Monday, August 10

I have an habit of often wearing sunglasses, even not on a sunny day! Sunglasses has being a habit of my to put on my head for sunglasses ootd and selfie with my sunglasses. Not just for an summer look but also cooler look, it would be a different color lens of your sunglasses too. I often wear my sunglasses during posting selfies or ootds on Instagram.

I must says that I have many kinds of sunglasses to match with my swag street look or casual day out! Check out my Instagram or photos below of how I match my sunglasses. 

Besides just matching your outfits but also your face shape and hairstyle too! I would say, my face shape is more likely suitable on round, large type of frame instead. If a smaller frame, I would look very unnatural having the sunglasses on me.

   Somehow, I can match with my Husky!

Definitely more than half of my ootd could matches well with your favorite sunglasses too

I wear different sunglasses daily and weekly just like a simply way to transform my daily look just like my hairstyle and ootd. 

Sunglasses are one of the best accessories any person could own as it definitely perks up an outfit with ease. Women do not have to think much of how they could spice up their wardrobe on a casual day out as sunglasses can do the trick. There are a few types of sunglasses design for women to wear on their lazy weekends out in style. It cannot be denied that every time we wake up, terrible eye bags will emerge making us look like we haven’t gotten much rest or sometimes overslept. The best way to hide the dark circles away from being seen in daylight is by wearing sunglasses. Women who want to completely cover their eyes should definitely wear a black or mirrored sunglasses design on a day out. The element of black and mirrored not only makes you successfully cover those tired eyes but also gives you a trendy appearance. No one can ever look sloppy with a pair of sunglasses on.


Meanwhile, for the ladies who are looking to appear feminine in their casual basic outfit can opt for a pair of Cat-eye sunglasses instead. Choose from the various cat-eye sunglasses designs available in the market and show it off. One of the famous cat eye sunglasses piece is the leopard print frames. The leopard print frames gives off that sexy sophisticated aura of a woman. 


Other sunglasses women can flaunt amazingly are the brown tinted ones. Compared to the black, brown gives that peek-a-boo effect which makes you look elegant in your own way effortlessly. The brown shades let the sunlight sips in a tiny bit to expose a hint of your pretty eyes. Match it with a basic tee, a sun dress or a blouse and feel confident everywhere you go.