Sunday, February 27

My Twinkle 
Sighs, *sorry* so potong steam -.- Wonder why my title has the "assignment " because i am going to complain muahahah! ;D My college life is getting busier busier and busier -F#ck-.I couldn't even spare a moment for my blog.I felt so sad , everyday get to the college then do my homeworks at Sunway Pyramid as usual .Then,when the night comes,i need to get to my studio for practising.My stamina gone down and slow badly because i had already gain weight.Always been sitting and eat and get my work done!I know it sound pretty boring.It was boring thou plus midterm exam *Scream Oh Nooooo *

Btw,am flying to to Indonesia this few days for dancing competition which i had to rush my assignments .
Should i bring my assignments to there and get it done ? Will it be spoiling my holiday there?
Yeap,am feeling so .
If i am going to stay at hotel not going to the market and shopping there,my friends going to give me the @.@ look.

Last week,the week which i didn't blog :-P
Pictures taken (:
Otw to Midvalley 
Have you guys tried Tutti Frutti(TF)? Well,it was actually been quite a time in shopping mall.I had tried Tutti Frutti for few times.Then, i came across J.CO has something like TF had! I tried the RM10 *couple size* the yogurt ice cream plus 3 flavors of your choices.It's pretty affordable right?Plus it's delicious too .
Me with baby (:

On Thursday night,me with hubby,merle and suzanne went to Midvalley for Movie Night (: We watched I am Number Four. I will just rate 7/10 for this movie.I wonder they are going to have the second part ^^ because the story is like still hanging there.My mind pops out lots of questions like " How he get here? " ,"What's in the box that his late father gave him? "," Where's the other number?" , Etcccc...etccc
But seriously,this is a nice movie,should go and watch :D
Here's the trailer,they claimed that NUMBER 1 Died In Malaysia ,and they show that Msia is a JUNGLE.I know that Malaysia has tropical rainforest and stuff but are that ULU ? -.- Sorry,they can actually view KLCC instead to show that Malaysia is not that bad as they thought.

Heard the first part?
Yea.. that's what i meant.

Me and my Gf Elaine went to Watson before class.We bought snacks and stuff to get rid of the boredom in the class.We bought the Winnie The Pooh Hp Hanger~!
Guess what?
It's so so so so so.... ADORABLE!!!! we got the pooh bear in bunny ;-D there's also tigger and others!
Ta-dahhh~~ hehes
Pooh got attracted :P
~assignment time

Monday, February 21

Friday, February 18

Gawddd , this few days wasn't really at home with my lappie therefore. you know,the late updates :(
Btw, on Valentine's Day , I have class * argh * then lunch with Shaun and Carmen, my gf was absent on that day itself because couldn't come celebrate Valentine's with me. Hmm, a simple lunch with both of them at Fullhouse while waiting baby finishes his class.
 Me * in sleepy face *
 Well, i prefered Garden more than Fullhouse because their food taste lots better * seriously *
I only love Fullhouse for  White Chocolate Tart & Pearl Milkshake 

 Just got some little Valentine's gift for baby (: Hope he loves it.

The sticker for Carmen :P she paste it on her hp
 On valentine's day, we really saw lots or mostly 90% couples walking together at malls for dating,shopping,makan and more :D

 For the night, we went to SS15 for San Fransisco Steakhouse then drove to Midvalley for Yogi Bear :P

I know it's kinda late,or very late to wish you guys 
Happy Belated Valentine's Day .
Btw,hope you guys had a great one with your beloved.

I wanna say thank you very much to my baby for spending valentine's day with (: Great memories that not worth any penny because it couldn't be bought. Ilyvm  

Sunday, February 13

Hello ! 
I wish Everyone Happy Valentine's Day in this middle of the night! (:
Is everyone still awake or on the bed preparing for class tmr? Hehes.
Chinese New Year is ending soon :( no more receiving ang pau in few more days. * aiks*
On saturday, i went to Pav since hubby said it's been long time we didn't really go out and shopping :) Right after i done my Interior Design 3 assignment 1 and pass up at TOA, we go to Pav 
In the car on the way, an outing without photos are really * em guan hor *
Outfit of the day 
Simple denim bf tee top and denim shorts from online blogshop, row of hearts sheer tights from miss selfridge, vintage envelopes bag from Times Square and oxford.
I love Black Sesame Ice Cream 
You know? Goma ice :P

It's already 1.50am now |
 Opps ,TOMORROW whole day class plus it's Valentine's Day with my boyfiie and gf  and friends too :D 

Goodnights darlings n sweet dreams too (:
 Have a great valentines day with your loves one or friends tmr *promise?*

currently listening to 난 바빠 

Saturday, February 12

Saturday , woke up in the morning rush my office design concept research.Then, with  ♥ went to Pav for shopping weekend ! ;D Grab loads of goodies,it's love. 

one word ; exhausted ! - TMR need to get up early to studio for dance practice.

BRB ;)

Thursday, February 10

On last sunday,we dancemates went to Kit's Place for Chinese New Year Gathering and House Warming .Reached there about 8 plus and visit around his new house (: We're all chit chatting and snapping pictures as usual ;P Right after that , me with merle and suzanne go to MV and watch All Wells End Wells. I could say that this movie is much better than I love Hongkong. I guess I love HK too many actors and actress until the story just like awhile nothing much but All Wells End Wells is about love story but in comedy and relates to Cosmetic (:

with Rachel.

Makan session with cing cing,merle and kelvin

Kelvin and Kit
Jo-ann , owh i missed her so much .It's been long time i didn't see her already in studio.
Merle ;P

awww, so sweet ;D

Then, Kit fire the fireworks (:

Dianne (:
The " let me see see " pictures time hahas.
the guys and men ;-P
Took few pictures with Jovita ;D
* eEEEKK *
My forced smile LOL -.-
Us , the girls (:

there's lil stuff i would love to share tee-hee !

Nowadays, ballerina would be participating in theater drama and play the role of the swan.If you love ballet like i do , you had already known about this (: but most people do not understand and enjoy ballet mainly because they would just say it's BORING. Ballet is a dance with is beautifully danced with soul and full of feelings into it. If you still wouldn't know about Swan Lake.Try to relax and enjoy the story they danced :D Well,i started to dance ballet since i was 5 only .I grow up with ballet more than latin dancing .

Black Swan only showing in Msia this year .Well,not a very well known or popular one but it's about ballet.A ballet dancer  Natalie Portman wins the lead in "Swan Lake" and is perfect for the role of the delicate White Swan who is Princess Odette - but slowly loses her mind as she becomes more and more like Odette's evil sister, Odile, the Black Swan.It's very less movie about ballet and this story of Swan actually it's been long time in ballet's history.We dance Swan Lake as performance but this movie could bring the story clearly in movie i hope.

Black Swan Poster

Today is Bai Tin Gong , only celebrates on 8th Night of Lunar 1 Month
fireworks and firecrackers are going crazy and wild everywhere =D

Tuesday, February 8


I've been really busy these days for my assignments :( Therefore lack of updates plus tomorrow my class starts *faint* so much things to do and handle.Oh ya,and my baby is back in Msia ;D Tee-Hee!!
Let me continue to blog about my 2nd day of Cny aka Chor Yee !

Like last year,the same chor yee will back to Pahang visit mum's side relatives ;D Much food as usual like prawns , fish , soup ,chicken and etc...
My cousin sister , Nikita.
I guess you'd still rmb her because last year i took picture of her too :)

Nomm Nommmm....

Cute baby 

Same place :P

Then,when the night comes. We head to Genting Highlands (: For chilling over there.
Wasn't that packed on that day.
With lil sis :D

Will still continue to post on Cny :P Since i'm feeling tired and sleepy now.I guess i really need to rest and get to bed for class tmr.Goodnights and Gong Xi Fa Chai .

and i miss ballet :'(