Thursday, September 30

Monday, September 27

What can i do at 12.42am?rotting?spider web are forming?blogging of course :)
btw,am having sore throat and flu.Please go away from me! I have assignments and dance practices and other works to do.Every week giving tons of homeworks is really KILLING ME!
This is what i want right now,
I need FOOD!
Grab your sales item at FOREVER 21! Had you? *wink*
My lately so called masterpiece :D

nights! *EYE SWOLLEN*
currently fell in love with.....

lovely and so touched

Sunday, September 26

to my son ( Randy Oh Mun Hong ) :'(
He's my friend since Form 4 because that's the year he entered my highschool.He's a very BIMBO and Kinky friend.A fan of GAGA.He's funny and SMART,INTELLIGENT,BORN GENIUS.He score 11 A during SPM if i'm not mistaken.One thing is that he's not A NERD.We called him son or ohh-la-la.We always sing poker face in class like MA-MA-MA-MAHHH.

Sadly,he's going to Russia to further his studies.SIGHS! All of us miss him loads,the last time i see my son is like last week.He organise a farewell party =( yeah,he's BLONDE.He'll be always lending us a hand in studies.A very nice and kind friend.Thanks for being a very good friend to me :) I know you miss me your MOM!

Funny us :) Those happy memories being with your friend hehess.
We went concert together , shop together , so called study group and makan makan with a bunch of friends.

Here's the picture on the farewell :)
We are sad because our son is leaving :(
He's FAT :D
True friends are like diamonds, real and rare, false friends are like leaves, scattered every where.

Happy Mooncake Festival
*i know i'm late to wish*
reason?busy :P

* help! colour fonts are still not working :(

Monday, September 20

hi darlingss.
I have tons of works to do , busy with dancing , college and outings .
Not much time to blog but will try my best :) Just back from pavilion with advertlet's bloggers.Back to the title of the post then you should know what will it be ^^ Went there in the evening with and had dinner at Dragon-i.Long time didn't dine in there but i don't really like there also because their food not that delicious but we both were hungry and ordered ALOT until couldn't finish them!But he ordered something CUTE lol!
The pigs red bean bun. *CUTE*
He likey and i was Full but i still had it .Grrr!
Outfit of the day
Senget kiss LOL!

I do not know that OWLS are so cute after watching this because i bet the real one really is BURUNG HANTU :D hahas. The story lines was fine and better than Resident Evil =.= i got bored of that movie.Their animation is really a good job.
Synopsis : The film follows Soren, a young owl enthralled by his father’s epic stories of the Guardians of Ga’Hoole, a mythic band of winged warriors who had fought a great battle to save all of owlkind from the evil Pure Ones. While Soren dreams of someday joining his heroes, his older brother, Kludd, scoffs at the notion, and yearns to hunt, fly and steal his father’s favor from his younger sibling. But Kludd’s jealousy has terrible consequences-causing both owlets to fall from their treetop home and right into the talons of the Pure Ones. Now it is up to Soren to make a daring escape with the help of other brave young owls. Together they soar across the sea and through the mist to find the Great Tree, home of the legendary Guardians of Ga’Hoole-Soren’s only hope of defeating the Pure Ones and saving the owl kingdoms.
Okayy,this was
Evil bother, name : KLUDD looks like my buddy MUNLOONG :D
That what's we thought of HAHA! the mohawk!!

The guardians :) good side


Lastly Group Picture from
till then,nights ♥

Friday, September 17

Plain Empty

September 17, 2010 0 Comments
Today,wake up in the morning.Had a nightmare last night,bii asked me not to think so much.I guess i have too much stress.I couldn't sleep nowadays.Tonight going to my son,Randy's farewell party at his place.He's going to Russia :'( We will miss you, especially your MOM!

*i had no idea what's wrong with my blogger,i couldn't change the colour of the fonts :(

Wednesday, September 15

Hey friends,

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It's 15 September 2010 :)
precious date for someone.

Today is your day,came to see the earth, God had sent you to meet me

A memorable day for the one I love

I am busy to update,therefore my updates will be like not as long as when i were having sem break.
Guess what ? am blogging at 2.36am T__T well,skyping with Bryan Low.
Some pics for the dances :)
Pictures credit to GB-SHOT

Monday, September 13

Finally,i am back with my long post :DD tee-hees.Last week i went to Singapore for 3 days 2 nights trip + latin competition.It was fun but tiring.I almost fall a sick because we were all like trapped in the Orchard Hotel for 24/7 waiting for the events and stuff.Well,it was my first time in taking part Beginner for Cha Cha Cha,Samba,Rumba and Jive.My partner is Onn Rei.Did my costume but the tailor did the wrong colour combination =.= I wanted the layered of Green and Yellow but they did campur both together.Urgh,but last minute i have no choice.So,we rent a car and Gary will be our driver :)

On friday evening,we start the journey at the studio and drive to Johor.We stayed at Grand Paragon.Then the next VERY THE EARLY MORNING go Singapore.Our competitions held at Orchard Hotel.

As you know the pictures will be loadss but i try my best to upload most it .And i did not arrange them because i am lazy and busy at the meantime for my assignments!
My blogshop is re-opening VERY SOON! :DDD
Gary the driver
5am at the kastam,yawnnnn.
I was really sleepy LOL!
Reached :D
In Uncle William's room,they stayed at there.Teacher Luisa is helping her gorgeous daughter Nisha on her corset costume.I love her costume very much.
In the night,we still at Singapore,we went Newton's foodcourt for dinner.
Nice food like Penang :)
Everyone was so HUNGRY!
Heavy and Thick Make ups is a MUST
MUST! it takes me like 10 mins to " COLOUR " the eyeliner
Congratulations :)
Stairways :P hahas!
Do re mi fa..
Dominic and Nisha
Groupp piccs!
Gary in the morning!
Me and Onn Rei was so excited! Because we won all champion,first time in Beginners ;) Next is Novice level,that's really takes efforts and experience to win.
Because alot professional dancers out there ont he dancefloor!
Checking the event list :D
Nisha just woke up :D
the excited face !~
bites whether it's real?
The next day,we had our breakfast at our hotel.
Okayy,i am with the spects LOL.
Just woke up,sure blur larhh XD
See You Again in next competitions!
Stay tuned for Penang Championship.

I am very happy because i gain experience by participating in dancing competitions.I failed loads time but i just need to practice more and more and more.Thank You for everyone who had supported me all the times.My family,My Boyfiie,My Studio and My friends