Thursday, July 29

Thursday, July 15

being a toddler or a young kid was so much fun and better.
Life without worries but do tears for some reasons like you needed pampered much from your parents,getting a plushie,or an ice cream the most is when you poo poo and wanted a bottle of milk much,yea..those days,you could even remember yourself.

For so much had been gone through after living for 17 plus years,life isn't that easy.Not everything just come like snapping your fingers.Efforts and hardworks being through learn how to crawl to learn standing as stable as an adult to started walking but most of us run and fall in the end.Haha.

It's older! a lil like kindergarten (: we meet new friends and teacher taught us how to hold a pencil and learn to write ABC.Continuing with colouring and using colour paper fold origami or flowers and heard shapes.At the end of kindergarten,wearing graduated clothes with a hat and holding a certificate.SMILE!*chik CHAK* There you go,your parents were so happy that you're grown.Tee-hee.

Starts Standard 1,dress up the dark blue pinafore and tie two ponytails with a roller bag ,well i walk to school because it's super near across the road HAHA,my grandparents need to stay there because i am the kid that must accompany for the first few weeks.LOL.After few weeks,i love going school *don't ask why* lol maybe it's fun to be socialize in std one and wearing high socks.As i grew up,i love to participate in running (: and sajak,cerpen and pidato and etc..i found out that Bahasa Malaysia is very easy to learn.Seriously.Joining the Tunas Budaya and go for dancing minggu bahasa =P When i was Std 6,i was so nervous for UPSR ,it's like the end of the world LOL -.- The funniest part is when you have *FRIENDS* issue,like i friend you i don't friend you arrr haha ,then telling their parents and i told to mine.LOLS.funny thou.

Secondary school was pretty fun also sometimes but things get worst always ,as usual.People started to have the attitude of jealousy and wanted to be the first especially,i really have no idea what's wrong with some of them.Form 4,I JUST LOVE IT.It's total Honeymoon to me and Form 5,it's plain BORING.After going through like REALLY
SO MUCH ....
with your parents,your friends,your loved one and OVERCOMING YOURSELF!
we have GAIN much,,
but lost at sometimes too.
it's all experience,
memories that never leave from your heart and couldn't buy them back too
Appreciate and loves who ever is around you (:

College life,
is just a beginning.
Learning more and more about people's attitude.
It's hard but i enjoyed.

Forgives for what i had done for hurting people around me,
i'm still at the learning stage.
It's fine if there's people who still wanna hate me or trying to make me down,
i am just WHO I am,
not the one you wanted me to be (:

thanks for the memories

Tuesday, July 13

Semester 2 is going to END very soon.

I love and enjoy my life.
especially with my family and my friends.
P A U S E .
stop ss-ing now first.LOL
There's still projects and tests.Biggest one was the Residential Units,wait for the photos will be uploaded when then whole project are done.I have some advertising project on travel and tourism.Herrmmm,what else,Interior Technology and Materials,Plan drawing,Ceiling drawing,Electrical Plan..Furnishing Plan..ETC ETC.

I have the mood to blog at night,hantu..== not really,it's because i am only free to do so after done my assignments (: so,not to d e l a y e d and s t a c k s my works.
One of it,a small project for ITM2.
Well,recently we always hangout at The Joint for lunch.
large proportions.
I love to eat the pineapple fried rice WITHOUT pineapple.
ALRIGHT,i know there's multiple choices of fried rice but every of them having different taste.
I love their Pineapple Fried Rice very MUCH but i hate pineapple.
You know what i in i love the taste ONLY.lols
My gf say this is the FUNNY.
Because of the way i order..
Waiter : What you wanna have for today?
Me : " i want this,pineapple fried rice but I DONT WANT THE PINEAPPLE "
Waiter : *STONE FOR A SEC* okie okieee i know.
College life is kinda stress anyway,in addition im in TOA.
tons of assignments.I guess you guys had already knew that.This is because it's fine you never passup your homeworks in highschool but you will FAIL and REPEAT the Sem if you DID NOT complete your tasks and assignments.Well,doing assingments is FUN too ;D LEARNING how to manage your schedules as in everything always comes at last during the FINAL plus my ballet exam kinda stressing too plus my upcoming latin competition. URGHH. *chilling*


Of all the lotions product i had tried before,i personally love this the MOST.
Especially the calm and fresh smell =P
A Daily nurturing moisture for your skin formulated with soothing aloe vera and moisturising glycerine, oat kernel oil, vitamin E and panthenol. Sheer, light formula absorbs easily and leaves skin feeling soft.

  • Premium aloe vera
  • Skin conditioning natural oils
  • Absorbs easily
  • Refreshing
Scent: fresh herbal green fragrance with soft citrus overtones

then, my gf (elaine cheng ) bought me the Skin Food eye patch since she KEEP listening to my COMPLAINT ON MY EYEBAG.
It's easy to use.
Just remove the patches from the foil sachet and then remove the clear plastic backing from each patch.Apply them onto your under-eye area and leaves on for 30~45 minutes.Apply for 2~3 days a week.
Very jelly and COOLING like your mask (:
but i guess it's only WORKS for long term usage.
Now my eyebag appear AGAIN.
One of my SPEECHLESS PICTURE OF loong and nj.
btw,i guess most of you saw the comment on my cbox about my songs.I malas wanna layan this kind of people.which means blog that put Nothing gonna change my love for you - George Benson
think of it haters.Write something better next time.
*ps i added new songs in my playlist thanks for your reminder.TEE-HEE!

OFF to bed.

Sunday, July 11

It's 1.34am now!
Alright am not a FIFA-ians or fans..BUT I know there's a final match going on later very soon ..
Spain Versus Netherland?
Who will be the ONE?!
i think it's spain...i think only because i don't even watch them =.= WELL,good luck for both then (: either one you're still the winner .
Ily as always (:
Am not breaking DOWN! no matter how it bad it is
there's a problem..
Went ts and pavilion today (: saw these waka waka at MNG store limited tee by shakira ..
Wanted to get it,but this was the last piece of all after i had purchase other stuff earlier..
i wish i could have you asap *teehee*
awesome right?
back of the tee was written

back to homeworks ... hugs!

Thursday, July 8

Id week :)
Last week!
I am not a World Cup fans umm it's like NO NO ,seriously idk what's happening in the FIFA World Cup 2010.All i knew was the theme songs all playing in the radio and those are the latest songs i've been listening for all this while..Well,i came across to my friend's blog were talking about an octopus which is related to the Fifa World Cup.I don't know this was really true or anything. So i am SO-CALLED SO FREE after class right now go google about the PAUL THE OCTOPUS.Well,i was shocked a lil about this issue.

Paul ..a nice name for an octopus,so, he could predict the winner of the soccer match.That's really not a usual and normal thing obviously.You see,even human also using smart guess only or always keep track with the player's and coach's technique to predict which country can be the winner of the match.BUT,an octopus can be so AWESOME or somehow intelligent ? or having six sense? i seriously can't make assumptions about it.

Alright,let's make it easier to understand by ( Wikipedia )
1) Who is PAUL? an OCTOPUS? HUH?Who's that? *for people like me just only knew about this LOLS*
-Paul the Octopus is a common octopus who lives in the Sea Life public aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany. Paul, who is sometimes called a "psychic octopus" or "oracle octopus," is famous for his alleged ability to correctly predict the winner of matches in which the German national football team is playing: so far he has managed it 11 out of 12 times.

SpeciesOctopus vulgaris
Known forMaking predictions forGermany national football team matches
2) So,how did Paul make it happen?
Paul is able to make his predictions courtesy of Oliver Walenciak and his staff.[3] Two clear plastic boxes containing food (usually mussels or oysters) are lowered down into the aquarium's tank. The boxes have the flags of two countries attached to them, one of Germany, and one of their next opponent. The container selected by the hungry octopus is assumed to be the predicted winner.

3) Then,Where's he from?Who found him? etc etc..
Paul was born in 2008 at Weymouth sea life park in Dorset, England.[citation needed] The name Paul is taken from the title of a poem by Boy Lornsen, Der Tintenfisch Paul Oktopus.

According to entertainment director Daniel Fey, Paul showed his intelligence early on: "There was something about the way he looked at our visitors when they came close to the tank. It was so unusual, so we tried to find out what his special talents were." The first time Paul was tried was during UEFA Euro 2008.[4] He was correct in 80% of the predictions he made, but he was wrong in his prediction of the winner of the final match, which was Germany versus Spain. Paul predicted Germany's win but Spain was the eventual winner.

I went to A R C H I D E X 2010 (:
what's ARCHIDEX?!
arch - architecture
id - interior design
ex - exhibition
it was doorknob (:
how cute isn't it ?
went with Carmen
2nd Sem,
1st project (:
am working out with the 2nd project! It's gonna be a final and BIG one because this one is with the MOCK UP 3D design.WOOTS!
Must be hardworking from NOW ON!

was about designing something VINTAGE and DANCING SPACE WITH A BIG WALK-IN-CLOSET
the dancing space
Mini Bar
The walk-in-closet
The Bathroom
My bed (:
i can still feel you,
in my heart and soul.
it will always be remain in the same position.