Friday, September 30

my girlfriends ♥ 
somebody who will be there for you when you're at the lowest.difficult moments full with tears and sorrow they'll still be there for you and go through the journey with you because they never leave you alone.
I've been through one week of depression ,  worst till, come along with my college assignments.
One assignment had done which is the business namecard,i couldnt have much ideas .So it's "cacat-ed" :(

My very first Digital Rendering (:

My last sem EDITED one,so UGLY haha! :P
Space is the company name,a very ordinary company name .
Make it most simplest.
 last min presentation board,didn't really knew what i'd written but hope the lecturer understand 

 us being together,spend times.She'll always be by my side when I'm down (:
She's will be there for me no matter what.
Thank you my dear ♥ 
We had girls talk in the middle of the night and watch dvd with our lappies.
Tears and laughter the most significant is the moment of sharing our secrets ^^
 besides,i've had dyed my hair AGAIN because the previous Chiffon Beige is too light and yellow,and also kinda damaged! :(
Color is brown too but a lil ash green :)))

I wish my hair to grow faster and longer :(

Sunday, September 25


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 blogging right now at 3.10am .Well Done me *sleepy* feels like having another midnight owl's post ^^ tee-hees.Bought myself the Kiss Me Eyebrow Coloring.Wearing Barbie Mavis Brown lens ;) Satisfied and love it much! 
Kiss Me Heavy Rotation  Coloring Eyebrow 01 Light Brown

Before this,I was using the Kate Eyeshadow Brown Collection and Maybelline Unstoppable Brow Liner.
Now i could even match my eyebrow color with my hair colors *winks*
end this post with a lovely song (:

Saturday, September 24

 Well is it hard understanding,I'm incomplete
                                                                                A life that's so demanding,I get so weak
A love that's so demanding,I can't speak  
 pics taken by Husaini;my highschool mate ;)
 Say hello to Casper !!
it's only 3 months years old.So effin Adorable.
 preferred pastel nails colors
purple,pink and teal 
 celebrated hubby's birthday at Library Mid V.
 and the next day I gave him more surprise
Tee-hees,hopefully you love it !
Cup Cake Chic for him 

How was Arthur's Day ? I guess it's a lil too long but could see Taio Cruz's live !


; it's beautiful.

Tuesday, September 20

Congratulation winners!
You're Chosen.

Name ;
Hans Lee
Samantha Siew
Kitz Ngin
Ellis Chang
Bryan Low Jk
Lau Ga Ka
Thew Phang Yang
Denzie Cheah
Ong Zhi Wei
Limun Chew
Janice Tan
Lua Jing Jing
Lau Jing Yu
Leon Lee
Lennie Chong
Aaron Yo
Wei Hsiang
Jui Meng
Emily Hong
Jason Ryan
Michelle Chee
Syco Kuhen

Each of you are entitled ONE PAIR of Arhur's Day Tickets ;)
For those who didn't win the tickets,no worries.
VISIT to WIN last minute tickets ^^

See You There Partaaaaaaayy Chics !

Monday, September 19

Heyhoo peeps out there! Wondering what's happening next? The biggest party of the year is awaiting you which is the Arthur's Day celebration in Malaysia is back ! This is gonna be a massive happening party :)
* big cheeseeeee :D *
When and Where?!
Arthur's Day is happening on this coming 23rd of September at Speed City@Selangor Turf Club .Party starts at 7.00pm onwards and entry with exclusive invites only.
Dress code is BLACKPARTY CHIC! ^__^

What will it be ....
“I am delighted to be part of the Arthur’s Day celebrations which will feature a phenomenal line up of artists and bands ready to set the world on fire in this 24 hour worldwide celebration. Every year since it began in 2009 it’s been an EPIC celebration and I’m sure this year will be no exception. See you in Kuala Lumpur at the Arthur’s Day finale party at Speed City as we salute a great man named Arthur.” said Taio Cruz.
Arthur’s Day is celebrated around the world to honour the date Arthur Guinness signed a 9,000 year lease on the St James Gate Brewery in 1759, and whose legacy has brought us the globally celebrated iconic black brew, GUINNESS®
A key initiative of the Arthur’s Day celebrations in Malaysia this year is to provide new and emerging bands with the once-in-a-lifetime chance to perform at an Arthur’s Day™ celebration. 6 talented local music acts – Prema Yin, NakedBreed, Rosevelt, Dragon Red, Jin Hackman (feat. CSBTEA) and James Baum will vie for the opportunity to perform on the global stage with world renowned music sensation, TAIO CRUZ. Based on consumer votes online and on ground at the various performance venues, Malaysia’s Top 2 favourites will perform at the Arthur’s Day concert on 23rd September 2011. Consumers are encouraged to vote for their favourite local bands online at

Excited ,NOT?
This time, Advertlets is giving out tickets to win the passes to Arthur's Day.
Wanna join the party with me ?because I'm only giving out 20 pairs of Arthur's Day tickets to my dearest readers out there !

but HOW?
Just follow the steps below,as simple as you thought!! :P

1. Like my facebook page @ A U D R E Y PUIYAN
2. Like my latest status about Arthur's Day giveaway tickets and comment the status with any short sentence eg. " I WANT THE TICKETS !!! " in any of your creative ways.
3. Share my facebook page by tagging to your facebook's status with any of your very own creative way stating that you're in the contest and getting the tickets!
4. You're done with the progress and I'll announce the winners at my facebook page on 20th September!

Hurry UP ! 
only 20pairs of tickets baybeehhhh 
 and you'll have a chance to MEET them live on this 23rd Sept.

Taio Cruz * screeeammmm your lungs out *
gorgeous Mizz Nina
and  DJ Skeletor and The Kartel Group which includes Joe Flizzow, Dandee from Thailand and Take-T from Japan.

make your move now to win the tickets ; 
See You There!
I'm sitting right here in front of my lappie to receive your entries!
Good Luck 
*tee-hee *

Saturday, September 17

This is my very first time of blogging about Johnnie Walker *excited**you'll know why*  Johnnie Walker Jet Black Party 2011 is around the corner and I'm blogging this for the contest entry .I've never had REAL experienced party with Advertlets team for the past Johnnie Walker's Party.In conjunction , Johnnie Walker Jet Black Party is going to held at Singapore and am wanna really give a try with my best of luck to win this contest and join the fun!

As a proud global partner of Formula One™ team Vodafone McLaren Mercedes™ since 2005, JOHNNIE WALKER® is offering Malaysians a rare chance to experience the ultimate VIP race party at the JOHNNIE WALKER® JET BLACK in Singapore on the 24th and 25th September during GP weekend.

Charles James Wright, Brand Manager, JOHNNIE WALKER® Malaysia said “JOHNNIE WALKER®, the world’s number one Scotch whisky and the market leader in Malaysia, has been a pioneer in rewarding loyal fans with money-can’t-buy experiences such as last year’s JOHNNIE WALKER® PIT CREW EXPERIENCE. When consumers in Malaysia “STEP INSIDE THE BLACK CIRCUIT” with JOHNNIE WALKER®, they are unlocking the sophisticated and glamorous world of Formula 1™ through the authentic insider-access that we can provide.

I've never been to any of Johnnie Walker's Party * sobs * but HERE'S my chance and opportunity to win the contest and would like to experience " Party like a ROCKSTAR " in Singapore.

JOHNNIE WALKER® is also giving four Malaysians the chance to win the trip of a lifetime at the Singapore GP for three days while also attending the award winning JOHNNIE WALKER® JET BLACK race party for two nights. Winners will also be treated to full five-star hospitality and to top it all off, might just receive a rare opportunity to get up close and personal with one of the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes™ drivers, Lewis Hamilton or Jenson Button. Malaysians that desire a taste of the extraordinary world of Formula 1™ should take full opportunity of this offer by logging on to from August 24th through September 16th and participate in the Facebook contest” he added.

JOHNNIE WALKER® is giving 2 Malaysian bloggers the chance to win exclusive passes to attend the award winning and highly anticipated JOHNNIE WALKER® JET BLACK race party for two on the Saturday and Sunday of GP weekend. Winners will also be treated to an indulgent stay at one of the top hotels in town. 

The internationally recognized JOHNNIE WALKER® JET BLACK race party will be held at the bay front of the glamorous Fullerton Heritage district, which will once again be transformed into the most talked about party venue in Singapore. This by-invitation only event at One on the Bund will feature a stellar line-up of the world’s best DJs, stunning interactive party experiences, and stylish JOHNNIE WALKER® cocktails.


My very first time to blog about Johnnie Walker *nervous* ; but it's my only OPPORTUNITY to win the passes to the party ! *goodlucktomyself*

1.   JOHNNIE WALKER®  is the global partner of Formula One™ team Vodafone McLaren Mercedes™    since 2005, who was the 2009 Formula One™ SINGTEL Singapore Grand Prix night race winner and which team did he drive for?

         -  The champion of the race is Lewis Hamilton , driver of  Mclaren-Mercedes.

  2   .The Johnnie Walker® JET BLACK race party is the most talked about party of the Singapore Night    Race, featuring a stellar line up of the world’s best DJ’s,stunning interactive party experiences, and stylish JOHNNIE WALKER® cocktails. Tell us in 50 words or less why we should send you and a friend an exclusive invitation to the party and include 3 or more hi quality pictures of your version of a perfect JOHNNIE WALKER® race party to win yourself 2 passes each to both exclusive events.

- Why should my friend and I given this opportunity to receive the passes to this excitement of the Johnnie Walker Jet Black. I've never been to any of Johnnie Walker's parties in my life before and I would seriously LOVE to join the fun.I love to take photos and want to meet Lewis Hamilton or Jenson Button.Lastly,I could dance to the max accompanied by the music played by DJ ;D

       Sad Part that I do not have any of my version of a perfect Johnnie Walker but I've seen the photos from my friend's blog post about the previous and past event of Johnnie Walker.All of the photos taken and posted made me shioo sad because I wasn't there :( I don't wanna imagine myself again having fun in the party by looking at the photos but I want to be THERE DEFINITELY for a perfect race party!

my version of the race party ;)
picture credits

picture credits to

since i've never had my version of perfect Johnnie Walker,I did my very own * EDITED* version of photo :P
*not very good in photoshop :X

In a nutshell, this is the video of last year Johnnie Walker Jet Black Party 2010,Singapore; enjoy!

for further info,do view the fan page :

;friendly reminders to peep out there!
Don't Drink and Drive
....Keep Walking

wish me best of luck
; tee-hee!

Friday, September 9

Picture was taken in the class today at DG Lab,was having digital rendering class.Look at my pale and tiring face looking X.x 

p/s : will be helping my friend to sell off Beats Solo by Dr. Dre .posting up photos soon and prices are negotiable , there are two sets in hand now :)

Aites peeps!? * teehee *

 and what ...looks what am I doing now.

Wednesday, September 7


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Am having insomnia and couldn't sleep.Blog awhile and will go to the bed ^^
So addictive with Moocow Fro-yo from The Gardens ! Visited twice and still loving it muchiee 
They're having promotion that's only RM9.90 per cup with one free topping ;) additional topping only cost RM1 

 reward cards :D
cute designed ; tissue :P

                      First day of college
; jam and stuck at the tol * as usual *
; causes me late for the first lesson 
; a set of assignment * as expected .___. * 

; new pump flats 

; had Chocolate Banana Parfait with Elaine & Bryan at Sushi Zanmai
It tastes YUMMY and it's my first time tasting it because usually I ordered Goma Ice ;P It contains Chocolate ice-cream with banana,oreo ,cream and cornflakes * THUMB UP *

Camwhore with darlings,more to upload in the post :D heess..