Friday, October 10

This specific product on my hand is my very first time trying to use it, I was quite blur when I received it because I have no idea how to use it. Therefore, thank you HiShop for sending me beauty products to my doorsteps most time!

After I've used BeautyFoot and that's the only time where I realized about my careless to my feet. I've been wearing heels all day and all night for events and pageants, I realized the pain in my foot and the dryness of the skin :( Seriously I do feel very very bad and regret for not taking care of my feet since years ago. This product is featured in Television Programme in Japan.

Before I started to use it, I've research about BeautyFoot in the internet and I was amazed with the skin peeling part. The organic ingredients can make miracle!

How to use:
It is just a very simple procedure, in the BeautyFoot box has two sealed socks like plastic. That is the plastic where you can put your feet into it for 2 hours.

After inserting both of your feet, take note with a tiny sticker to closed the plastic together to avoid the liquid in the plastic flows out.

THEN, wait for 1-2 hours! You can use this during working hours, or mask time when you're home.

Result of my feet in 3 days as below ;)

The dead skin is peeling day by day and mine done peeling in just 6-7 days, this is how amazing of Beauty Foot did to my FEET, I have new baby skin now! =D

PRICE: RM55.90