Friday, January 31

Hello dearies, GONG XI FA CAI! Still considering where to party, dinner or take a night out with your friends or family on this festive season Chinese New Year or Valentine's Day? I guess most of you had heard about The Roof from people around you.  Now, let me share with you my experience celebrating both of my Chinese New Year & Early Valentine's Dinner here at Signature, The Roof.

The Roof has the main idea of letting you know that consists of restaurant, pub, club & lounge. It is located at Sky Level, 1 First Avenue, Bandar Utama which is the tall building right beside 1 Utama Shopping Mall.

The Roof is a premium integrated dining and entertainment hub offering patrons the ultimate experience with star attraction in the Klang Valley. With over 50,000 square feet of dining, entertainment and event space, The Roof houses five distinct outlets designed to cater to a broad spectrum of customers with each outlet promising a unique and classy experience.

Still couldn't imagine?
Let me share with you my lovely pictures below

Love the Avatar's alike led changing light tree, beautiful decorative item!

Have a glance at the video below,

We went to Signature, whihc is the restaurant that serves Western, Asian and international fusion cuisine. Plus the interior are contemporary avant-garde style. Therefore, everyone can enjoy and taste the food and beverages they preferred from the menu. Signature is a stylish and trendy premium gastro-lounge. Serving up award winning signature cocktails and stocked with a great selection of international premium beverage

The menu is unique where patrons can indulge in a gastronomic dining experience. It is also exclusive to visiting premium chefs. To spice things up, patrons can look forward to special treats like cooking classes, weekend brunches and themed parties. This serve as an ideal and classy experience of social gatherings.

Modern & dim lighting feels so comfortable dining here.
Glasses window , you can enjoy your delightful dinner with the beautiful scenery 
This is specially prepared and mixed cocktails named Triple Prosperity just for this festive Chine New Year,
I do really love it because they taste good on each glass depending you love the sweetness or bitterness but they doesn't taste like normal vodka or alcohol drinks!

Chinese New Year, everyone must LOU SANG!


fresh and yummy salmon on this plate of yee sang!

Told you, I love snapping photos in front of this tree. The lighting changes the feeling of your photo :D

Are you ready for some of the pick from the menu? :P

Pan Seared Foie

Mushroom Soup

Wagyu Rib Eye

Lamb Shank
The rosemary and the gravy with the mash potatoes is just a right combo for this plate of dish
Grilled Salmon Pasta
I do not take raw salmon therefore this is real suitable for me as I'm a pasta lover too :D

Giant Meatball Linguine
For meatball lovers of course!

Lamb Cutlet

Scallop Black Aglio Maki
Squid ink pasta, yums as I love ebikko too! 

Spicy Chocolate Lava
Been to so many cafe & restaurant serving molten chocolate lava and so on. You & I had tried many of the chocolate lava but this is special because you can even taste slightly spicy on the dessert. Yes, I'm serious. You must try this spicy chocolate lava at Signature.
Romeo & Juliet

Score, is a relaxing pub where you can chit chat with your friends, have fun and relaxing time with your friends and family after the dinner at Signature, there you can have a pint of beer and play soft darts too! The interior is decorated like in a football venue and changing room in a stadium, cool isn't it?

Then, we visit Play, The Roof. I love the interior of the club as it is designed to be like underground party but we are actually partying right at the sky level. If you get what I meant? If don't try to have a girl nights out there and party.

The VIP area

Then, me and Jacklyn Gan head to the helipad area. We uses the mini lift thou, lols. How lazy we are after the dinner.

Here, to get fresh and cool air to chill at night, with a glass of your cocktail or beer perhaps, enjoy the beautiful scenery from the top of the building plus the music.

For more information, 

Monday, January 20

How are you doing my dear readers? Had you prepared for this coming festive season Chinese New Year? Got your new and pretty dress? Glittery heels and accessories? For me, I had got them done tee-hee! Anyway, I think this is my first time blogging about facial preparation for a new year, that doesn't mean massive changes like surgery and so on but we need to have refreshing and smooth skin to celebrate this marvelous year.

Let me introduce you a new serum that it is amazingly can be function as mask and exfoliant as well. 
Neuzell Juvenescence is a specially formulated anti-aging Skin Renewal Tri-Action Treatment that acts as a Serum, Mask and Exfoliant, This product contains Award-Winning Active Ingredients such as Telomerase and Swiss Alps Botanical Stem Cell that is able to protect DNA, restore skin stem cell’s functionality, increase Moisture, Reduce Wrinkles, Pigmentation, Scar and Brighten your skin complexion.

Best of all, it is 100% free of Parabens, SLES, Alcohol, Mineral Oils, Artificial Fragrance and Artificial Colors that work best for your skin at cellular level to unleash softer, firmer, smoother, luminous effects, leaving your skin 10 years younger. Neuzell product is dermatological and clinical tested effective.

There are three functions as I had mentioned earlier. Simple steps for a good facial complexion later on.

I had personally tried the serum and I had seen the result just in one day later ( p/s: results depending individual skin's condition ). I got my serum from HiShop. This serum can be applied to all skin types. One bottle of 5oml able to used for 3-4months and it is only selling at RM398.00. An affordable price of serum for three functions! What a deal ;D Moreover, the serum is delivered in superb condition and reliable!

I love how HiShop deliver the serum for me because it is a trustable & you can purchase many beauty deals items!

8 Youth Revitalizing Effects
1. Activate & Regenerate Skin Stem Cell
2. Protect Skin against UV
3. Brighten skin complexion
4. Restore & Repair Damage Cell
5. Extend Cell Lifespan
6. Create & Retain Moisture
7. Reduce Wrinkle, Pigmentation & Scars
8. Produce Collagen & Elastin

My personal experience with the serum,

Left ( Before usage of Serum ) , Right ( Usage of Serum after 2 days )

Before I use the Serum, my face is slightly oily & sticky due to the humid weather in our country. I also realize that my facial colour tone is pale and slightly uneven at the eye part, but it is solve in two days after I used the serum. I can personally feel the difference from my skin, can feel that my facial dead skin are slowly replacing with new skin texture. This makes my facial skin can breathe better. I love my new facial skin, and now I could happily make up and ready for the festive season! Do not missed out the good serum as you can apply as mask during watching movies or reading books at home :)

You can now purchase the serum here:

PRICE : RM398 

Happy Shopping dearies!