Tuesday, May 4

It’s been awhile I didn’t blog. In short, I’ve delivered to a baby girl on 23rd March 2021 as you can check out on my Instagram posts. Being a modern mom, I need to have time to do baby shopping, my own makeup and get back right on track. Let’s me introduce you about this magical product - Mamaway Baby Sling. It works wonder to me and my baby. 

What’s Baby Sling? 
 It’s a piece of cloth to wrap around mother and her baby to keep hands free. Baby sling can be a practical to carry my baby and of course my comfort is important as well. I’m using Mamaway Baby Sling, it definitely gives me many benefits like healthy hip positioning for my baby and keeps my baby calm.

This material is breathable and gentle to me and my baby skin, not to forget that their ring are made from the material that used to make parachute and it is safer. The slings comes in many unique and attractive prints. 

Not to forget, it is easy to use and bring to everywhere. Just keep the baby sling in your diaper bag and you are good to go! 

Look at how safe & sound she is! Even during I’m taking photos she feels comfortable and calm in the baby sling. My baby easily cries because she wants cuddle at most time but it will be pretty tiring for me to carry her at all the times. 

Whether you are on the phone at home or getting ready with your skincare and makeup or going outdoor to have a meal and shopping, at times baby sling will help you more than other options like carrying a stroller around. 

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