Wednesday, May 23

A blog post that I've delayed for one month which is about my Hong Kong Trip , went there for 7 days including staying at Shenzhen ,China too to visit my relatives . I was so excited and looking forward to the trip because I've never been to Hong Kong before with my family .
Reached HK at around 5-6 pm in the evening , my relatives go to the airport and meet up with us and bring us to the hotel. 
We stay at Cheung Sha Wan. A place where sell wholesale and stuff like electronic products and etc.

First Dinner at HK :) Well, their dishes is like almost similiar to ours and additional style of cooking for the dish and also different name for the dish . I was kinda lost when I'm looking at the menu because I dont know how to read chinese . HAHA !

crispy little fish :)
Personally love their 7eleven store as they sell varieties of candies , ice-cream , drinks which comes in lots of flavours , cute packaging and also their magazine includes lots freebies like tote bag and cosmetics .

Well , there have this little cute stamp collection of Rilakkuma which is every HKD20 you will receive one stamp , collect all and paste into the small cards to redeem one small toys :) 

Mom , sister and relatives :)
Shopping is a must in every trip :P teehee therefore , I went to the H&M to get the sizing of the clothes I didn't have a chance in Singapore previously :(

Mong Kok Street for Shopping ! :)

Ice-cream mini van 
Hong Kong is also famous for their delicious dessert =D

Glutinuous Ball with Peanuts !
Black Sesame Ice =) me lovin it so much .. it's my ALL TIME FAVOURITE ^.^
served with Strawberries , Marshmallow and Banana 
like Goma Ice :P

Gonna continue my blogging with HK Trip Part 2 ! in the next post 

And Happy Belated 520 !  

Monday, May 21

Hey guys , I've took this photo in Fashion Freak Sunway Pyramid .
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This is the CHOSEN PHOTO ,

Wednesday, May 9

 Have you tried chilling out or having your meals at Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant ?
  If you hadn't then let me introduce to you guys more about them ;)  Last month , me with Advertlets bloggers dine at the Brotzeit in Sunway Pyramid

They are located at the main entrance of Sunway Pyramid in front of Starbucks Cafe which this is their second outlet in Malaysia .Brotzeit is a wonderful place to get people together to enjoy the delicious authentic Bavarian Hospitality in this modern contemporary interior space. They serve Bavarian food and premium beers .Plus , they provide the indoor and outdoor space for dining and chilling with friends and family . 

Menu on the dining table :
 Brotzeitflade Spinat also known as the Spinach Pizza

A thinned crust pizza top with tomato sauce , mozarella cheese , feta cheese , vine ripped tomato , baby spinach of course , onions , garlic and button mushroom .

Salat mit Schafskäse/ Feta Salad

A mixed salad with feta cheese, red bell peppers, semi-dried tomatoes, onions, olives, garlic, croutons and sour cream.
Regular: RM38
 Small : RM23

Schupfnudeln/ Bavarian Potato Dumpling & Spinach

Finger shaped potato dumplings served with fresh spinach, mushrooms, semi-dried tomatoes, German hard cheese shavings & balsamic glace. 

 Bavarian Style Pork Ribs (Original/Honey)

Succulent pork ribs marinated with a our secret spices and roasted to perfection.

Sauerkaurt / Braised white German Cabbage
RM 11

Pork Roast/ Schweinebraten
This is a very special dish which is the Bavarian marinated roasted pork collar slices in creamy gravy, accompanied with bacon beans and napkin dumpling

Cordon Bleu
Breaded escalope of pork stuffed with fine leg ham and melted cheese 

Striplion Steak / Rindersteak 
Grain fed striploin steak with mushroom- peppercorn sauce, garden vegetables and your choice of potato 

RM 52

It's time for DESSERT baybehhhhh ! ~
White Chrispy Chocolate Lava Cake 

Apfelküchle/ Apple Fritters
Slices of green apple in fluffy dough, turned cinnamon sugar and served with vanilla ice cream

 Personally love their Mango Beer :)
while enjoying the beer with Amanda *smile*

 Advertlets blogger with the Chef and the Owner of Brotzeit :)

What's HOT from Brotzeit for upcoming Mother's Day ?

and also their page in Sunway Pyramid website for more promotions :

Wednesday, May 2

When to Singapore again , but this time with baby boy . It was last month :) dont wanna nag so much about me getting up my blog post late :/ tee-hee
As usual , we uses MRT to travel around the town. It is so convenient and fast :D 

First meal of the day .

Love the dessert cup cupcakes and chocolate . They served varieties of sweet stuff . What I love the most is the cupcake deco . 

You'll just fall in love with the next photo :)

White chocolate bunny for Easter day . 
It's so adorable with it's tiny little pink eye. 
Have you tried ? :)
The road and the building 
* heart melts *
so beautiful .

Their TUTU KUEH , all the way back to Tangs Plaza just to get this because I rmb I had this during the last December trip . It comes with peanut and coconut fillings . 
Along the Orchard Road , near Ion Orchard , they have pop up store for few lovely shop.
The Diva , Miss Selfridge and Topshop too !

" Mountain people mountain sea " at the Topshop pop up store , just queue to get the Topshop exclusive printed recycle tote bag after purchase a minimum of amount in Topshop.
The last trip , I didn't had the chance to go to H&M .
This time I went twice ^^ , packed with people , especially the fitting room. Garghh , just take the right size because don't wanna queue :( 

believe to see.
It's affordable and yeap you can even spend 200 SGD for 7-8 apparels? Awesome! 
3 levels as you could see from the column :)
Lvl 1 - Ladies
Lvl 2 - Ladies
Lvl 3 - Men & Kids
* understandable and acceptable with the two levels for ladies :P *
for MEN .
Fashion never sleeps , so neither do we :)

The ice cream only cost 1 SGD along the pathway at Orchard Road.
Comes in lots of flavours .
I love the MINT !

Dessert time; me love Black Sesame Soup.

and Baby Boy's mango sago delight.


at Vivo City.
while bored ,
camwhore with NAKED FACE !
I KNOW ; the eyebags.

Bugis Street is a place that ; MUST TO VISIT
with one condition :)
Stuff are pretty cheap and can be haggle :)

once again , believe me with this.
Shopping is love :) Right? =)

What's NEXT?
hint is in the picture :)
Stay tuned ; XOXO