Saturday, June 30

June 2012 is ending today , it's incredible fast the time passes . I was thought I just entered my new semester course in college but it's ending in few weeks . This week is my college exploration week which is also a week of holiday to me ! :) My Hong Kong Trip hasn't blogged enough GRRRR !! Nevermind , lemme post about my this week holiday :) Why not?

Today , everywhere is on jam ! So many people go to the shopping mall :) Have you guys been to Paradigm Mall . It's a pretty cool new mall in Malaysia , if you still don't know about the mall . It looks like this , it is located at Kelana Jaya . When you're in the Lebuhraya Damansara Puchong , you'll come across this building on your left if you're heading to Damansara.

The Mall is big and good for shopping *SMILES*

Facing JAM today ??
I guess everyone is in the mood for SHOPPING because everywhere is having 
Don't miss out the sales in Malaysia now because almost every stores you step in you wanna grab a stuff :P

Well back to the topic :D Remember about me nagging my short hair . I want back my long hair ! Couldn't wait for it to grow and go to the saloon and dye with new colour . I know most girls out there love to dress up before going out to the malls , date or every occasion or event . Have you ever wonder what to wear and what style to mix and match your clothes in your wardrobe. 

Lemme tell you girls something funny which is I have problem choosing what to wear each day >____<
Let me share a lil picture from me what I've worn these week ! *soundsosemangat* SHH!
Outfit 1 
Polka Dots Top ( F block ) and Highwaisted Shorts ( Tangs )
Outfit 2 
Laced with beads Top ( Times Square ) and Highwaisted Shorts ( H&M )

Outfit 3 
Leopard Print dress ( H&M )

That's all for the moment :D
Stay tuned for my Shenzhen Trip post ! :) Happy Shopping .

Monday, June 18

Continue my late post about HK Trip , me and my family stayed in Cheung Sha Wan. The next morning ,we have our breakfast just across the road from our hotel before going to the Hong Kong Disneyland.

Me still looking blur in the early morning , with my sister :)
First Breakfast meal in HK , just a normal toast bread with sausage and egg . I can't take much in the moring *____*
Actually , i miss dancing alot . Well , I'm so busy with my college life :( pretty sad . Plus , I has gained so much WEIGHT !! T______T this is true story.
Well,I just need to WorkOUT! =D don't be lazy I mean.

with sister :)

In the MTR , only from Sunny Bay Station could reach Disneyland Resort Line 
When you're in the Disneyland Resort Line , you'll be amazed with the MTR interior , windows and the handles are all in Mickey Mouse shape! They're so cute and yup , ready to be in the fantasy world for a day in Disneyland.
The admission entry card .

Dont get lost and Don't miss any RIDE! 
Loving the Hollywood Street , I love the classical building . 
It's just so CLASSIC and Lovely .

Each shop was built to sell the Disney goodies and also services . Too bad , I didn't own a good camera if not I could snap better quality photos :/

Bakery /

with my cousin , ignore my funny looking face because of the glare from the sun, couldn't open both eyes :P 
the Castle !!!!

queuing for the ride , 
on the ride with baby sis :)
she and her Justin Bieber tee , her IDOL . Most girl's :) 

Let's go to Lilo & Stitch land :D
every experiments , everywhere ! 626 ! WHERE ARE YOUUUU? 
cute flip flops =D 

Their uniquely designed pencil .

playing the Disney Character Hat at the booth :)
i know - disgusting - LOL!
to infinity and BEYOND ~


everyone would love to see the small world. 

and the PARADE starts.
Everyone was standing along the street

Goody looking good thr :)

Piglet .

and the princesses :)

Woody looking scary here , idk why :(
They just build up the Toy Story Land :)
That's my daddy , and we said Let's GO!
Challenge Accepted !
It's the Hot Wheels ride in Toy Story Land.

Souvenirs ?

8pm , the fireworks!

will be blogging about Ocean Park next :)