Friday, October 30

Cheeze :D
Smk Bukit Jalil,we had our graduation day yesterday full with memories :) All girls need to wear baju kurung and guys just formal.I didn't get to grab my camera along :( but i got lots of pictures from facebook,bunch of my friends.

Graduate with my father =P

Kasturi's boys LOL.
Ruindra's so strong !
Leng zai ooo.

Bad faces in all the picture because i'm really tired for this few days.
I adore your smile from time to time in at every moment i see you :)
When you asked your friend whether she's alright or to cheer her up by texting her or directly asked,how could i answer no to you since she is seeing you're happy now?
When i close my eye,i saw both of us but when i open my eye into the reality i saw both of you.Need or needless to close my eye to be with you?

Famous Last Word,
Well is it hard understanding
I'm incomplete
A life that's so demanding
I get so weak
A love that's so demanding
I can't speak

The All American Rejects !!
We are COMING ! ;)

Monday, October 26

I decided to go to school yesterday for today but I was too tired so i skip school again.LOL.I dreamt you.Weird but it's a very interesting story line :) I have lots of booklet to study now and things are not getting into my head.My facebook is being a bitch as it's hardly to connect to some pages.Urgh.Forget it.Tuitions everyday,after this also.I was blogging now because im super bored.Any games or event?

I'm missing you,
Protect her at all times,
Lift her up when she needs you the most,
Let her know when she walks with you,
She will always be safe :)

And i request WenQi to help me cut my fringe,she dare not.HAHA,i'm don't trust my own skill to cut myself and i lazy to go to the saloon.

Please take note : Our school Prom had changed to CITITEL,how many times i need to repeat and please done your payment to Lee Wen Qi ( 012-2033545 ) or visit her blog. I'm not incharge,so please don't ask me anymore alright.They need the payment to pay the deposit.Thanks

Sunday, October 25

Woke up at 6am,shizun came and fetch us to kasturi seminar,and tomorrow perijaya one then it's mr.lee tuition.My classes it's like going to end soon,less than a month.That's for sure right ;) cheer for this happenings.I was so tired today and just back from my neighbour's wedding dinner at Serdang there.
Give me a good reason for what and why i love you ?
I wonder when someday ;)
Was so bored in the car,while that hehe.i love to camwhore :PMy sister
The bride :D
The bridegroom ;D
Wish you all the best ;D and live happily babe.