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Sunday, July 12

True and Famous Victoria Lanolin-Agg-Tval Eggwhite Facial Care Soap


I've heard of it myself about this Eggwhite soap originally true story from Sweden. It was told that prepared by Swedish woman at home just like homemade soap nowadays, but with eggwhite. Seems interesting to me because this soap can be used as cleanser and mask too! HiShop.my send this special made soap to my doorstep and when I received it, I tried it on the spot. 

This practice was applied to soaps by Victoria at the turn of the century. 

Direction: Work up a good lather then smooth the foam on the face and neck and let it stay for 5 minutes. Impurities will be drawn from the pores naturally. Upon rinsing, a rosery glow appears on the skin. 

                     50g of a bar 

A bar of soap with these benefits comes in deal at HiShop.my, it is formulated with Rose water and lanolin which soothes and moisturizes our skin. 

Sad story that this time, I couldn't show you with my face skin as my face is now on treatment with skin peeling session therefore I tried it on my hand! :)

Surprisingly that the soap does not feel slimy because our first impression on Eggwhite. 

On the other hand, I believe that eggwhite does reduces our pore because I used to did an experiement back then by using raw egg white and cotton to reduce my nose pore. Well, it works a little ;) 

Well, I use it as a normal soap routine. Simple with washes my right hand and rinse off in less than 5 minutes. Amazing that it has slight changes on my skin tone which the color tone is now balanced * picture isn't edited * 

Plus, I can see it lightens my pore colors too. 


Do not leave the soap nearby wet and moisture area, leave it dry even if you want to keep it in the box 

Victoria Lanolin-Agg-Tval whitening soap can leaves our skin glowing, better skin tone and also moisturizes our skin! 

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And if you have any other similar face soap, feel free drop a comment below and share with me too! 

Thursday, June 18

Little experience on MAS Airline Business Class

I am grateful for the first time travelling at 6 hours journey to a destination with MAS Airline Business Class. In this short post, I just want to share about my first little experience on Business Class as I am still staying here in Beijing, China while having problems connecting to the VPN that enables me to use blocked social media platform in China including bloggers but I have the excitement just to share with all my readers. 

The reason I am taking Business Class is because I am happy that my second sister is now with MAS airline crew and I have the opportunity to enjoy the MAS Benefits for family members. 

My flight tickets could save up to 70% from original price which I can now fly with MAS at a good rate even with Business Class and the reason is because I can enjoy the service for 6 hours flight. The usual benefit is that you do not need to queue up to enter the plane with your access. 

I am sitting alone is because I am flying to China to meet up with my boyfriend there and I will be travelling to Beijing for a visit. The invidividual space was amazing and spacious, you can sleep on your couch like a recliner and also sit according your eye level to watch the screen. Latest movies, TV dramas, musics is updated for your flight entertainment. I am impressed with their service, just right I was seated, I was served with light drinks like juices and plain water while waiting for the flight. Then, I was given to choose my newspaper read on board.

There is a booklet of food and beverages menu depending on your country flight it is because mine was written Kuala Lumpur > Beijing therefore I assume that each flight serve different menus.

My empty seat so I am like a "queen" at my area * teehee * - not like I am going to snoreeeee loudly right :P  do not question me because I hasn't watch SpongeBob movie at the cinema, I was enjoying my first serve Satay! Unbelievable, it was really tasty and I would say one of the best Satay I has tasted, not only on board but in my life. It is their Award Winning Signature Dish - where you can choose to have chicken, lamb or beef meat for your skewer. 

Then the next appetizer was served with Seared Tuna Loin and choice of your bread and fruits. 

I choose Braised Chicken in Honey Black Pepper, it wasn't my first choice but I couldn't want to have Sheperd's Pie with Roasted Vegetables and I am doubting with the level of spicy of the Fish Curry. Yeah, there are three choices and I just loving the chicken meat onlu but not the noodle with the sauce. 

Then, dessert was served with Green Tea Bavarois with Raspberry Coulis. I can say, it taste very soft and nice like a cream cakes, like a green tea tiramisu. 

End of assorted sandwishes! I am bloated at about 2 hours of my flight and when my movie is done, I can enjoy my beauty sleep. I can really sleep with sound and safe.

I am listening to the music while sleeping by not worries, when there is announcement you will be told through the headphones too.

The second I reached Beijing, and look at the beautiful night view! Hope you all will have a chance to enjoy the service too. 

Happy Afternoon from here in Beijing! 

One of the shot of me taken in front of Tai Koo Li Mall, located at San Li Tun, Beijing. I will update my Beijing trip once I am back to Malaysia with my older post on Thailand and Tokyo trip too due to busy travelling :)

Friday, June 5

Leap of 2015 | short post

Being away for two months? Well I guess almost two months, I have tons of my travelling tips to share with you all for the next few posts, I was away to Japan for Kate Tokyo shooting during March. 

This two months has been a life changing moments for me, it feels like a time lapse when i flashback and also a leap of every bits happen till today. 

Cooling weather at Ginza, Tokyo! My first time there and I am missing there because of the beautiful skyscrapers and friendly Japanese! 

I been missing blogging so much as much as I want to share with all my dear readers and followers my latest beauty tips too ❤️ 

Before goodnight, I am blessed to be in the FHM Malaysia Girl Next Door 2015 Top 10 Finalists! Anddddd yeshhhh I am in the FHM Malaysia Magazine - Issue June 2015! Please do support me and much much thankkiewwwwww for all the while supports :)

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Till then, Happy TGIF!