Sunday, December 18

It was my very first visit here at the Isetan, The Japan Store and got to experience the beautiful interior and Japanese zen atmosphere! This is the very first Japanese concept store to open in Malaysia. We mingled over Somersby in the evening, but before that we had a tour of the amazing concept floors.

Enchan-The Japon Salon De The is also known as The Museum. Why is it called so? They displayed special products from Japan and serve Japanese style high tea sets. They are famous for their speciality on teas and desserts. Their teas are also best served with their in house cakes and desserts. The ' Rasa Sayang ‘ cake is filled with lots of red fruits such as strawberry, framboise and lingonberry and  the 'Rasa Sayang' tea is bits of watermelon in almond dacquoise layered with layers of non-dairy cream. This set is one of their best sellers and limited edition only available to indulge till 31st of December so quickly try it out cause I can’t get enough of it!

I tried out the three cakes above that was served with their paired teas respectively. From left, Rasa Sayang cake, Vanilla Coconut cake and Winter Cake which is the perfect Christmas holiday treat. I absolutely love the Winter Cake!

Pretty colour tea pots for tea lovers.

Visited UKafe at second floor which is also known as The Room. This floor has more personal lifestyle goods for household such as skin care, toiletry, home products and beddings. Ukafe is a minimalistic eating cafe. You can pamper yourself at the beauty salon too.

We were served yogurt drinks and healthy delicious food! You should try their braised chicken onigiri because it is too good!

Our next stop was {x} COFFEE located at The Cube, on the third floor. The Cube is a quiet and peaceful place where you can read selected Japanese readings. Just like a library to chill and order a good ol' cup of home brewed coffee. The gold plate is used to brew the coffee maintaining the essence from the coffee beans.
Not to forget, there's a tatami-style classroom here as well!

Look what do I have here!  A special beverage made for me which the coffee is brewed with Somersby Apple Cider and orange juice. It tastes like a Americano coffee but with a fruity after taste.

After visiting all the concept stores, we went back to the first floor at The Studio. It is catered to youngsters who loves streetwear brands like G-Shock, Onitsuka Tiger, Porter and many more. Another chill out place that I like was the Time Out Tokyo Cafe where they serve coffees, teas and little Japanese snack bites.

We enjoyed our evening with Somersby at the Time Out Cafe.

Thanks for having me....KANPAIIIII~ I found one of my favorite chilling spot in KL now!

I did a short video during the visit =) Enjoy the short walkthrough!It is really a great place for feel the Japanese culture here where you can shop and taste their food and drink specialities.

Tuesday, November 8

Do you travel often like I do? Sometimes, we just need a short vacation with our loved ones and besties. It will be a sudden and short trip. If you love to scroll your facebook's newsfeed stories, I am sure that your friends always shared beautiful photos and videos of top 10 beaches you must visit, top 10 places must go and many other exciting holiday dreams. 

Not only that, the crazy deals and promotional flight tickets and holiday packages that is being shared among friends, well, my girlfriends will tag me whenever there is any! Then, you will automatically add the places to visit in your checklist * haha * And of course, these deals are only available in specific times and dates. They do affect me, or just attract me badly want to go to the places! Here's a scenario that I faced with my besties, and coincidentally I was introduced to a new online web that is very convenient. 

I am not sure about you, but for me, before I go for a holiday, I have many thoughts in my mind. This is when the problems before travel happens. You have to do a quick checklist including the flight, accommodation, outfits to travel and personal travel kits. These are the travel expenses that I need to prepared for and not including the shopping and meal expenses during the trip. I calculated the up front payment before the trip for the flight and accommodation bookings, at times you have not receive any of your income or salary but the promotional prices are only on certain periods. This is one of the most common problem faced by most travellers. I have no worries after I was introduced to an online loan application which is fast and secure!

Lets check out more.

The online web for fast loan is called Doctor Ringgit and which the word of Ringgit, of course this service is provided in Malaysia. This company focused on micro-financing in the money lending industry and they aim to provide the best professional service to your financial services in Malaysia. Doctor Ringgit guaranteed for the easy approval procedures with the shortest processing time. Most important, they are rapid, simple and transparent. Who wants to call the Doctor Ringgit now? ;)

This is one the reason with four simple steps to get your loan done for your financial needs. Not only for travel expenses solution but also can solve your other financial needs like immediate bill payment and outstanding vehicle installments. 

Visit Doctor Ringgit to understand more about the loan services. As you see the photo above, that was the first page of the website. The first page itself has a calculator for you to check and calculate the amount you need to pay by when which refers to the amount that you want to loan. Though their interest rate per month is 1.5%, there are other charges as well such as processing fees and legal documentation fees. It’s not cheap, but I think it’s fair because of their fast service and high approval rate even to those customers whom have less than perfect credit history (according to their Customer Service Representative, those with CCRIS or Blacklist issues also might be approved)!

I did a short video to show you how simple to get the fast loan with simple steps!

The most common things you need to know about Doctor Ringgit. Here are the simple steps for loan repayment,

Make a call to their customer service if you wish to know more about Doctor Ringgit!
Operating Hours: 9:00AM – 6:00PM (Monday - Friday)
or write an email to  [email protected]
I hope Doctor Ringgit can provide solution to your financial needs from now onwards :)

Thursday, September 8

Look at this beautiful soft pink feminine bottle's design. I just want to introduce to you and your lovely friends about JoyMix Collagen Tripeptide which is great to improve our health on skin, hair and fingernails. This collagen drink is effective and also save time looking for other products to boost your inner health issue. This collagen could gives your skin, hair and nails for a better care and healthier.

Collagen tripeptide (CTP) is a unit of a three amino acids, namely glycine, proline and hydroxyproline, which are found naturally in food. So what makes Joymix collagen tripeptide unique as compared to conventional collagen? As opposed to conventional collagen, which is too large to be absorbed in the intestinal tract, collagen tripeptide is directly absorbed from the intestinal tract and deposited in collagen-containing organs such as skin, bones, cartillages and tendons. In other words, Joymix Collagen Tripeptide does not have to be degraded by digestive enzymes to be absorbed, they are already in a form that enables them to be quickly absorbed. 

Therefore you will have no issue about the digestion level for this collagen. Enhance with MSM Besides that, Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) or dimethyl sulfone (DMSO2) is combines with collagen tripeptide as it helps to bind the collagen units together to improve the skin's firmness and reduce joint inflammation. Not to worry as MSM is not an artficial product, as it occurs naturally in fruits, vegetables and animal products. 

This is how you consume the collagen for daily basis.

Of course, what are the after effect of taking this collagen that we all should know. These are the concerned problems due to varies of causes like the weather and also our internal body health.

While, the benefits are pretty good for inner and outer beauty health too. It just all comes in one daily collagen drink. The skin is exposed to a number of external factors which can cause premature ageing, wrinkling and sagging, dark spots or just tired looking skin. The skin requires a constant supply of nutrients to maintain healthy structure and glow. Collagen is the main nutrient that keeps the skin looking healthy by strengthening the underlying dermis. It promotes rapid cell production and turnover getting rid of dead unwanted cells. 
Collagen Tripeptide has been shown to significantly reduce the signs of photoaging. The oral intake of Joymix Collagen Tripeptide is an effective antioxidant for skin protection due to its moisturizing and anti-wrinkle agents. Fine and coarse wrinkles, dryness and roughness as well as discoloration and uneven tone are shown to be drastically reduced with Joymix Collagen Tripeptide administration.

I've consumed this collage for a week plus, honestly it doesn't taste bad like what you've heard abbout how collagen tastes like. Let me show you, my sadness on my toe nail which most probably this collagen could help me best.

It takes time to heal the layers of thin and unhealthy toe nail of me.  As from the photo, I have thin layers of toe nails which is weak and soften. Surprisingly, my toenail grow stronger after two weeks after taking the collagen as I put my time to wait for the result and consistent taking the collagen daily.

WOW, I love the end result!

I recommend to share this collage with your friends and family. Give it a try and you will see the difference in you. You can also buy this as a perfect gift for your girlfriends.

It tastes like passionfruit ! I love my peach pink skin tone now too!

I do really concern about these inner health for my outer beauty, and finally I found JoyMix does make everything great at once! JOYMIX COLLAGEN TRIPEPTIDE had solved my weak toe nail as I have shown above. It is also a remedy to my unhealthy hair due to less time taking care of my hair. I do really to protect my bone and joints as I love doing stunts and work out with different routines.

I find it very good because this product can drink anytime and anywhere. Now, I am introducing this product to my mother because we can even share the joy and benefit together! I am hopping for long lasting result from this collagen drink as the reasonable price for so many great benefits. Let's restore beauty and health together!

Buy it at RM 128 ( last for 33 days ) for 400g per bottle here:

Oh, I have a promo code specially for you guys, just enter AUDREY20 to redeem RM20 discount that's valid from 9th September 2016 until 30th September 2016.

For more nutrition information about the products can follow their facebook's page :

Monday, May 23

Something naughty and nice to read on ;)

You'll get to know what's Sagami Thinnest now. Introducing Sagami Rubber Industries Co., Ltd. was founded in 1934, the first condom manufacturer in Japan and first condom manufacturer in the world to release colored and dotted condoms. In 1998, Sagami developed Sagami Original condoms made from special polyurethane.  In 2004, Sagami further developed a polyurethane condom at just 20 microns –  the Sagami Original 0.02, which instantly became the best-selling condom in Japan.

Honestly, people are now more aware of getting condoms, and how do I came across about this is because sometimes during the tea sessions, my girlfriends will start asking personal questions. On top of that, I visited Japan last year and they have all varieties of condoms selling in the marts. I did though of purchasing them as souvenirs for my friends, but mostly that you are attracted to their cute designs and packagings, but I am not really sure that they are really useful as a practical condom, 

By looking at the packaging, I love it to be so direct and modern red font contrast with the grey background. Who would be shy purchasing them of course! Sagami Thinnest Original 0.02’s convenient and hygienic blister pack distinguishes polyurethane condoms from latex condoms. Its individually sealed, easy-to-open packaging minimizes damage and accidental tearing. Sagami Thinnest Original 0.02 condoms are so well protected that they can be stored for 5 years.  i think Sagami Thinnest is not only because of the 0.02mm thickness that attracts me but also the materials used to made are very safe for all skin types. We all know, the material will affect both partners during intercourse.

Now, you tell me that are you concerned about what the condom you or your partner is choosing from? Comment below and let me know your thoughts =) 

Check out my video below where I unbox-ed them ;)

The reason by calling it 0.02 is because of the 0.024mm thickness which is only one third of the thickness of an human hair, WOW! Well, the thickness of an ordinary condom ranges from 0.065mm to 0.075mm average. Sagami Thinnest is made of polyurethane. When it comes to toughness, Sagami Thinnest 0.02 is 3 x stronger in pressure test and 2 x better in tensile strength test.*Compared with ordinary condoms! 

I love the mini round cue look-alike packaging of the condom. Safe and easy put in pockets! I am going to present them to all my friends =D

More speciality about 0.02 is that it is also suitable for consumers who are allergic to latex. Most of you might be having a thought on what does it smells like? It is Odourless and Transparent. Bonus point is that Sagami Thinnest 0.02 has better heat conductivity, allowing for a more natural sensation.

Great news is that Sagami Thinnest 0.02 has just launched in Malaysia. The launch party at PLAY Club, Petaling Jaya, the Sagami Thinnest 0.02 is expected to appeal to consumers who demand premium, high performance products that are uncompromising in their quality.  Every Sagami Thinnest 0.02 condom is individually sealed in an easy-to-open blister pack for convenience and hygiene purposes and to prevent damage or accidental tearing.

Sagami Thinnest 0.02 is available exclusively at selected Watsons stores nationwide and Watsons Online Store. 

Get them at price:
RM17.00 (Sagami Thinnest Original 0.02 2’s) 
RM48.35 (Sagami Thinnest Original 0.02 6’s)


Tuesday, May 17

Today, I am so amazed with the GUESS latest collections on their denim, accessories, bags, and jewelry. The iconic brand that impresses us from all kind of styles and looks in fashion. My style can be chic to glamorous. 

I'm in LOVE with the latest GUESS Heartbeat jewelry collection
. Hearts everywhere 

I came across with GUESS Spring/Summer '16 collection on jewelry on their outlet and checking out on the Heartbeat collection. I personally love the rose gold because the colour will match best with any colour of outfit. I got the Heartbeat Rose Gold set for my mommy on Happy Mother's Day! 

The Heartbeat Rose Gold bracelet brings out the feminine of you even you're in your casual wear.

Their latest collection on jewelry comes in gold and silver colours too, some even with crystal on it for shinning look. You may want to check out the latest collection at your nearest GUESS outlets :) Perfect gift for your BFF too!

Well, giving a special gift to your loved ones gotta be memorable and that's all matters! Look, it looks PERFECT on my mom when I present it to her on Mother's Day. She loves how it matches on her as well. Love you, MOM! Mwaaaahhhhssssss.....

 She looks so beautiful and classy with the GUESS Heartbeat collection, am I right? tee-hee Okay, I gotta admit that she does really look younger and not older ;P

The heartbeat collection is pure love from heart with the iconic theme. It brings out one characteristics and style depending how you're wearing them.

Remember to spread and show your love through memorable gifts.

Don't miss out the beautiful collection now, you may check out their daily updates :

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