Friday, March 26

You wouldn't spots the moth if you just view the background.
I 've been lazy and really no mood for these days.
Your words had broken my heart,fade my soul away and i couldn't find where am i belong.
I might not be the one who could made you feel awesome but at least i could see you are happy.
I had learnt my lesson.
Will you just try to compromise ??
and understand how i felt.
nobody that's doesn't request for happiness
From the previous post.
I had promise that im gonna upload pictures which had taken in WEBCAM ! ;D
Well,not like before.We miss someone who's stay far away from us.Like needed transport to SEE them.
I guess,i uses them to SNAP photos more than using them for MSN ? lol.
1. Taken from Sarah's Macbook's WEBCAM..
in ttl's class
with Jonus and Wen-Yang,
something feeling ancient,emo for sometimes,vintage,70's etc etc..
obviously look kinda scary,frightened,X-RAY? lol.
The teeth's are so so ..yeah black?
everyone likes it
Not sure what's this called COLOURIZED?CONTRAST WITH HUE? ;
this will be fun and merry with any pose on it ;D
scary also -.- like frustrated,
feeling comiccc.
2. My IDTA latin's EXAM
Then,i had my Latin IDTA EXAMS which i had only practice for TWO DAYS for silver lessons.
CROSS FINGER if i could pass.
but im LUCKY ! ;D
i 've gotten
without make ups =D
the handsome minren
the besties sarah & jonus
my tomato
This is my emotion's box.
Depress and sad,i had no idea what to do,PRISON?
3. MY lappie's WEBBIE *the blur one*
messy room xD
feels like gaving bang AGAIN !
with dance's friends.
my big head and kissing with Tamiko.
Dana , me , Tamiko
It's nice to had you.It's fun when we used to joke.All this time,were you just pretending?
We had lost it.
All the memories will be sealed forever.
When's everything gone.
I had lost my focus.
Whatever i do,reminds me of you.
I love the smiles.
Im missing you.
A single TEXT from you had made my day.
*next post, Parliament trip with collegues

Friday, March 19

This is the picture that i wanna let you have a peek that im gonna have a massive WEBCAM pictures to upload for the next post with friends :)


Helloooo midnight readers, suppa busy until update my blog on this imperfect timing.Lolaa..This is a very late update since my former school's sports day last week.Im there to support my red team! I remember i started this blog after my sports day last year.Time passes so fast huh.

As long you appreciate every moments then there's no regret =D
I just felt older when i step into the stadium with my refreshing of my mind that i used to run and jump and dance over there.Now im like,

the pictures i uploaded here are half by Husaini's dslr.
Before that,

i had taken my first time PENGAJIAN MALAYSIA MIDTERM =O craps all over the papers just PRAY for the best so i do not have to R E S I T

; i've gotten this assignment to design a supermodel volume space! wish me luck people haha.Im so so so lazy

Long time tak jumpa Desmond !
Maaahhh ring.
This is our "hugo-boy" Kieve hong
Sha-sha the pretty girl
ignore the length of my leg LOL.
Me with my daughter Jovynn Kwon
Without zoom.
After zoom.
My current faceboook's profile picturess ;)
With chingbin's fedoras,He was crazy on that day because he dressed like a celebrity LOL.
This is Ziyung

There you go,mr lim ching bin
My S M I L E lol
well done boon.
My form 5 mathematic's teacher!
Ben, kc ,me and eujyn
the bald which means after NS wooots.

My pretty mui,wenyi
First time taking picture with celine the shy girl.
Last two weeks,reunion with former classmates and steamboat =D

Everyone look exhausted because of working and college.

Messages to my BELOVED "FRIENDS" that love to Disturb MY lovely CBOX

I understand how u felt about me,with hatred and angers and stuff but yea,nothing wrong getting 3A3B3C right?i dont think that's the worst result and i didnt expect to score straights A's.Im satisfied with my own hard work =) Feel free to continue hate me but i guess you love to stalk me :)