Thursday, January 7

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my beloved readers! It's the prosperous monkey 
year and as you know - I've been with Durex campaign for almost 3 years 
joining their awareness of World Aids Day every year, but hey this time I've 
something special to share about Durex!

I believe most of us are rather SHY when we talk about sex in general and 
especially when it comes to purchasing condoms off the shelves! The fact that 
Durex is going online this time might just be a delightful news that you’ve 
been waiting for! YES! It's ONLINE  at now and comes with straight-to-doorstep 
DISCREET delivery but my idea is that you can surprise your partner or 
friends too with this special gift bundle! Perhaps for their birthdays or even 
the upcoming Valentine's Day?

The bundle that I purchased from   is called ‘It’s 
A Two Way Trip’ . There’s also other bundles available according to your 
different needs. The products were received 4 days upon check out & it even 
comes with a cheeky message card in the bundle too. How thoughtful and fun! 

The Durex ‘It's A Two Way Trip’ bundle includes 1x Durex Fetherlite 12s, 
1x Play Aloe Vera 100ml and 1x Play Vibrations and it was priced at only 
RM69.00. The other two bundles are also quite affordable so get yours today 
before the promotion runs out on the 10th Jan 2016.
DUREX DO HER RIGHT at RM79.00 and 

Well I personally think that sex should not only be safe but fun too! You 
should never be worried or afraid about it! Condoms are essential but there 
are also other devices & different products to help spice up your love life. It is 
equally as important to respect your partner and at the same time, reward 
them! Hahah 
Needless to say, NEVER rush yourself into anything!! If you’re unsure, 
chances are he/she is not the right one!

Cause this is what gentlemen do HAHAHAH ;)

I really appreciate the discreet delivery part from Lelong too so do get your 
#DurexMY bundle to enhance your love life today / purchase this special gift 
for your friends here -


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