Monday, October 31

Have you peeps drink the Tinge before? It's a natural mineral water that comes with two flavors which is the Lemon and Fruit Fusion that contains lemon,orange and lychee (: I personally love to drink the Lemon taste and I drink it often during classes too.It's because Tinge is unlike others flavoured drinks as it's non-carbonated,non-coloured and mildly sweetened. Very refreshing drinks during lecture class *serious* :D

As you could see, Tinge's is a bottled water comes with the celebrities appearances at the plastic packaging.It's a a trendy drink for outgoing teenagers (: Besides that,it ingredients are only water,sugar,citric acid,fruit flavors,sodium citrate and sodium benzoate .
You would even had seen the advertisement somewhere around in TV Commercial ;D

What's best of it that they are now have the  Tinge's Online Games on their Facebook Page!
TINGE * click here *

It's the Tinge Saves the Stars Contest !
You could now drink it and WIN THE PRIZES.

Contests starts from 24 Oct 2011 until 4th Dec 2011
Calling Tinge heroes,Gary and Shila to save the stars from evil bouncing balls and WIN THE SUPERB PRIZES GIVEAWAYS.
Grand Prize : Samsung Galaxy Table x 3 and Canon Ixus 115HS x 7

It's so simple and the prizes awaits you 
Log  on to
to join the Tinge Facebook Fan Page
Then,purchase and enjoy a bottle of TINGE
Participate in Tinge Saves the Stars game contest and just key in the Serial Number on TINGE Label,e.g 71234568



It's my turn ;D

Sunday, October 30

7aste ; Smooth indulgences from the world over brought direct to you
Do you guys are aware with the coming up event on 2nd December 2011 which is happening at Laundry Bar,The Curve,KL.7aste is back ! with the location this time is MOSCOW.

7aste Moscow (7aste pronounced as Taste) will be the final themed-event of the year and would surely bring you a lavish experience. Hosted by our favourite gossip girl from Hitz.FM, Fay Hokulani will certainly wow the crowd through the unique inspirations of Moscow throughout the night. 

Are you guys ready for this glamorous night?

If you’ve not registered, better do so now as non-members will be charged RM77 each at the entrance.Get ready to join us for a memorable night filled with performances, games, as well as complimentary booze served for our invited bloggers to party the night away! 

For more info, explore 7aste @
facebook @ 7aste
twitter @ 7aste



October 30, 2011 0 Comments
One more week to go.The moment that my eye bags will be reduced :P
Some of my digital rendering works ;)
Not very good but I'm doing my best to improve my rendering skills :(
 MOF Cafe.

went to HomeDec at KLCC with my classmates ;)

and gonna blog about food reviews with Advertlets bloggers at Maria's Cafe located at Metropolitan Square,Bandar Damansara Perdana.
Group Photo with Advertlets Bloggers.
and wish everyone Happy Halloween! 

Sunday, October 23

Imma so good girl today staying at home blogging and doing research on my assignments.Hard to believe but yeahh I manage to to do so! ;) I could say that I'm kinda having free time now so do let me blog since already on hiatus for a week.Semester gonna end and YAY! I'm not done yet ,just gonna have about two months of semester break. THAT'S SO LONG til I have not decide what to do during that period.Hmm,gonna blog bout girlfriends and shopping (:

been going around with my girlfriends,eat and shop non-stop thou assignments had made us so "SICK"

At F21, Sales! Great deals..I managed to grab a sandal for RM15 only.Lucky me! 
 We also drove all the way to Bandar Utama, for chilling right after our boring class for COCONUT JELLY.
I had the Original Coconut Jelly, this is what we call Temptations LOL!
Not pricey it's very reasonable price it's just that the location it's at Oasis Business Centre.

 with my dear Carmen.
 * just ignore my sleepy look ._____.*
 Their Menu (:

Well, can say that we had not "ENOUGH" so we ordered the Coconut Grove's Ice Vanilla !
Ratings 6/10 (:

been so busy with assignments.......sighhhh!
what's with the mad week?

Monday, October 17


October 17, 2011 0 Comments

I wasn't on hiatus on purpose.
Everything wasn't like it used to be.
I wish you're happy and everything would not be the same for now.
Last Friday was my college's The One Academy's Halloween Nights! I went there and see the crowd,it's AWESOME and SPOOKY!
Thanks to Matthias,he took the photos (:
My tiring face right after class then joined the party.LOLS-ED
I know right -.-"
Matthias,me and Carmen
My classmate,Leekee and his Bboy friend ,Lego Sam

Hardly could see the crowd in TOA as in we have to deal with assignments everyday even now I'm blogging and doing my assignments.I am one of the TOA ZOMBIES ;D

He'll just stare at you! *creeeepyy weihhh *
Hottie ghostly TOA Chics ^^
 and lastly

I seriously need a big favor from you guys just to like my PHOTO LIKING.
well,not very good in editing but do support me pretty please?as simple as just like the PAGE and My photo the same old RULE BABES.

Wednesday, October 12

 this is my very first time blogging in the early morning and it's before going to class ;)
I just feel like posting this blog post.
Two more assignments to go for THIS week. *sighsmuch*
 photoblog wearing items all from F Blocks.

One of the works did just now (:

gotta catch my breakfast and class!
See you soon.

Tuesday, October 11

 sorry for the MIA .
Assignments ;)
days passes......


Hey peeps out there,a lil favor here !
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