Monday, November 29


Hi peeps.Sorry for the long hiatus because am just back from Penang last two days.Went there for a 3days and 2 nights stay at Bayview Penang Resort with William & Luisa Danceworld teachers and friends.We went there for the 17th Penang International Latin Championship.Well,results and pictures will be post more on the next post :)
 Sandy and breezy beach,went there in the early morning and evening.

Am tired,will be continued with the next post babe.


Sunday, November 21

Skyline Poster


I watched this movie last with my boy at The Garden.Skyline wasn't that popular as other movies but i watched the trailer in Youtube.A kinda very "gan jeong" movie.It's about some creatures or alien from outer space settle down on Earth and those creatures only has the shell with no brains.In order to obtain the brains to make those creatures alive.They takes all the human brains.Disgusting right?At first they settle down on the Earth with only few amount of those creatures and slowly takes the human brains to increase the number of the alien thingy.It started at the Los Angelas City.They will be giving out strange and beautiful blue lights ,which everyone will LOOK to the light,and the lights will just attract you makes you got no strength no more and suck you up to the giant UFO thingy.It's like the End of the world but the ending is not bad.
Not everyone is lucky enough to survive.
I would rate 6/10 for this. Just go get your tickets now and watch :)

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 Poster

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

I only followed the HP series until The Prisoner of Azkaban.LOL ,then i jumped few movies and goes for this.It's only Part 1.Watched with Dancing friends at Mid Valley last few days.Well,Wizard and uses of maigcs and weapons in HP as usual.They are all grown up since the first few movies.They are getting there and better i suppose so larh.This HP 7 Part 1 is kinda smooth because they were just telling the stories for the Part 2 so we wouldn't be
I do not know what to describe.Watch you if you do not hate HP movies.

Some pictures here and there during the day.

Teacher Luisa, me ,Shi Teng,Kathy,Nicol,Teacher Merle and the front cute girl is Nisha.

 I did not went to the Shout Award :(( because i went to Melacca with family for one day trip.SOBS! i've only managed to get 5TH in the Revive Dance Bash Competition.


Thursday, November 18

20 NOVEMBER 2010
Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil

Iyaz and Mizz Nina will be there with us! :D 
By the way their roadshow has already ended

This time they have

What's more?
More exciting and fun events for XPAX friends"i'm not" 
This time i'll be probably going if i am really free.with Advertlets bloggers.

Get your tickets now to join the FUN!
1. Through 8TV Quickie
( Normal and VIP tickets EVERYDAY )
2. Through Shout! Award Official Facebook Fanpage
( Check out the " NOTES" section )
3. Radio Partner, Fly FM,Red FM,Hot FM and Suria FM
4. Sri Pentas Guardhouse
( Monday - Friday )
( Time : 10am-12pm ,2pm-5pm )

See you there!xoxo,

Tuesday, November 16

Some of the fall collection from but their sites having some minor technical problems at the moment.Do visit them :)

I have something to announce here which is i am going to create a new online shopping sites besides than What's Your Flavor? on clothing,bags and accessories. 
A new online shopping sites selling contact lens :) later on will restocking beauty make ups,eyelashes and make up brushes.


what's your flavor? Add on
Do support us ya :) and wait for the opening promotion !

next post| Xpax Shout Awards.
Last Week,it was Uncle William's birthday.We tried to give him a surprise but failed.LOL! He eventually knew it already.Loads of dancers there because Penang Competition is very soon.Real Soon ! I am kinda stress..Sighs.
Insomnia later D= 
Back to the topic,there's two cakes ,Well Uncle William warn us not to play with the whipped cream if not he will "fan min" LOL.So,i decided to dirty Merle's face.Lucky me,she kena whole face .A big patch of cream but Uncle William kena in the end from us too.I was afraid because everyone has to have dirty face ,btw i ran to the washroom quickly :P
See ;)
Hahas,Once again Happy Birthday Uncle William and thanks for the guidance all the while throughout my dancing lesson :D
On last Friday,went to Times Square and Sg Wang with my dance mates,Kathy,ShiTeng and CingCing,and bii :) As usual,shopping never get tired.We even got ourselves hats.We will wear it to the Penang beach :)
with bii.
Cing,Kathy and ShiTeng at Delifrance.
On Saturday,it was Desmond and Seow Yuen's wedding dinner at Wellness Hotel,Mines.
Beautiful and romantic wedding they had :) 
Congratulations ! 
Wish both of you live happily together always :) and lovely.

with bii,
Camwhore as usual while in the car ;P
Peace by baby.
During her preparation before the dinner in the hotel room.Hair beautifully done by the hair stylist and the Natural Wedding Make Up required by her.
The very foundation step.

 Ice Carving Statue
 Look at her elegant red dress ,so lovely.
 Standby plus her NERVOUS.
She was asking us repeatedly,
"Nice ar?"
"Is my make up perfect?"
"How do i look like?"
We just answered,
"You look like a PRINCESS"
Expression 1 : The Geram 
 Expression 2 : The perfect Smile!

Once again,you look awesome dear :)

Friday, November 12

Saw the incredible poster? Yeap! It's a INTER-COLLEGE dance competition among all the college and universities organized by HELP University , Revive Isotonic Drink and William & Luisa Danceworld.
Btw, i am joining this and dance a story-line dance by with Bleeding Love song with my latin Partner Onn Rei.I will be representing for The One Academy.
The winning is based on 50% on Judging and 50% on Audience Vote.Any of you reader are interested in this only RM25 per person for the whole event.In the afternoon there is workshop on Latin,Malay dance and Hiphop .About the night event is the competition.

Come along with your friends support me and vote for me so i could stand a CHANCE to win the competition.

Details ,
Event Title : Rev-Up Dance Bash
Date : Friday, November 19 (p/s : next week )
Time : 12pm - 11pm
Location : Help Residence,1st Floor

This year, HELP Dance Club will be organizing a dance workshop and dance competition. Sponsored by Revive, it is guaranteed to be a fun filled; challenging and eye-opening event.

Divided into a day/night event, you would be able to learn and experience different dances and watch dancers compete in their best dance.

For one price of RM25, you could learn Latin Dance, Malay Contemporary/Cultural dance and Hip Hop from experienced dances/teachers. Not only that, you would be invited to watch the dance competition which will be held at night.

List of dance teachers :
Latin Dance - Mr William Lor
Malay Contemporary - Mr Aswa
Hip Hop - MC

For dancers who wish to compete, fret not. This dance bash has also included dance competition for different type of dances to accommodate everyone.

Dance Category :
- Ballroom Dancing
- Hip hop
- Cultural
- Comtemporary
- Tap Dancing
- Line Dancing
- Freestyle

The competition is divided into 2 groups : individual/couple and team. For individual and couple group, both participants have to be college or university students. Where else, for the team group, at least 1 participant has to be from college or university. Entry fee varies with groups.

There are lucrative prices to be won!! So dancers, don't miss this chance to win them.

For more information, don't hesitate to contact: (or to get the registration form)
1. Jovita Bautista ( 016-3543478, [email protected]m )
2. Lee Shu Er ( 017-2093300028, [email protected] )


Wednesday, November 10

Finally, another post of semester break.How fast right? HAHA! Those assignments done lately not really like FML FML . It's cun ! We enjoyed the group work among the classmates.Well,as i promised to show our realistic mockup which using Contemporary Style.Means what?It's like a room having four walls.One feature wall are darkest or darker red then the other three are like pink then the objects in the room will be having red tone colour  until reaches white.This is not a good explanation just telling what we did for our project for so far.
It's me , my gf and cammie aka carmen.
The mighty four hahas! This isn't the whole group.Just part of us together.
 The mock up looks bigger than me alot and it's heavy LMAO!
The ground floor :) It's scale 1:50 according to the floor plan.
 With the roof :)
This is the living room. Sofas and everything done by Shaun.

Here's dry kitchen and dining room done by me and my gf.

 Beautiful view from the interior to the landscape.
 This mini corridor for rest and relax done by me tee-hees! :P 
This also done by me hahas! Lmao,i was bored and i love to deco deco deco nonstop.
 Basketball court by Cammie. Nice lehh.
 Main Gate and fencing are by Christian and Abang Loong.

Here's some snapshot of the whole mock up :D

That's squarish thingy is aquarium done by my gf.
 Staircase to the first floor.
The bedroom upstairs are done by Rachel , Lee Kee , Amanda , Yiek Cheng and Minren.

 Purple ish room.

 I did the refrigerator :P
 Wet Kitchen by me kekes. I love the sink and the cabinet.
The kinda retarded washing machine so far i did LOL

 Our Group.
The girls. 

Next post | Uncle William Birthday's post.