Thursday, March 31

Before i starts the post :)
Recently i've been going to Empire because kinda sick with Sunway Pyramid as it's always pass by the mall or lunch at the mall during college. Do you know that Jaya Grocer sell awesome chocolates and candies? When i was in secondary school,i have one friend bought me a candy name NERDS in small box,comes in few flavors.She always bought for us when she went to Singapore.Then,after years,i found it's selling at Ikano Power Center one of the selling Party accessories store,it's the same small box.I seldom goes to the hypermarket to buy grocery , so that day with my bf and gf went there and i saw the Wonka NERDS in BIG BOX! " I look at them and say : ' I'm so gonna get this!! ' It's been two weeks i keep going there because of this candy.LOL! am serious,it's nice :) they don't only sell Nerds but other type of candies too.Tee-hee!
Plus,i love the Cupcake store.
Their cupcakes are awesome ! 
Alright, back to the main topic . On 16th March it's my pretty girlfriend,Elaine Cheng's birthday ! We decided to drive up to Genting Highlands without my baby because he sprained his leg a day before :''( he need to rest .Well,we go up lepak and " chui fong " HAHA!
Birthday girl with Shaun.
with my gf.

Happy Birthday to you once again dear :)
Thank you for being my girlfriend and someone that's so meaningful for me.My besties ! :D Love you much 
Michael with Carmen

we sing birthday song at Marrybrown, hahas! That day was still school holidays so yea...very PACK!

Christian came along :P

Carmen,me and birthday girl.
Pictures starts from here it's from birthday girl punya boyfriend,Bryan camera (: Clearer and better version 

Bryan,Wayne and Han Hui

So sweet (: He's so happy hahas!
Paiseh already.

ERM, GAY time happens all the times??

Leekee's baby! haha.
Munloong with his pose...always be.
was on the phone talking to baby,and they wanna took my candid photo.

Funny moments.

When they're "high" they jump.
I guess so.

we jumped? LOL!
 until you see this EPIC PHOTO!!! LOL

Yea,i could give you a fly kick at anytime :)

GH is having a night pasar malam during the school holiday,this is the first time we didn't sweat for going to Pasar Malam,it's better (: I saw my favorite stall there! Vietnamese Popiah,have you guys tried yet? It's sweet one :D Taste amazinggggggglyyyyy NICE!  ♥ ♥ ♥

That's my gf birthday :) Hope you happy with all the plan we planned :P gotta get to bed now :)
Nights peep.

Warning! It's April Fool, becareful my darls.

Tuesday, March 29

Let me continue my Jakarta Trip post :-D before that.Wanna let you guys know what Sucker Punch wasn't that awesome.Disappointed with the movie =\ Story line kinda sucky.Sorry but that's the truth,don't believe me just get a ticket now and drive to the cinema for this :) Hmm,after the day of competition,everyone was very exhausted but running out of time to travel to more places because of the hectic jam.We wake up in the early morning and walk to the opposite mall for lunch ! (:
Nisha with her brother :)

We do not know what to eat or which restaurant to go.Therefore,we went to Urban Kitchen.Nothing special but it's just mini foodcourt.I do not really eat spicy food so i was walking round and round to choose the food because most indonesian food sibeh spicy because one of my friend ordered a fried rice or nasi lemak,am not sure.He sweat like HELL! lol,so end up i choose SAFELY HAHA! Something like Pan Mee :) Me favorite 


Nahh,look at the name of the food there :)
Nasi Gandul ... Nasi Tjampoer...etc
* LOST *
Wanted to try so much,but do not dare.TAKUT NANTI TAK SEDAP MAHH! :P

I guess i made the right choice :P pan mee muahaha! This green card is given to you during you enter to the food court and when you ordered food & beverages,they charge through this card. So,when you leave the foodcourt,only you pay for your food :) To let you know seriously.

They are also famous for ES TELER. It's pronounce as " Ais Teler " Es means AIS! :)
When the guys are bored.LOL
AS USUAL. *speechless *

Then, we took cab and go to Mangga Dua.It's like a wholesaler place ! Shopping Heaven,btw i didn't took any pictures in the mall because it's very PACK-eddd like Sardine ! -.- I bought clothes for my sister,hubby and my gf :) Their acessories were SUPERB CHEAP !! :D

We had our dinner at Pondok Laguna! Awesome Seafood there :)) * wink *

My oily skin over there. :( After i back to Malaysia,my skin getting worst because of the air there ! * sobs *
Dianne and stephen


BEFORE i end the post,i took some pictures from friends camera during competition