Thursday, April 30

G0t a piece of dead note which is diagnostik examination.How could it be so darn fast after we had our intervensi II.The exam is running at approximately 2weeks 2 days.oh gosh.
Yesterday was a busy day =).When to school,then rush to tuition !Get the boys to camwhore.


Nose digger.

Ah hoong;yeankang so hardworking =O



After get my tuition done.Getting to Minchun's house.

Guess what,we watch Coming Soon! Fucking scary and i screamed like hell.

Happy Sweet Seventeen Chong Min Chun!



The birthday boy

Make a wish

Look at his eye.

This is only half of the people from the party.The other half went to pasar malam.

Smiling hearts ChoongSiewChoon.

Jingyi;Birthday boy;Ben was scary .

Can you guess which one is me? =D

Wednesday, April 29

Oh gosshh.The swine flu disease H1N1 is getting worst and im having flu.
What a bad time for me to have my flu. =(
I've got BI for 80%.yayy =D
My class went to Victoria Institution today and once again get screwed because we supposed to be back to school at 1pm but 3.30pm because of the bus driver ffk us. =( Alot of pictures from the photographer;husaini and kelvin and i'm waiting for the pictures! =)
Yesterday was a great day because 5 Bestari is Free after recess =D but early in the morning was a disaster;Spotcheck time !
Guess what we did today?
During Pn.Valsala's period,she asked us to form few groups and sing for the smoking theme.
There go me,haw,shizun,jonathan sang and wrote stupid lyrics!
Was a funny and good performance! Smokernizer;

'I've realise what's the best for me'
Whose truly love you and treat you the best.

Boon kyan was on duty for spotcheck,and ben was "emo/sien"

Caught him
He found

Who's better ? =)

Mok Kok Wai;MY beloved bro .
My Tai Kor;KongCheng.
OPPS!randy and KuanNgee. =X
Our Angel aka YapChunHaw.
KetuaDarjah;OngJovie and Jia-Wen.
Mr.Lengzai NgBoonKyan.
Mr.Ng again.
Lovely OngJovie.

That't it.I hope my flu will go away!go away from me.Stay away!


Monday, April 27

Didn't post ytd because i was lazy and not in the mood.Well,i went to 1U yesterday with mom and sis.I bought stuff until RM400+ luckily not im the one who is paying for everything.*wipe sweat* ;shopped in forever21,sub and more.
I've got somthing form VS and JF *cheers*
One of my studded earrings from f21.
Well,i've got back some of my intervensi papers.Tell you what.The results are pretty nice sucks. =/
1.Mathematics; 93%
2.Biology; 67%
3.Physics; 36% (fail)
Failed; Physics.
Put on your jacket and go to the bed to study.

Saturday, April 25

Please do not ask Why Some of the Pictures are DELETED.

Apologise to my readers and friends.

I will not update as many pictures as i did. =)


Jonathan and Sarah(amia)

Jonathan;he look's drunk. Sz and Wenqi

Me and Sz.
The Play begin.

Pretty Carmen.
Really loads of pictures;didnt post up all as it is blur =(
Goodnight to my beloved readers.
Py's hugsss.

Friday, April 24

Intervensi DONE! let me repeat, intervensi done !I know it is nothing much different because diagnostik is coming soon. Oh no dear.I hate Exam but SPM is coming =) and i'm loving it.
Was annoyed by husni again. -.-
She gave us add math project?
i got 37/40 for my maths =D

Handphone really banned from bringing to school ! *grrr*
Once i glance i knew what is happening :)
Im happy ! yay..
I was trying to help someone kays.

Tomorrow will be a hectic day to me.
;Mr. Lee's Maths
;Ballet Adv. 1
;Ballet Technique
;FGA ! ( shizun remember to fetch your lenglui )

click it if you love them !
What should i wear tomorrow ?
I'm kinda scare of shizun's skill. Hmmm @.@
-Pictures upcoming tomorrow (: