Friday, July 22

On 1st July 2011, Rev Cup : Battle of the State Finale Party happened at Euphoria MOS.And after so many weeks the contest were held which means we had already knew the winner of the states (: I went to the party with a bunch of friends , much thanks to Advertlets and Revive Isotonic Drinks for giving me free passes to the party.Pictures time for the event night 

More than thousands of people click Attending on the event to the finale party but only 600 peoples are able to get the free passes to the event,me got it from Advertlets (: On the night would have games,free flow drinks, finger food .

What's more exciting by having JJ and Jin from and Aznil Nanawi from Era being the host for the event .Live performances by Pop Shuvit,Hydra,Bittersweet,Hunny Madu and Reshmonu =D 

On the way to fetch my friends to the Rev Cup =)

Outfit of the day ,
top from one boutique in Fahrenheit,shorts from online boutique,stockings from miss selfridge,heels from online boutique and bag from mng (: tee-hees! Simple 

Thanks advertlets and Revive for the passes (:
Me went with my hubby,elaine with her boyfiee,wayne,zhiwei,carmen and kaijeck.

some pictures credits to Revive Facebook fanpages and advertlets (:

It's time to rock the Rev Cup Finale Party!!! ^^
Registration counter with goodies bags given out by revive .

Revive's babe , woots!!!
That's my girlfriend,Carmen in the Big/Small booth with her friend,Sandy

The competitiors's photos gallery,all pictures posted in Revive Fb fanpage was printed and paste on the wall for everyone's view.All creatives and crazy actions pictures followed by every week themes.

We're "goody goody" only drink Revive Isotonic Drink although there are giving free flow alcohol drinks.HAHAS!

The stage and dancefloor =)
Everyone is ready to party and rock the dancefloor soon,crowds gone wild when time passes
JJ and Jin *smiles*

Bboy battle ZONE!! (:
 When the crowds get more fun and LOUDER !!!

with zhiwei.

Guess what? Angry birds were there to join the fun ^^
Weeee..... * the angry birds game's sound * LOL!

Winners were so excited for the prizes !!

 Elaine , me , Carmen and zhiwei 
with Wayne.
Hunny Madu with her new album ^^

Reshmonu !! Get the crowds even louder and hotter 

I have no idea what's wrong with him but he's in love with the party so stickers with love !hahas

with Jason Ong ; (:

with JJ

Jeck and Ean , cute poses.

Pop Shuvit =DDDD

The party was awesome , meeting with many peoples, watched live performances and of course Selangor was the winner from the Battle of the States
and the REV CUP is belong to SELANGOR ^^

See you next year (: 
= peace =

Sunday, July 3

feeling hungry? Nomm Nomm,i love T.G.I.F and my favorite drink is their Apple Slush , the crushed ice with apple juice melts in your mouth (:

La Bodega,Pavilion before to watch Green Lantern
Then,my dancing friends from Indonesia is here in Malaysia for a trip (:
Narita and Sianne
They stayed at Park Royal,KL then came to Soon Fatt Restaurant at Seri Petaling for dinner (:

On 25th June, Viva La Bazaar at Times Square as i mentioned in the previous post .
me with Elaine (:
My booth tee-hees!

Accessories , hair pins , hair clips and earrings 

Elaine,me and Eunice (:

On last Monday,i went to IKEA because Zhiwei and baby wants to eat meatballs.By then,we have a walk or "tour" in IKEA since we're bored hahas.

Stay tuned for the next post, Rev Cup Battle of the States - Finale Party!
Massive crowds (:
 Pop Shuvit !