when some are having discomfort and dryness during sex. The issues commonly occur during stress, post-natal, post-menopausal women to experienced dryness. You can enjoy the long lasting moisturisation and silky feeling of the lubricants.

The bottles are designed to be no worries bringing them around, because it just looks like a skincare products after-all as you can build your confident having them around too!

Most importantly there are

pH-Optimal, especially very gentle to your sensitive skin
Natural plant extracts, which are anti-irritant and regenerate skins
100% completely paraben and fragrances FREE
Highest purity and grade of ingredients

Easy bring around for travel and perfect gifts for your spouse or friends too!

You may now purchase Smile Makers collections at your nearest Watsons store, or maybe you're shy then you can purchase them online at Watsons' webstore (

Smile Makers personal massagers price at RM129
Smile Makers lubricants price at RM59 ( 30ml per bottle )

Meet Arisa Chow and Shini Lola, its been years never hangout with them ;-)

Also, check out when you need more information. By the way, remember to check out my instagram ( @audreypuiyan ) and official facebook page ( Audrey Loke 佩欣 ) for Smile Makers #mysmilespots collection giveaways!