Thursday, June 27

Remember about my previous blog post sharing about the Asahi Malaysia organizes a happening party experience , Club Asahi Miami . Last Friday , me and the rest of the bloggers went to Penang for a trip to get together for the party .

We drove down to Penang in the early morning , so we could have a whole day trip at Penang before partying at Soju Room .
Me and Jon YKT camwhoring with our arm candy - 
*tsk tsk*

We reaches Penang at about 2pm , safe journey and smooth traffic ! :)

Of course , Penang is our Malaysia's hotspot for makan and I miss the cendol , we stopped by one of the favorite stall , Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul - Ice Kacang

The authentic and traditional taste of cendol ! We just solved our hot day there . Satisfying with Prawn mee and Fried Kuey Teow ! Penang is good to travel here and there as every road could link us to most hotspots .

Our stay is at the Northem All Suites , Penang . Thank You Advertlets for my stay at Penang . This is my first time staying at this hotel , i would recommend as well because the hotel environment , cleanliness , services , food and safety is all good ! Let me show you some interiors of my suite .

A comfortable suite with powder room once you enter the room , with spacious living area provided work place to surf the internet ! Oh , not forget to mention about the Free Wi-Fi is included . I love the warm and simple interior colors ! So cozy ..... hehe!

The bathroom is superb ! Comes with walk-in-closet , personal WC , bathub with jacuzzi , two washing basin with huge mirrors , and a shower place ! This is really a bonus point for us girls to pamper ourselves with makeups also :P

The double queen size bed , i guess ? haha !

resting resting , oh wait ! Of course snap photos too !

ohh haha ! Macam yes D:

I know Penang has good hawker food , but I'm too lazy to get out from the cozy room for food as in few hours time I need to get ready for the Club Asahi Miami party !!! So, i decided to try the hotel's food - Fried Rice for RM12 , seriously it is delicious with the big prawns , yummyyyy~

My makeup for the night , dress from Soul Chic !

Camwhoring with one of the party queen , Grace .

Party babes are ready for party- Claire , Muah , Amanda and Grace!

Last capture before going to Soju Room , this is my first time visiting Soju Room . Let's the photos show you the awesome party atmosphere of the night . 

Party Arrival !

Snap snap in the washroom , can't help with this ! I love snapping photos .

Free Flow Asahi's bottles whole night long ! 
DJ Henrix and Kyroman playing the hits club tracks for the night ! Awesome party experience with performances , you won't get tired or bored but dancing all night long ! =D
Look at the crowd , everyone is enjoying their night at Soju Room in Club Asahi Miami party .

Photobooth for us to get crazy with and photos with memories .

Group photo with Advertlets

photos by

We truly enjoyed the party , many thanks to Advertlets and Asahi Malaysia !

I stayed another night because I want to shop and eat more hawker food * ngek ngek *

Penang Queensbay Mall 

1st Avenue , the two main shopping malls I went for hauling the clothes =)

Me and Jon YKT took with the clear blue sky before heading back to KL
Stopped by Ipoh for the Chicken Rice at Lou Wong .

I'm looking forward for next party by Asahi Malaysia and see you again for the great party experience and an unforgettable and enjoyable trip ;)

Tuesday, June 25

Love your street ? Spread the love now with your Puma Suede and post the photos in Instagram !

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Thursday, June 20

During the 7th - 9th June 2013 , at Piazza The Curve , if you went there I'm sure you had pass by the LG Roadshow with the theme of LG Fiesta . You will be able to see colourful and cool dressings during the events . Me and the rest of the bloggers were invited to the roadshow for a blogger events which they are sharing with us the new cool electronics products . I'm going to show you how interesting are the new launched electronics and gadgets launched by LG . Therefore , I'm going to continue this blog post with the line-ups for us bloggers on that day itself for the event .

Josh Lim from Advertlets and Chermaine Poo were the emcee and informing us more about the LG products as well as the rest of the activites .
I attended the event with my gf , Amanda

Ta-dahhhhh ! This 84 inch Ultra HDTV has impressed me with their digital performances . It is not jsut a simply 3D HDTV , let me tell you the good functions and the details of this TV .  This is a real gigantic screen like a cinema screen for you . This LG model is LM9600 to be specific if you're looking forward to own this for your home theatre . Needless to say much now , I've personally recorded my experience of this awesome TV with the provided 3D Glasses . Not to forget about the sound system which I'll be introducing to you soon as well .
Obviously from the picture above , it is a 3-dimensional TV for viewing .

There you go , clear & realistic with the 3D Glasses .

Let's experience the video animation outcome with the 3D Glasses & the shocking good sound system below .

Better idea of how cool is this TV ? Yeah , you can now have your own theatre watching your favorite movie !

The picture above showing the option of the effecst for the video that you wanted to watch with . We always want to feel comfortable while watching the TV .

After experiencing the TV , now I want to share to you about the interesting fact of this TV .

1. Ultra High Definition TV
Extraordinary details create the most vivid images.
LG ULTRA HD TV presents a whole new level of picture quality, boasting a resolution four times higher than Full HD. Naturally, it is incredibly vivid and crisp, even when viewed from close distances. LG ULTRA HD TV will thoroughly satisfy the viewer with flawless detail, lifting the standard of visual display yet higher.

2. 8.3 Megapixels

New level of resolution in TV History.

LG ULTRA HD invites you into new level of resolution with surprising 8.3 Megapixels, providing you outstandingly detailed and crisp pictures. It displays four times more pixels than Full HD, and even 8 times more than HD. Enjoy the utmost picture quality in TV history.
3. Ultra Details
Capture everything in sight. 

With ULTRA HD resolution, you will not miss even small details. Tiny ant in the middle of the forest, sweats of an athlete, or vines of wind blowing leaves are may be some of the scenes that you weren't able to catch before. Be ready to fill in what you have been missing.

4. Ultra Clarity

Crystal clear text display than ever before. 
ULTRA HD resolution allows text reading more comfortable even on a gigantic 84 inch screen. Small texts, edges of a single line, or even a tiny dot are displayed with upmost clarity due to superior pixel density.

5. Ultra HD Resolution Upscaler

Enjoy content in the finest resolution. 
ULTRA HD Resolution Upscaler brings ordinary picture quality to extraordinary ULTRA HD like quality with LG's advanced technology. Even if you don't have regular access to ULTRA HD content, you can enjoy the superior quality of the ULTRA HD TV with just about any content.

6. 84inch Gigantic Screen

Gigantic Screen, overwhelming experience.

LG always delivers amazing picture quality, even on an ultra large 84 inch screen. The sheer size of the display, which is equal to four 42 inch TVs, will give you a breathtaking viewing experience. The scale of motion pictures will be so stunning, you will feel that you are in the scene.

7.  IPS Panel
The secret behind ULTRA HD TV's superior viewing angle and quality is the panel. Just as the quality of the beans determin the quality of the coffee, the quality of the panel determines the quality of the TV. The IPS Panel used by LG is the reason why LG ULTRA HD TVs have clearer, more consistent, and sturdy screens.

For more details about the 84 inch Ultra HDTV view here :

Did you know that there is one more TV model LA8600 which is a perfect match with one of their new launched sound system as well model BH9530 . Let me brief a little about the TV first :)

Own your Cinema 3D Smart TV













For more details about the LG Cinema Smart 3D TV view here :

Besides that , LG has launched many other latest functional TV , below their representatives has show and also brief us each of their new LG TV products that launched recently . He has demonstrated and also explained to us clearly each TV with their functionality and also the specifications .

For other LG TV's information view here :

We are able to play games like Angry Birds as well , connect your smartphones to the TV ! Yes , I can now play my favorite game with a bigger and clearer view . This is better for our eyesights :)

He was explaining to us how to the Magic Remote where you can easily click the icons for the applications .

So we can now use the internet with a bigger and wider screen for better viewing , not only that ! We can share our photos and videos with our family and friends in the TV .

Weeeeeeeeee * angry birds *

Let's snap photos , this is the new products launched where you can snap photos and print the photos on the spot for your family and friends as a gifts and memories .

We can now be our own DJ ! Mix our own favorite songs with specific effects :)

I've shown you most of the TV products that has attracted me , now comes with the sounds systems made it a perfect audiovisual experience !

I love good quality audio , which the audio must have good properties to have a satisfaction for my hearing to enjoy my movie . A good quality produced sound , must also have a proper room in order to get the best sound ! Where your room need a perfect soundproofing treatment , in addition with a perfect match of TV , you can enjoy your home theatre like a boss =D


9.1ch CINEMA Sound is an advanced sound system com- posed of 9 speakers of different directions and one woofer. These 9 speakers deliver 9 different sounds from each direction, delivering precise and genuine sounds that would make you feel as if you were there.


Aramid Fiber, material highly resistant to the external stimulus, is applied to the unit to minimize sound distortion and deliver clear and precise sound.


Miracast™allows screen mirroring from mobile devices to TV. Just mirror the screen of mobile devices and enjoy mobile contents pictures, videos, games right on the TV screen.

For LG BH9530 information view here :

From my point of view , the LA8600 and the BH9530 are the perfect match for your media room , let me show you why and as well , they suits many concepts and styles for your interior design . Below are the interior designs pictures from ( ) where I have picked a few interior images for you all to know how I match these both together in different concept , mood & styles of a media room .

I hope what I've shared to you guys above are interesting as much as so far how much I attracted to the newly launched products ! We did other activities to on that day itself during the blogger event which is we were formed in 10 different teams , where I am in TEAM 1 . All we have to do is to answer some questions and dance the Gangnam Style ! Unfortunately , our team didn't make it to be the winner but we did a good job :)
SAY HELLO & PEACE to my Team's members !

Photos with my girlfriends , Amanda , Erica and Jane .

while us having our own sweet time for selca , there comes the photobomb Daniel ! He just want to selca as well with us girls :P

Love the experience of the awesome electronics products by LG ?

Head to LG's official Facebook Page & Website for more updates and events !