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YES, you did not read it wrongly! Today, I would love to introduce about the FUTURE of Alternatives Meats...Wow! What's that? 

Phuture Daging Sdn Bhd, a local startup with one of the top 500 global food technology innovation company Phuture Foods, has also made this a priority. You’ll be glad to know that the company’s research and development facility as well as its manufacturing plant have both been certified halal. 

In addition, the company is also in the midst of completing halal certification for its plant-based meat alternative, Phuture Daging.

As its wholesome alternative meat solutions debut across many renowned F&B establishments throughout Malaysia, you can look forward to a delightful culinary experience that is truly Muslim friendly. 

In fact, everyone will benefit from the strict health and hygiene standards that Phuture Daging practices when producing its plant-based meat in Malaysia.  Each and every raw ingredient used in Phuture Daging has been carefully selected from suppliers that are recognised for their safe and hygienic sources of raw foods. 

Phuture Daging ensures that these ingredients are not genetically modified, free from antibiotics and/or added hormones, and do not involve cruelty to animals

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In order to achieve consistency in its product quality, the company regularly inspects and improves on its manufacturing processes and procedures. Because the manufacturing plant is certified halal by Jakim, therefore the company’s existing practices and products comply with halal manufacturing requirements. On the whole, Phuture Daging has been meticulously formulated in order to create a cholesterol-free, low-calorie plant-based solution which is suitable for all consumers, including vegans and vegetarians.Hence, Malaysian diners can rest assured that they have an alternative meat solution of the highest quality whenever they take a bite of Phuture Daging. 


Meanwhile, for F&B owners, Phuture Daging promises to offer extensive support to them as they introduce plant-based delicacies as part of their menu. With its unique taste, well-balanced ingredients and halal status, Phuture Meat is poised to be the highlight of every meal served to its patrons.

  • Raw materials: Must be sourced from a halal supplier. Each ingredient must itself be halal. Details regarding logistics, storage and processing are also reviewed.

  • Factory premises: Must be fenced up to prevent the entry of pets or wild animals. Manufacturing equipment should be free from impurities such as blood, pus, urine and faeces. Goods and production machinery must be kept tidy and prioritise on safety. Pest control and a properly regulated sanitation system are also required. 

  • Workers: Factory workers must adopt safe and hygienic practices that uphold the requirements of other food manufacturing standards such as MS ISO 22000:2012 (Food safety management systems). Proper training and basic amenities must be provided for workers and workers cannot live on the factory grounds. 

Manufacturing process: Good hygiene and safe manufacturing processes must be practiced throughout the production. All vital information should be stated on the product label. This includes manufacturer details, ingredients list, expiry date, etc.

Armed with the most updated and highest food technology, PHUTURE® Daging is here to deliver the most futuristic definition of a healthy lifestyle and wellness among the society.

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