Sunday, August 28

Bad days everyday.Do not know what's wrong and couldn't figure out what's the matter.Tears and happiness has become a rapid daily routines. Hope this gloomy days will be a sunny day soon with bright sunshine.

Thank You Nokia Malaysia!

* happy when read this *
It's the boomerang bird they sent to me.
So fluffy and i'm gonnaa dieeee * lol * !

It's from Rovio Mobile ^^

p/s : new plushie on my bed. Muahaha!

firstworldpain ; new semester is starting soon! DARN!

Saturday, August 20

 Couldn't believe it that one week of my semester break had passed. Two more to go! Am currently kinda 'jet lag' due to the effect of past weeks rushing assignments. I could hardly fall asleep but am so energetic in the middle of the night and that's why i'm blogging now (:
Finding more interesting stuff to do like what?rather than shopping or wasting time lepak.Making use of the precious time looking more job and stuff earn own money so i could get my wishlist done!and also taking some freelance on interior design ^^
 went to Sushi King with classmates and yeahh,it's been long time I visited Sushi King ,ever since restaurant like Kinpachi SS15,Kiku Zakura,Sushi Zanmai and etc I've been having my daily meals there x__x
They are having special promotion from 1st August to 30th september,Soft Shell Crab Temaki! 
Two pcs at  RM6!
fyi; eventually was RM5 per pc ^^

spent this for RM410 for 21st August; as long I'm satisfied! 
I have a slight favor from you gorgeous out there;
as usual;help my classmate LeeKee to liked one of his picture in facebook in order for him to WIN a limited edtion Bboy Tee .It's a nationwide competition so much support needed ! Thank You if you've VOTED for him and share it to your friends ^^
Wild Freeze Contestant No.6
 Name:BBoy LeeKee
Crew: Cypherz Kingz/Flava Fresh

Like the page ;
Like the photo;

sweetdream; xoxo

Friday, August 12

the hiatus,the-no-updates and the EYEBAGS.
My final is OVER. Friggin tired and sleepy these few days,rushing assignments like nobody's business.48hours no sleep.IT COULD KILL  ME.

a very short blog updates.
will be back soon ^^
some of my finals works.Will be uploading more soonnnnn :P
 Computer Graphics for ID2, autocad rendering for Dining Room
Kitchen .

for ID 4, we were required to design a hotel based on certain concept.
 Deluxe Room for  my 3 Stars Boutique Hotel.
Half of the Lobby were required to design the space layout.

I need to get to the bed now,one more last marker rendering for sketch and handout tomorrow.

#playlist during rushing my assignments moment.

nights ;buhhbyeee.

Thursday, August 4

Went to Lulla Man preview screening last two days at E@Curve with Advertlets bloggers (: It's a movie from Thailand, comedy and love show. Taught guys how to cheat his wife to find chicks ;P you know what I meant (:
Ticketing booth ^^
Spot on me babe (: haha!
Watch the trailer and you'll know why I said it's worth to watch ! Lols-ed?

never miss them out, 2NE1 

I think I'm ugly
And nobody wants to love me
Just like her I wanna be pretty
I wanna be pretty
Don't lie to my face cuz I know
I'm ugly....

Say hello to Twinkle =)

Tuesday, August 2

Puma has introduce their latest collection of " FAAS " in Malaysia , in conjunction of the introduction, there will be roadshow with Puma Faas Test.They will be setting up the challenge at shopping malls around the states in Malaysia. Therefore, I went to the Puma Faas Challenge in 1 Utama.
to know the latest update on their upcoming events.
The FAAS line is inspired by Usain Bolt, the one of the world’s most talented Track and Field athletes. 3 gold medalist for 2008 BeiJing olympics and broke records at the World Championships 2009 in Berlin.

You might be the fastest man/woman in Malaysia and get a chance to Korea and compete against the fastest runner amateur runners in Asia :)

Pictures of the day during the event , credits to Advertlets and too.
* btw I joined the challenge too,and I lost because of the 3.0 milliseconds slower :( *
 30 meters running tracks, Puma Faas shoes is included during the test (:

 I was about to be the winner at first ! ^^ HAHA! * feel so proud after two years didn't run*
 Jason and David
Clicking "Like" on the Puma Malaysia's Facebook Fan Page (:
Blogger is running on videogame. Woots!

  Check out the bloggers from Advertlets! On the 30 meters running track dash run with FAAS collection running shoes.
Melanie is the cutest runner because she's running ,in her skirt !
Mandy's turn ^^
Me filling up the form to join the fun =) wasn't prepared in sport outfit :*( Oh , the goodies bag from Puma

I looked so FUNNEEHHHH when i'm running . 
* SPOT the light weight shoe * winkss
4.20 S in 30 meters * CLAPS * haha! But i'm not the winner T__T sobsss.
The winner is ....
Chermaine!! Congratess ^^
Group Picture with bloggers =)
With the winner (:

Be Alert! the FAAS collections at the PUMA store and prepare for the FAAS TRAP Challenge! The FAAS TRAP Challenge Road Show will visit popular malls in Penang, the Klang Valley and Johor Bahru between July 2 till July 31 2011.
For more information, check out or visit Puma Malaysia Facebook Page!

Hello August (: 
My Big day just happened last few days (: The last year of being a teen HAHA!