Monday, December 28

* the guy who kena punched by the girls *
Most of you,i still contact as usual :) but some of you i really have no idea who are you.It is like after 5 years,so we had forgotten each other.So,we did the reunion at Amy's Place.
But not all attend.
I remember we always fight among each other for "power" or "more friends" HAHA.
Sarah,Amy,Rus,Aine,Annabel and Me.
Compare this to our old class picture :P
i believe that i stil keeping them,just don't know where had i place them.
All of you still look the same,only taller and maybe bigger in size :D

Annabel,with her nerd kill.
Faces macam tak pernah makan pizza.
Yummy annie.
Our profesional photographer or editor :P
Renee and Yenki

Joeycheong. Annabel
Joeycheong and Renee
Fitri and Me
Hopefully to See you Guys again SOON !
Life after SPM should be fun,aint?
i wasn't enjoying at all.
As you see me online non-stop.
Might be going college soon,form 6?
Im not sure. (BLANK)
I need more time.
- xmas celebration was nothing,seriously.
- new year eve?
P/S : promises are meant to be broken sometimes , or what?
I miss bearbee.

Friday, December 25

Xmas updates from my online blog :)

Alright,i didn't really celebrated my christmas but rotten at home and watched alot movies.It was really getting bored. Start from january,i will get back to all my dancing classes and might be taking some new classes perhaps ! :D Already went out for the weeks before and my till my pocket got holes already :(

all i want for XMAS IS $$$$$$$ YOU !

So what've done on xmas eve,was wishing my precious one. I was online msn-ing with Chingbin,then we exchange status,our nickname,our picture.We act each other and wishing everyone.Well,most of them notices our email address and FAILED but someone who just got into love MR. WONG EU JYN don't know at all.SO ,i was pretending to be chingbin and chingbin be me.We invited him into a conversation and he didint notice anything until he got the fishy feeling for more than a hour.Then,we fed up and tell him that we're just pranking u.We know u just got into relationship and Love Is Very Blind, INDEED till u don't know who u chatting with.Happy being with your girlfriend buddy :D teehee~

Well,i know it's already late to say this but.........

wish all your dreams may come true.

I wanna say i love all of you,telling in front of you people will be better but i had no choice because i knew you crazy people will read my blog :P My heart never broken,but my hp envy me finding him at all times.

Sometimes we are under someone,to sustain something.

Only for the right time.I couldn't believe it but it is just awesome at this moment .


Monday, December 21

yesterday went to Edu fair.
feel liek studying designing or hotel management?
any ideas?
wanna let you know :)
, ,,,,, !!
you feel better than i do.
you understand more.

Saturday, December 19

Dardar drew this before he went to genting,cute right?!
Found out some reasons.
Not to change.
Never gonna change :)
Tell me something,
that you really need this !
Like those days,
when we're just kids needed the sweets packed colourfully
and hanging on the stalls.
I know i'll be fine.
It just takes some times to heal.
You're more than a sunshine i know.
What's others said that tries very HARD to keep u away from getting those sweets,
you'll never believe or trust them,
although they weren't strangers.
you trust that you'll own those sweets one day.
you'll never gave up for what you take or you have at all times.It's just ...
you get DISTRACTED by THEM !

It's like no big deal. This is what i have to face :)


Friday, December 18

My daily life is getting bored now,every morning wake up and don't know what to do besides finding dardar.He went to genting already for five days.I'm suffering here :) I went out on wednesday and thursday again to the places which i went before with cheeyoong,michelle,ziggy and yuenhong.

On wednesday,chee yoong asked me go to mid valley with michelle.We wanted to watch Love Happens,too bad the seats were too front :( So,we jalan-jalan makan and makan. It was Sale ,but i couldn't get anything that's nice for me.
That's Michelle and Cheeyoong .
That's not cute :D
WE'RE like camwhore with the christmas decorations LOL.
Then,go to the Gardens.
Expecting for a better Xmas decoration but it's like normal only.
Chubby huh? teehee.
She said that her Hairband looks like the butterfly on the tree,
It's kinda true.
But it's nice :)
Im not good at smiling with teeths LOL.
We claim that he has Man Boobs :)
He's gonna kill me,nevermind.
Michelle will save me .
On thursday, dardar went to Genting Theme Park.I went out with cheeyoong and michelle again.These time,tag ziggy and yuenhong along.My face getting MORE and MORE pimples :( sobs sobs.
I still have chubby cheek.LOL
Michelle went for a HAIRCUT , and she had transform into Short Hair girl.
She's tak biasa with it,keep pullingher hair.
I think you look Sweet with your new hair :)
Then,we went to watch Couple Retreats.
I was buying tickets and Natasha was working there.
So darn funny that movie.
Yuenhong wasn't in the picture,lol
He was rushing to somewhere else.
I managed to get something from MnG muahaha.
It's sale babe,
You don't wanna walk home without a goodie in your room :)
Me and my sis was resting at Parkson's personal fitting room.
It's so big till she keep repeating that she wish her room was like that.
Then,she syiok sendiri there dancing around.
imyks so so darn much.

You've got what you want :)

XOXO ,miss youuuuu so so much.

I have goodnight dreams ,kaisheng.