Friday, July 25

Before I start to introduce to you BLOOP new lipstick range, let me show you my favorite pick from the range. I attend many events and photoshoots lately and definitely there is not only ONE lipstick color in my handbag. Sometimes, I apply lip gloss right after lipstick for glossy effect instead of just matte finishing on my lip.

I often apply pink or orange colour lipstick just because I love it to be bright and fun colour on my lip to brighten my day after make up. But then, after I've discovered that sometimes we need the sexiness lip for my party dresses or night cocktail events.

There I've found the right SEXY RED LIPSTICK for my lip that I wouldn't look like super weird with red lip. Like, seriously I used to have no confident wearing a RED LIPSTICK, just right in my mind thinking that my lip is too "obvious" in my facial makeup.
I'm wearing Sovereign 02 and I LOVE IT!
Inspired by Elegance and Glamour, bloop Duo Lipstick - Sovereign 02 with Ice Plum matte color lipstick + lip gloss that completes the sophisticated elegant look. Perfect fit for a Sovereign Chic who likes to attend cocktail parties or any formal events.

I used to have bad habit keeping my makeup essentials properly and they often gone MIA or the size of the product isn't convenient for me to bring out.

Now, it solve my easiest problems that I don't have to bring a lipstick and a lip gloss out instead they are just DUO now. If you prefer just red matte I only used NO.1 but I will add NO.2 if I want my lip to be outshine my whole day tiring look. 

Trust me, you will love the effect of this limited edition Bloop Duo Lipstick because you don't have to scratch your head looking for two items and save your time too choosing the right lipgloss colour to match with your lipstick.

I'm ROCKING with my RED LIP now! Be it SWAGGY RED OR SEXY RED, how about CASUAL RED? It is just the right color for my skin tone, spot the difference of the both pictures above as my BEFORE looks like I'm just having makeup on my eyebrow but for the AFTER photo it brightens and makes me look more energetic and READY TO GO!

Rich matte texture.
Safe & long lasting.
Hydrates & Moisturizes.
Smooth & even application.
Reduces the appearance of fine lines.
Double the colours, Double the fun, Matte & Gloss, Colours for everyone! 

If you still dislike the RED COLOR, check out the other 4 special colors!

Inspired by modern & edgy Urban Chic lifestyle, bloop just recently launched the new packaging for Duo Lipstick - the Limited Edition Urban Chic Lifestyle Packaging and we have 5 different urban lifestyle range as below:-

1) bloop Duo Lipstick - Jetsetter 01 - Natural Brown matte color lipstick + lip gloss 
2) bloop Duo Lipstick - Sovereign 02 - Ice Plum matte color lipstick + lip gloss
3) bloop Duo Lipstick - Swanky 03 - Fuschia Pink matte color lipstick + lip gloss
4) bloop Duo Lipstick - New Yorker 04 - Light Mocha matte color lipstick + lip gloss

5) bloop Duo Lipstick - Eco-Chic 05 - Dragon Fruit essence matte lipstick + lip gloss

Visit bloop in Parkson at NU Sentral, KL Festival City, Kota Bahru Trade Centre, Ipoh Parade & Gurney Plaza OR Buy It online at
Instagram & Twitter: @bloopcosmetics

 Retail is at RM38 only enter bloop#audreyloke for 5% discount when you purchase online


Wednesday, July 16


This year, all I can say that I am pretty hectic with my upcoming pageant Miss Global International Malaysia 2014. I am so happy and lucky to be one of the finalist this year, with that of course I need to prepare myself from every aspects to be ready for the competition. Meanwhile, this month if my birthday month and sighs I have no time to plan for it * criesssss * therefore I am here to share with you all the upcoming party is happening at Luna Bar in conjunction can celebrate my early birthday there as well! 

I am already started to miss rave parties, so do all of you! All I can say that, party inside a club couldn't replace our rave party scenes. It is because I want my party to be outdoor too, Primus Entertaiment presents SHOTS! Sunset Party which is happening this coming 20th July 2014.

With me of course you will get the chance to get exclusive invites to the party!
Anyone looking for a change of pace from their usual Sunday shopping this week? Instead of spending your time on a shopping mall, perhaps you would be interested in a pool party happening this Sunday at the beautiful Luna Bar. 

With the crazy line-ups from DJ Freeze, Pauline EK, Ken Fung, Leonard Sinclair, DJ Mintz, DJ Josh, DJ Lynes, DJ Major and MC Monkeyman to hype up our party. Get your shades ready babes.

Pack your shades, sandals and your shorts for the Sunday 20th July, as we proudly bring you our very first Sunset Party at Luna Bar. Get ready to rave, laid-back style as we bring you 8 different acts and 8 hours of nonstop House and Electro. 

Located on the rooftop of the 5-star Pacific Regency Hotel Suites, expect to be mesmerized by the twinkling pool along with a full 360 degrees view of the city while you party until the sun goes down.

Venue : Luna Bar , Pacific Regency Hotel Suites
Time : Sunday 20th July, 4pm onwards
Music : House & Electro

Ticket Price :-
RM68 (Limited Pre-sale)
RM78 (Regular)

*All tickets come with 1 free drink and one EXTRA complimentary admission for One lady.

Entry is strictly only for Non-Muslim adults aged 18 and above.

For tickets or inquiries about the event kindly contact: - 0125248767/0129308082
My ideal outfits for the party from

I will also be giving away 1 bucket of Somerbys Cider + 4 invites to the event and also 10x invites to the event. All you have to do is share this blog post at Facebook and I will be choosing the winners randomly. It’s that easy!

* For easy winning remember to #audreypuiyan #ShotsSunsetParty

Facebook event page:

Friday, July 11

Be ready to get your cravings here at Dai Dai Dong 大大档 , most of you have already known where Scott Garden located at because it is a venue for you and your friends to enjoy the nightlife and it is a good chilling place. Scott Garden is a great location for everyone to have their dinners, happy hours and held events. Now, I can have Taiwanese Snacks at Scott Garden too, how great isn't it because they are opened at night until you finish your drinking with your friends at pub as well which are from 10.30am until 2.30am

They are famous for the BBQ Skewers & Beef Supreme Noodle!

The interior is warm and chilling as people come here either for their signature dish as dinner meals or for the taiwanese snacks with beers. So far, Dai Dai Dong is the nearest place to me for Taiwanese Street Snacks and surprisingly their prices are good and worthy for the delicious taste. I went to Taiwan before and of course I miss their street food because it is the best and never ending cravings. If you miss Taiwanese Street Snacks or hasn't try before, Dai Dai Dong is a new place for you to tryout with your friends and family. Be ready for the rest of the contents below as you will be HUNGRY for the food!

They have many signature dishes to be tasted and enjoy with homemade recipe sauces too for different snacks you are having.
Dai Dai Dong is located at 1st Floor Scott Garden same row as Beer Factory, Movida & Idarts Hex. Nearest destination to reach your Taiwanese Street Food after your happy hours :P 

A little of Shihlin Street and Ximen Ding way of placing the signage as the exterior of the restaurant. The furniture are like simple square table and wooden stool therefore be casual at the restaurant and enjoy your favorite dish or even snacks there.

You can easily view the kitchen from the inside of the restaurant and discover the chef in making the dishes. 
Let's start to explore the YUMMYLICIOUS FOOD NOW! * good news that the menus have varieties of main dishes and snacks *

Mentaiko Hotate (per pc) - RM 8
Who doesn't love scallops? =D
Half shelf scallop with cod roe.
With the butter, sake sauce, sea salt and black pepper make a great taste with the scallop

Taiwanese Meat Sauce Ramen - RM 16
A whole meal of mushroom, bamboo shoot, pork belly, minced pork, pork ball and fresh Bak Choy

This is my all time favorite snacks, I'm sure you do too!
Bacon Asparagus (per skewer) - RM 6

Supreme Pork Pepper Soup Noodles - RM 26
The ultimate pork combination of pig's maw, rib, soft bone, pork balls, minced pork, Teochew pork ball lard and pork belly. YUMS YUMS
Supreme Beef Noodles - RM 26
A special broth of a selection of noodles,beef balls, brisket, muscle meat, tripe and tendon served with delicious beef tenderloin on a skewer. The portion is big (Y)

Taiwanese Meat Sauce Ramen - RM 16

Bacon Asparagus (per skewer) - RM 6 [ Left ]
Scallop (per skewer) - RM 13 [ RIGHT ]
It is served as a skewer instead of shelf, the grilled marinated scallop with yakitori sauce.

Bacon Tomato - RM 6  /  Bacon Enoki RM 6

Chicken Heart - RM 3  /  Chicken Wings - RM 6
Something that I've never tried before is the chicken heart, well it doesn't taste as bad as you thought it is just an organ from chicken.

Beef Tenderloin - RM 6  /  Beef Tongue - RM 6
As for my prayer, I couldn't take beef but from what I've asked the bloggers who tasted they said it is a must try because of the tenderness and this is my first time knowing about Beef Tongue * wonder how does it taste* 

PRAWN LOVERS, this is a perfect place for you because their prawns are DAILY FRESH.

Deep Sea Tiger Prawns (2 prawns / 200g) - RM 27

They have giant sizes fresh prawn range from 9-13 inches 
I love prawn, like seriously besides fish from seafood :D Their prawns are juicy inside!

Pan Fried Lamb - RM 25
Lamb shoulder pan fried in a secret marinade 
The sweetness and juicy of the meat accompany with the mint sauce, you can just close your eyes and enjoy the unforgettable taste!

Besides PRAWNS, here comes the SEA MONSTER
2 FEET. WOAH, 2 Feet explains.

Grilled Whole Japanese Squid - RM 27
I am not a fan of squid, I started to love squid because of my boyfriend who " train " me to try, it is just because I feel it looks like a sea creatures that I don't wanna touch it, but I tried this and woah I've never tried sometimes like this before. A delicious ocean wonder completed with chopped wasabi and olive oil!

Look at their mini hawker stall is a cashier counter, not a typical cashier counter on the table hey!

We always know that Sharing is Caring therefore, order your favorite BBQ Skewer here and share with your friends! Be sure to head over and tryout after looking at all the yummylicious photos above as you never try you never know :)

They often have promotions and will be updated online, follow them:
Instagram: daidaidong_streetfood

Thursday, July 10

I have found a blog sphere where can solve our FIRST WORLD PROBLEM! Yes I mean it for girls and guys too. A shopping site where you can mix and match your outfits for the looks and style that you are looking for to attend special events and occasions. Needless for me to explain more, start exploring after I explain the main ideas of this new concept way to shop! It does really save my time googling around looking for the best outfits or style for raves, red carpet events, blogger events and so on! The most importantly is that very efficient, save time & many choices!

There’s a new styling platform in town! Off The Rack Asia is a very easy-to-use online style boutique that 
allows members to mix and match pictures on its platform to create a very unique, stylish and artistic set with 
the option of buying what you create.
It is a lively community where creative and stylish minds get to share their style with others all around the world. It allows users to explore their own unique personal style. 

There are three key features on Off The Rack Asia, CREATE, EXPLORE and SHOP.

This community powered social commerce websites allow members select items and style them into a
shared ‘Set’ which allows members to then share, like and comment!

Here’s a quick how-to video on using the CREATE function.

Get the simple idea by watching the video above and that's SIMPLE! 

The best part is that you could even purchase the items you have selected in your created sets by clicking on the items. Off The Rack Asia changes the traditional online shopping model by giving everyone everywhere a part in shaping today’s trends and influencing purchases with its huge varieties of items to be selected from! 

You can also EXPLORE other ‘Sets’ created by the community:

Be it accessories, bags or beauty, these categories are all in the site easily for your to ease your browsing and create your IDEAL LOOK!

Clicking on a specific item will direct the user to its main website allowing them to make a purchase the item 
on the main website of said item.

Browse through items at the SHOP section:
With this, we can share our fashion story among all the fashionistas! Like, share or comment on these sets – have fun discussing the latest trends or fashions latest IT item. 

I, myself try to create my ideal looks as below! How fun is it :)

Nevertheless, as example below I insert my own look and find the products that matches to my similiar outfit as below, the greatest thing is that you can now purchase the items with your own budget too! Finally, Off The Rack Asia came to the best solution for us!

After creating your look, you can continue shopping for other items as an addition to your look like cosmetics ? :D

Start to SHOP and EXPLORE NOW!

Join me at and like, share or comment on my 

creations now!

Do not miss out this cool website, SAVE THE HASSLE and get your best look for your IDEAL STYLE!

Feel free to follow them for latest updates,