Sunday, December 18

Celebrates Beautiful Evening with Somersby at Isetan, The Japan Store KL

It was my very first visit here at the Isetan, The Japan Store and got to experience the beautiful interior and Japanese zen atmosphere! This is the very first Japanese concept store to open in Malaysia. We mingled over Somersby in the evening, but before that we had a tour of the amazing concept floors.

Enchan-The Japon Salon De The is also known as The Museum. Why is it called so? They displayed special products from Japan and serve Japanese style high tea sets. They are famous for their speciality on teas and desserts. Their teas are also best served with their in house cakes and desserts. The ' Rasa Sayang ‘ cake is filled with lots of red fruits such as strawberry, framboise and lingonberry and  the 'Rasa Sayang' tea is bits of watermelon in almond dacquoise layered with layers of non-dairy cream. This set is one of their best sellers and limited edition only available to indulge till 31st of December so quickly try it out cause I can’t get enough of it!

I tried out the three cakes above that was served with their paired teas respectively. From left, Rasa Sayang cake, Vanilla Coconut cake and Winter Cake which is the perfect Christmas holiday treat. I absolutely love the Winter Cake!

Pretty colour tea pots for tea lovers.

Visited UKafe at second floor which is also known as The Room. This floor has more personal lifestyle goods for household such as skin care, toiletry, home products and beddings. Ukafe is a minimalistic eating cafe. You can pamper yourself at the beauty salon too.

We were served yogurt drinks and healthy delicious food! You should try their braised chicken onigiri because it is too good!

Our next stop was {x} COFFEE located at The Cube, on the third floor. The Cube is a quiet and peaceful place where you can read selected Japanese readings. Just like a library to chill and order a good ol' cup of home brewed coffee. The gold plate is used to brew the coffee maintaining the essence from the coffee beans.
Not to forget, there's a tatami-style classroom here as well!

Look what do I have here!  A special beverage made for me which the coffee is brewed with Somersby Apple Cider and orange juice. It tastes like a Americano coffee but with a fruity after taste.

After visiting all the concept stores, we went back to the first floor at The Studio. It is catered to youngsters who loves streetwear brands like G-Shock, Onitsuka Tiger, Porter and many more. Another chill out place that I like was the Time Out Tokyo Cafe where they serve coffees, teas and little Japanese snack bites.

We enjoyed our evening with Somersby at the Time Out Cafe.

Thanks for having me....KANPAIIIII~ I found one of my favorite chilling spot in KL now!

I did a short video during the visit =) Enjoy the short walkthrough!It is really a great place for feel the Japanese culture here where you can shop and taste their food and drink specialities.

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