Sunday, August 30

More to go.. love Pictures, Images and Photos
what's the matter of doing right but in the end got screwed.Hoping for more topics on going between this.And yeah,is always like this.These things just keep on repeating until i'm so sick of it but what to do,i already jump myself into the sea.My sights are getting blur and out of vision.For my mind,i'm mentally deoxygenated and really bad.Everything always come up at the same time which makes me more crazy and annoyed.

i did add maths for today,feels a little happy and satisfied compared to nothing at all.right?lol.I really need to do something about my bios,chem and history.Sort of don't know anything and my form 4 syllabus blank too.Only left like one more month as i don't study at all.

There's a funny picuture for you :D today i brought Twinkle to the pet salon and ..........etc.Both of the pictures can tell,,, :P *Big smileyy*
Something is PULLING ME BACK?i hope u are here to tell not to hint.Sooner or later something turns around and nothing goes wrong.
She has announcement ! Ring awayy,

i'll be back after trials babe

Gonna miss of all youuu to the MAX!

Happy birthday to Malaysia :D

Saturday, August 29


August 29, 2009 0 Comments
I'M NOT B L I N D , you IDIOT !

listening; Candles-Hey Monday

Am dating with camera,

What do you wish for,it might be a MIRACLE ;D
Still not studying but went for shopping =X hehe,my mum tagged me along.So,i just keep quiet :P
I had bought some goodies as usual; tees,jeans,shorts
Ohh ohh,also bought some REVISION books.Sort of happy,but i lazy to revise.Maybe will do when last minute before the exam papers.It does looks good.I knew most of my friends are very hardworking and want to score well in this coming trial,LOL not like me.All the best :)

It would look good in like next year?or short hair =O
tak sampai hati want to cut my hair,hehe.

This is my Dinner :D
Thanks mum.
Blog too much LOL!

Wednesday, August 26

listening to,We Believe-Good Charlotte
Am back from lost.LOL!Is that supposed to be a compliment or what?wth,
Anyways.I'm happyyy but a little bit of sadness.
PASSED on THE ROAD! *claps*
FAILED for the SLOPE ! *cries*
Alright,this can be explained clearly.Cynthia's turn first.The car's tyres didn't reached to the yellow line so she given second chance.Then,is my turn.Im so nervous.So,i get into the darn car and start engine and etc etc.I released the clutch and press oil and i get to the peak of the slope and i managed to brake within the yellow line.Phew.This means i pass RIGHT?So,the JPJ said,"Ok,boleh teruskan!".Then,i i put first gear with clutch and press the oil until the car move den i release handbrake BUT I FORGOTTEN TO CONTINUE PRESS THE OIL !!!
Therefore,the car REVERSED! The JPJ showed up the RED CARD! -.-

I'm supposed tto pass BUT i forgotten to TEKAN MINYAK!

I was so down because i failed and i couldn't get to continue with parking and 3-point turns.*sobs* I called my mum and told her.SHE DON'T BELIEVE ME!She thought i was lying and said, " Aiya,pass already right?Don't play play lar!"

These makes me moody and don't bother to study for TRIALS!I'll get to the test again after the trials.
*Baby,please do rest more !Loves.

Take Care,

Monday, August 24

tomorrow is me and cynthia driving test. Wish us luck! :D
Today is my 'last" day of learning car if i pass.Then,i went to cynthia house and accompany her since her parents are working.So we online and snap loads of pictures.Thanks to Shi Zun,he drove his new care and buy food for us to eat.Baik hatinya dia....Anyways thanks :)
once again,i'm really PANIC now! LOL.
ps: Pictures without MAKE UP =O
Look at the dirty mirror.
After Puiyan helped her to clean it :)
HAHA,fail to pose nicer :(
Randomly grabbed her stuff and took pictures along.
xoxo babe
Told you no make up.
I havn't SMILED yet.
puiyan,cynthia,randy and letitia

Sunday, August 23

heart Pictures, Images and Photos

Sunday babe,lovely sunday,Yeahh right.I don't know why i'm kinda emo today then suddenly chun haw made me laughed like hell.Am doing my additional mathematics now.Owhh,i love add maths.Is fun counting the numbers and finding the unknowns.Like duhh.LOL :D

I feel weird and i hope i won't be trusting anyone anymore.I had learned loads about it while i'm growing up.Things wouldn't be so easy as how you wanted to.Just live happily and smile always is the best.Bbchai was accompany me since last week,i really appreciated it.He knew that i wasn't that happy around this week.Thanks :)
Mr.Yap Chun Haw aka Richard
Twins?lol he's really kinda high today.
Big Fatt Face

Then,i told him to redo every movement and actions and i caprtured them up and post it here babe and he GOT SHOCKED.
catch you lata...
Read this conversation.

Why people are happy while you are so down?and yet everyone success and you aren't?How come?Are you happy now?Do you feel better?


Saturday, August 22

Works must be still going on,
I still breathing,
I still hoping,
now and always,
you will always be part of me
What do you hope when you need something to be perfect?
I know i couldn't do the best but i'll try my best,
i won't be ending up crying?
I always hope for the best and prepared for the worst.
Promises is pulling me away.

Thursday, August 20

Thursday,i skipped school and so for tomorrow.Our school has h1n1 confirmed yet they didnt colose down the school.After this last holiday,i will be sitting for SPM trial.Good Luck for me yea.So,yesterday i went to school and we took tones of pictures,is like everyone seems to be not bother about SPM anymore.
How do you feel when you are being in a relationship?
I hope everything is doing fine.
A smile a day keep the sadness away
After editing them :D
Randy Oh "la la"
Look at gong gong! so yeng gehhh .
Hot? Cute?...Boon
Bad self timer :D hehe
Pik Ee " Canggih "
This is shocking! Behind our class had this kementerian pictures and name,
and this looks familiar...LIKE Mr.Ng
Mok and Benjamin Tong.Looks so wrong :O
Me and my gor.
Michelle ! Why are you posing like this??
Fish ball also want to take picture.
Leng zai posing.
Lol,stupid reaction.
Wai Luen macam sedang tidur
Arghhh,This is errr...=X
Statue Of ??
Look at jason -.-
Satu Malaysia. LOL!
We decided to camwhore more with LALA pose :)
Even,jonathan is LALA
Aren't we cute?
Not bad.
Jonathan ! Enough.
Can You see me?
Jovie hearts.
Look at JONATHAN face !
Fake smile
The big eye!
Gong gong kung fu
Pelajar yang terbaik.
Additional Mathematics
Next Top Model.
So Professional,
The End.
How are you doing my dear?
i Miss You.Heart Pictures, Images and Photos
More than words to describe youuu.