Tuesday, June 30

Owh,i heard the ns list had out.
I type my ic and i tak kena :)
Not to be so excited because it is not confirm.My class got few people kena.Some happier than winning lottery,some scared and get annoyed.Haha.
Lovely,go have a look and type your ic in :) For next year batch only.
Niways,i hope im going to celebrate changsing birthday this coming sunday.Long time i didn't get to camwhore =P

Friday is also open day.
Parents will go to school and feel proud of their children.
Pray,i hope Pn.Aida won't be that evil to us.
I'm still cursing H ! H! H! oldhagsdumbmadabitch :)

Sunday, June 28

i'm back again,lack of updates?
It doesn't matter much.
I had passed for my undang ! x) * jumprollkisshugs*
I'm driving soon?
Hope that i'm going for the HELP inter-school competition next week.I want to do revision for my spm.Keep myself away from computers.Try to handle myself for shopping as well.
Suddenly i want something wildprints.That's so not me.No reasons
I had loads of tutus in my wardrobe.Not clearing them away.I just can't fit into them anymore :( goshh.Exploring,just for tutus.
Hey baby,your drug is still healthy and lovely here.No worries.
Hugs n kisses;
out of credits and spaces just for my study.
Serious and critical time.

ps:if you love spamming my cbox,why not chat with me directly.Pretty welcome ♥

Wednesday, June 24

i guess you noticed that it been 2 weeks ms.py didnt online and update the blog.My com kena virus that's why.Haha.Now i'm just using the other com which is my sis one.
I'm not used to it,so i just randomly informed :)
i miss all of you.
btw i had went to undang kursus thingy with cynthia one last saturday =)
and i'm going to ponteng on this coming friday
and going for the undang test with boonchun,yowtzen and chih chin
wish me luck =)
because i still havn't study yet
i get 10A 1B;that's so fake lmaooo.
i wasn't surprised and yet i got number 6th placing in class?
can i laugh?!
stupid results * you know why * ^^

Monday, June 15

How was your first day of school?M.i.n.e was great =D
Didnt study but get my results =X haha.Do i need to mention about my marks?
Nahh,i don't think so.Maybe i will think about it after getting all my subject marks.
Last year of school was fun and boring at the same time.Time passes so fast.
As long we are still young :)

I don't care about the make up and not make up pictures. :)

I loikke it =P

Sunday, June 14

The day and time had ended for us.No more long breaks after this semester.That's pretty sure cos there is nothing else i could do to make myself entertained.
`See you people tomorrow.
As a candidate for SPM,like you people facing the same boring problem again and again.
We always wish and hope for no SPM.
During this two weeks holiday,i do shop alot.Cash just ran off like this.Lol.
I prefer it is much more better than burning cash on revision books because i don't use them although i had a tons of them now!

*mom nagging me now* wtf.
She always complain about my add maths.So many tuitions,why u failed?If every one tuiton everyday like me also can't get A.So disappointed.I'm sorry,studies are just........Lol.
Yesterday,went to 1U again. =D

I not dare to buy alot of stuff.Insufficient space in my wardrobe.They need to breathe too. =)

For weeks ,my ballet shoes had arrived.I'm waiting for a red one =D nice right?
My old one had used more than 4 years.Gosh.Poor thing.
Provide a new air with more comfortable wearing it!
Love my points? Heehee

Today went to danceworld for my latin class.I learned new flakes on my jive today.I don't think u get what i mean.Lol.
Sweats everyweek.Upgraded my lifestyle to be better and healthier.But more chocolates! =)
When you love,
Is when the problem occurs,
Different phases of love life wouldn't change you much,
It built a stronger emotions between us.
We wouldn't know the exact meaning of love,
i'm sure we could feel that better than explaining it.
Pain strokes us especially our heart,
is when i love you.
Untouched part of our life;nothing much for me to continue.
For so much we had learned for our past.
We had lived with full of dignity is to prepare ourself to face the future and why do you want to let yourself stressed?
i'm not mistaken .
True colour of ourselves in every moment
We don't hope for an end.
Things happen.
Oh loves.Oh God.Save me

Friday, June 12

Okay,i'm serious now!Either join the compeition or just watch them mainly because i'm super bored.At first was seeking Louis to join but he is going for a holiday.Simple,if you want to join this competition one of your partner must be a collegue.There are prizes awaiting you.
Champion is RM500 and one month scholarship at William&Luisa Danceworld.You will love being one of danceworld family included me. =D
I'm finding a partner,worst come to worst just go and watch .Lol.
If you want to tag along with me just find me! or nudge me at msn.

You can find me too for further information.Just find me via my cbox.Tickets for audience are selling fast.
Don't wait you bitch!
Listening to,
With Love-Hillary Duff

My baby twinkle

Shopping for this month is not enough!* Needed cash badly.
We see things in few perspective.
"When you crave a smile on your friends,don't ever hope what you've getting in return"

School restarting! =(
Oh goshhh.
Hugs and kisses;baby.

Thursday, June 11

Another day passes.Exams still nearer.Lol!Crap.
Reminder that tomorrow morning 10am mr.lee physics classs.
Guess most of you not attending.I brought twinkle to OUG pasar malam today with Wenqi.
Meets up with minchun and kenneth. WTF,minchun had drank more than 3 bottles of coconut drinks.Even the snow iced,he ordered coconut peach.Lol,do you have to?Now he got enough of coconuts.But i need it now!I'm thirsty,he asked me to pluck from the tree.
Later,saw something hanging! Haha WTF. Making my heart dropping out from my chest and scream till my tongue hanging.Lmaooo. LAME !
You won't be scared me off.

Finally,got photos from Kahhan.
Look at kah han now.The new look of him.He used to be chubby anf super cute and round.If you know him.You do knew it.We could changed ourself aside from appearance if we willing to work on it! Well down ,kah han !
I look damn pale and sick.Yeappp,i got sick on that day,Damn malang. =(
Kick off.
Calling Your Fucking Name!
I miss my dear.

Wednesday, June 10

Happy Birthday to our Ketua Pengawas;
Foong Kuan Ngee
You're old ! =D Goodluck in SPM my friend.
Just back from lee's add maths class.I felt bad ,we felt bad.4 or 5 months SPM is coming.What had we done in this last holidays?Sleep,shop,eat,play.What about study?Seriously,i really feel like starting the studying.I know nothing about biology and sejarah.I have tons of books but left no time.Especially my form 4 syllabus.Screwed it -.- my mind gone blank.
How am i going to sit for SPM 2009 ?!
As Lee's said,5 years studying in secondary school.Only that 2 and a half hour for a paper.You can't even score an A?It was pretty true.I can't.Lol ! GIVE UP?
Being humble.

For now,i can only understand Mathematics!Everyone knows that's the best subject.Because of Mrs.H ,thanks to her,with all her craps in add maths class. most of us failed! Her repetition of her family and her son score well never ending -.-

During Mr.Danny class,we enjoyed.He thought me since i was 12.He explains his maths with all the logic stuff like sex?Haha.This is why his class if always full of laughter and students.The most important is we understand every single things he said.I guess so ,Lol! I caught you ! =PKaisheng.What do you think about him?Handsome?Cute?haha.No idea?

Going skate .Haha i didnt try to make up a story.But i didnt fell.I'm with short =)Feel proud is it now?!Kinda.Lol.Last round i fell !! shhh. Jonathan.
Randy.He dressed as if he is at switzerland or at ski.LOL! Randy is LALA !

He really looks like a form 2 kids when he is with us.During skating,he like a kid holding the side and cries.Joking kayy.Don't whack me ! =D

So much fun for holidays.Shits of SPM is coming.For so much,my mum nag me for going out and yum cha.I should be sitting at home and study.Lol.I'm blogging.Wtff.
Still so,what if i wake up in the early morning?You won't be expecting my reading the darn books.It will only happens for so last minute.Useless for me to be regretting now =D
How sweet during form 4.Awwww -.- sry .

Btw,fyi i just did a damn test in facebook.See if you dare to try it.
How well do you know me!It explained all. =D

listening to;
Taking back my love-Enrique ft. Ciara
We know what we are,but know not what we may be;

i missssss you.

Monday, June 8

Argh.Freaking bored!Sometimes,i just prefer schooling.What else can i do besides tuitions?Oh,god! Save me.Pieces of homeworks scattered all around my floor.I still havn't go for the darn pusat latihan memandu thingy.I have not much pictures now!
Opps,my h1n1 flu still sickening me!Lucky me,fever run off.

I'm not gonna put numbers in my blog tittle anymore.No particular reasons.I just don't bother to do so. FUCK YOU %$# ! I need more cash. =D

I need new HANDPHONE! nokia E75?
CASH $$$ ! goshhhhhhhhhh. Mothhhuurrr.
Didn't it told you girls that i had updated What's Your Flavor?
Owhh.so sorry yea.
My mistakes =P


"i say there is no darkness but ignorence"


Saturday, June 6

I sick already. Feeling so sick! Damn. Fever and Flu,go away from me.That's why i couldn't go out and relax myself and shops!
Yesterday,me and my sister went to kah han house mansion.Last year was better,don't know why.Some of my friends are emo.I'm sitting at the big stairs looking at them enjoying.Some are in the karaoke's room,ps2 room,snooker room and dining room .I went up to the gym and "play" Lol.Then walk around the big house.So,im not feeling well and i went back early at 10.30pm.There are some bitches that we can't stand of their acts and behaviours.
Sometimes,we just walked away.
Stop about all this,
let's see my baby.

: Twinkle :
Please let me get cured asap. =(

Thursday, June 4

Woke up early in the morning 9.30am-11.30am have my extra mathematics tuition berjasa.
Then,as usual i go for whole day tuition .
Im down.
Very down ! Nowww! Goshhhhhhhhhh x(
Amanda called me up and suddenly said she is giving me a
My goshh...it is only 3 months old and with all the cute clothes

welcome to my home sweetie.
Thanks to my girl.
currently listening to-
;Live Your Life.


Tuesday, June 2

Went to 1U last two days.OMG ! mega sales !! and yeapp i shopped as much as i wanted too
Expecially the f21 absolute bargain. * Screammmmmmm *
Holidays and Mega Sales =D
I need cashh and new dress,heels,wedges,make-ups, More time!

SALe !!.....

Us in fitting room
♥ pyyyyyy
is updated !
Hey mr.lee students !
tomorrow 9am-11am ;addmaths class
*u hope i'm wrong* =P
after 11am is at steven corner =)
i missss youuuuuuu!