Monday, October 26

A hair straightener that cares for your hair for long term by VS Sassoon. The VS Sassoon Series is a unique range of precision tools designed for salon professionals.

I admit that my hair, specially the ending area of my hair are pretty spoilt therefore extra care when I'm using heat ironing my hair. I learned more when I get to know about VS Sassoon that actually are very safe and protecting to use because it doesn't only provides my ideal hair but also give extra cares.

The two sides 25MM pink colored is tourmaline ceramic coated heating plates Nano technology. It is very useful for my unhealthy hair, as picture will be shown below. I used to not bother about dying my hair and worse that I bleached my hair at least twice a year. In order to start taking care my hair, this straightener could help. It also can create perfect straight hairstyle with reduzed frizz and enhance shine effect.

What is Tourmaline Ceramic?
Tourmaline-Ceramic Technology™ will help keep your hair healthy and shiny looking. It generates full spectrum, infrared heat which works on hair molecules to dry them inside & out. It minimises heat damage and makes hair less frizzy and more manageable.
Ceramic Tourmaline properties also help to reduce your hairs' static electricity by generating negatively charged ions, closing the hair cuticle & minimising static electricity.
Floating plate ensuring control and even pressure when styling your hair and slimline plates so you can create waves and curls
Locking switch to hold the plate together when not in use for easy storage and avoid contact with the heat when not using.

230C high heat with variable temperature control to suit all hair types & for salon professional result 

It doesn't tangle easily with the swivel cord and SIRIM approval, with worldwide voltage safe use. 

Here are some great tips I learned from the Internet how to straighten our hair in various ways to achieve various hair looks:

Slide down gently along each section whilst clamping the plates over the hair. Keep your straightener flat or slightly round off through the ends for a more polished finish. Rub a bit of serum through your hair with the palms of your hands to smooth down any flyaways

2.Straight with volume
Straight hair doesn't have to be poker straight. Create volume by making a curved movement with your wrist as you glide the straighteners down the hair length.

3. Curl
To create curls, take a section of hair, slide the straightener on the hair, close and turn 180° so that the hair is wrapped around the outside. Slowly glide along the length of hair and release. Turn the curled section in the direction of the curl and allow it to set as it cools. Loosen the curls by separating with your fingers until your desired result is achieved. Finish with a styling aid such as hairspray to set the curls in place. 

4. Shorter styles
Straight hair isn't just for long styles. Create a classic glossy bob by using this straightener on your shorter cut.

Expert Tips
1. Apply a heat protecting or thermal iron spray or smooth styling product to your clean hair before you dry it as this will help you achieve a better ironed finish. 

2. Straighten your hair in sections to get the best result. If you section the hair properly, you should only have to go over each section once to get a gorgeous, silky finish. Ensure your hair is completely dry and comb it through to prevent knots and tangles.

3. Experiment with various heat settings. Top temperatures may be too hot for fine, delicate or colour-treated hair, so bring the heat down to one of the lower settings if this applies to your tresses.

The ending of my hair has serious matters, but I'm cutting it 2mm every month just because I'm regret for spoiling my hair and I want it to be long but with VS Sassoon and other protection serum I used, I can now straighten my hair with care. 

VS Sassoon iPink 25MM Tourmaline Ceramic Staightener price at RM250

Available at :

It comes with warranty during your purchase too! :)

Tuesday, October 13

I am already using Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi for a year plus. This blog post might be a little discomfort because I will be showing my feet below but hey, not solving my feet problem is another issue in future too. Getting regular pedicure services at spa and saloon might be too pricey for a monthly girl maintenance too. 

I can bring Scholl Velvet Smooth to everywhere I go and yes it is really that EXPRESS. A video below was taken last year with my dear friends of how I solve my friend's feet too. Helping a hand rather than she ruining her party night. 

So what's exactly Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi ?

The device has an ergonomic design as I am a frequent traveller therefore the ideal travel size will always be the best with a plastic cap to protect the roller head. It has a rubber grip, the blue colored area for stability during rolling our feet.

Batteries operated (included in starterpack– 4 AABatteries)

My feet has minor dryness problem due to weather changes as I'm a frequent traveller, changes in the weather that causes dry skin. It will look unpleasant when I'm wearing my heels and sandals. The dead skin will stay together and unwanted dust will gather together. This is why I only face dryness as I often use Scholl Velvet Smooth and even also on my very hectic days for travels and events, before photoshooting too, Scholl Velvet Smooth will be the one could save my feet as it is just a button away to solve the problem.

Middle silver is a twistable button to on the roller.

There's an arrow on the side, gently push it and you can replace or wash your roller head. With no worries that, the roller head can be obtainable in many stores.

Washable and replaceable roller head widely available. 


You can see the unique Micralumina roller head from the photo above. It can removes the unwanted hard skin to leave feet feeling silky smooth.

You may want to do this task outdoor or a cloth or paper below to clean the dead skin easily. The dead skin is slowly removed as clearly from the photo.


I wipe my feet with wet tissue gently then apply foot cream. Just this EXPRESS :)


A short video of me helping on my friend's feet.

Retail at RM135.20
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