Thursday, June 12

ROCK & ROLL this Saturday at La Scala


Yes, we have too many clothings, they are preloved but mostly are BRAND NEW! I'll be joining this bazaar, details as below

TIME : 12.00PM-6.00PM

First of all I want to thanks to Duriana for having me to be in a part of this bazaar. If you do not know what is Duriana, let me do a short introduction. Duriana is an social marketplace application where you can download to your Android and IOS smartphone. This application allows you to meet new friends, to sell, purchase brand new or pre-loved good condition items. Be it fashion clothings, accessories, bags, shoes, gadget, handcraft items and many more. Besides that, you can also discuss latest topic like latest fashion trend of colors or where to get shopping deals! COOL isn't it? You can follow me too in the application. You also able to click LIKE or COMMENT the items that you are interested in.

Duriana is a fun and addictive app with our “pinterest-like” stream of stunning photos, easy social sharing and location-based searches to find the beautiful things near you. Download it now and join the duriana community.

▶ Easily sell and buy beautiful pre-loved or new products near you! 
▶ Listing an item takes 30 seconds, is as easy as taking a picture and is FREE!
▶ Shop form thousands of new and second-hand beauty, fashion, sport, craft, art, electronic and design products in South East Asia
▶ Love flea-markets? Great! Discover original & unique treasures, rare finds and bargains on Duriana and chat in real time to the owners directly. Or simply clear out your closet or garage in minutes.
▶ Preferred sales channel for Blogshops, Instashops and online Boutiques who sell and buy online via Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Livejournal, Instagram, Wordpress and Tumblr! 
▶ Set up your m-commerce shop in less then a minute with a mobile and website that seamlessly enhance your e-commerce presence. It's FREE!
▶ Share your beautiful listing and increase your audience! Get more offers, better prices in real time by sharing your listings Instagram , G+, Facebook, SMS, Twitter and E-mail. We aim to boost interest for your products by integrating with leading e-commerce shops and classifieds in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines.

You are able to view the Popular items viewed by most users or the latest uploaded deals

What I want to share is that I would love to INVITE ALL OF YOU to attend the bazaar organized by Duriana tomorrow at La Scala

Come and hangout with us because they will be great deals, musics & many activities such as pop-up photobooth, champagne pong & others!


Duriana, Malaysia's favourite social marketplace app, is bringing the market experience to the skies on La Scala's beautiful rooftop terrace! I had participated in many bazaar, but this is the first ROOFTOP bazaar therefore we called it #MarketInTheSkies

Expect over 20 tables chock-a-block with accessories, pre-loved goodies and chic steals fresh off the racks of KL's most-loved blogshops & beyond.

The Other Party will be setting the floor alight with their indie disco tunes, while Uber will be handing out free rides to new users (Code: UBERDURIANA)

The first 30 guests to flash us our app with at least 3 items listed will receive a goodie bag from FH Club, our official giveaway sponsor.

Other attractions:
Bubbly Brunch | Pop Up Photobooth | Champagne Pong Competition

You can get FREE RIDES by using UBER

Drop by to CHILL & SHOP with us at this beautiful La Scala Rooftop!
It is going to be a CHILLING & FUN SATURDAY, You don't wanna miss these chance (:

Tag your friends and family to join us, don't be shy! By the way, drop by say HI to me at BOOTH 1 
Get your latest information of the bazaar at

Facebook event page:
Official Facebook Page:

Banner is up, and we are prepared to meet you all peeps tomorrow :)


Monday, June 9

*PS: I will be giving you a FREE session too after finishing reading this post*
This is my very first time trying Brazilian Wax. Girlfriends usually mention about Brazilian Wax to me but I do not dare to try, I'm not sure maybe because afraid of PAIN? Let me share with you guys & girls, ahh yes it can apply to guys too which is known as Boyzilian Wax. I do thought about trying it like really looooooong time ago but I still do not dare until my first time experience at STRIP, Bangsar. Till then, I do really ask tons of question about Brazilian Waxing before I stepped into the treatment room :D *you will just be curious like me if you're a first timer*

Common Questions.
Why is Brazilian Waxing so POPULAR?
Why Brazilian Waxing is WORTHY?
Does Brazilian Waxing has SIDE EFFECTS on our skin/health?
Is the process SCARY?

Let me keep it simple here, nothing private yah. I know that there are pros and cons of Brazilian Waxing but I'm surely that I've been doing internet studies before trying them too. I am having bikini shoots at times & of course I love to travel too, going to beaches with my bikinis that's where you started to thought of Brazilian Waxing for your bikini lines. We often came across with the popular wording of Brazilian Waxing at spas, manicure & pedicures salons and etc. I was told that the process might be seems creepy if you're a first timer but I took the challenge because first time experience is always mysterious :P I will explain the process sooner below of this posts accompany by pictures * of course not pictures of me having the process * I almost forgot to explain what is about, Brazilian Waxing is with using the wax removes pubic hair around pubic region. Some do it for hygiene purposes, some did it for fashion like bikini swimwear as it is not nice to be seen and other purposes. 

We cannot do Brazilian Waxing during women having period cycle, one week before or a week later too mainly reason is our pubic region is sensitive & also hygiene purposes. Why is it worthy is because this treatment able to slow down your hair growth and we must understand that the hair will not be stop growing unless we are not living, because our tissues & cells are still in growing process from time to time. It is worthy if you are a person who wants to do the waxing frequently, prices are affordable as shown in There are no big side effect, but it is not recommended to people who has skin sensitivity and it is common that your skin around pubic region become reddish after the treatment. Some do it monthly or twice a month depending on your hormones. 


Do not have a hot bath or swimming session in 12hours time after the waxing session as your skin pores will enlarge when it is hot same to our facial skin might affects the bacteria enters while swimming pool has chlorine. No perfumes, sunbathing, moisturisers too.

These are the small matters to be taken care of, the rest you will feel good, trust me! :)

Let's get this started with a QUICK intro,
Strip is a global hair removal salon that thrives in 9 cities including KL, with 35 stores delivering high quality treatments and after-care products. A special feature of the Strip stores is the unique identity that each store carries. There are 5 stores in the Klang Valley and 1 in Penang. Total of 6 outlet stores in MALAYSIA

Entrance of the Strip at Bangsar, I must say they are really the professional for IPL & Waxing. They will give you the best recommendations and answers all your questions.

The reception area & comfortable waiting lounge. Pretty interesting interior design as it is not just a common clinic treatment typical shop! They are friendly and you definitely will be impressed with their services.

I was given a packet of wooden STRIP HSQ Mantra Hygiene as they won't repeatedly uses the same stick each time applying the wax on your skin, simple reason hygiene purposes!

What's HSQ?

Time to enter the treatment room, it is just like your spas, comfortable & warm.

Most importantly, the temperature of the room is right and I was told to remove my clothing and clean myself before starting the waxing.
I was given this Strip hygiene wet wipes, to clean my pubic region. The girl is a professional, they will not give you any reaction during the treatment, they are well trained and in this services for years, therefore be relaxed and calm my dear girlfriends. They uses the chocolate wax to remove my pubic hair. HMMMM. yeap it is pretty awkward seeing other girl touches the sensitive area but then well we chat during the process and I was all calmed by then and happy with the result! I have no worries wearing my bikinis now, and surprisingly you will have more confident after all! 

Thank you Paulin for introducing this great waxing services to me at Strip Bangsar!

STRIP Malaysia offers great deals from time to time, make sure you do follow on their social media updates so you will not miss a single promotion deals!


//Strip Outlets in KL//

Strip Suria KLCC
Unit 401A, Level 4
Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur City Centre
50088 Kuala Lumpur.
T 03-21815579 / 5572

Strip Bangsar

No. 28 First Floor
Jalan Telawi 5, Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-22836-092 / 094 / 096

Strip at the Curve
Lot No. 121B, First Floor, The Curve
No. 6, Jalan PJU 7/3,
Mutiara Damansara, 
47810 Petaling Jaya Selangor
Tel: +603-77265-119 / 75-119 / 76-119

Strip Sunway
F1-29 First Floor
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
No. 3 Jalan PJS 11/15 Bandar 
Sunway 46150 Petaling Jaya 
Selangor Darul Ehsan 
Tel: +603-5621-5119 / 6119

Strip Solaris
Solaris Dutamas
No.1, Jalan Dutamas l
50480 Kuala Lumpur (Publika area)
Tel: +603-62079-012 / 013

//Strip Outlet in Penang//

Strip Gurney Paragon 
L4-17, Level 4, Gurney Paragon Mall
163D-4-17, Persiran Gurney, 
10250 Pulau Penang
Tel: +604-2287 835 / 836

 I'll be giving THREE blog readers one session each for the Brazilian Waxing FREE!
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Thursday, June 5

Introducing the new online shopping website which is known as NUNFISH. Nunfish is an online boutique that I've been lately getting my outfits from, THREE simple reason why. Comfy, Trendy & Affordable! Their outfits are selective and detailed inventory of exciting and fashion forward pieces. Mainly inspired by both the exotic and contemporary style. Nunfish offers affordable prices while ensuring quality.

Left: Cassandra 
Right: Me wearing the colorful bodycon dress,it is casual yet can wear to party too! Just set with different hairstyle :)

GOODNEWS for opening promotion which is FREE SHIPPING for RM100 and above purchases. Now you do not have to worry about paying the delivery services.

Me, Olivia, Cassandra & Amanda in Black Dress
- Just a colour in black able to creates different styles & design for your outfits

Not only party & casual dress, but also with statement long tee where you can mix & match with your street style too. Nunfish has limited pieces of their outfits because they are mostly imported & special pick each month for every collection.

You can now get the measurement of your favourite pick at then choose your suitable piece to purchase. 

Look at how I mix & match their clothing, completely a different look with different style. You can wear the flare dress for casual day, girls night out or a simple dinner with your loved ones. While the bodycon dresses can wear to party night or friend's birthday party.

Nunfish will be having new summer collection soon, so stay tuned! Do not miss out the chances, I'm a shopaholic, I know where to get the great deals and of course would love to share with you girls as well ;)

Instagram: nunfish

Wednesday, June 4

This is unbelievable to me, we all know that the World Cuo 2014 at Brazil is starting real soon! And definitely you will be supporting ONE of the country as your favourite team.Then, I have a good news for you as you can now join FC Bodog World Cup 2014 Contest & win money prizes.

Follow simple steps below
1. Choose one of the country that you think they will be winning the World Cup 2014 at

2.  For the country, with the most number of votes at the end of the contest, BodogAsia will place a wager of RM65,000 on that country

3. If the most voted country wins the world cup, the prize money will be shared among all participants

4. Simplify this with an example: if Hounduras with winning odds of 2501 wins the world cup, a total of USD50 million will be given as prizes money  to all players

 Vote for your team now at :

GOODLUCK to your favorite team !