Monday, July 27

Guess what? :D

Coming Soon
will edit this =D
People who wished me before my exact bitrhday;
*Benjamin Tong
*Lim Ching Bin
People who wished me on my birthday right right 12am and after
1ST,Foong Chang Sing
2ND,Eunice Lee
3RD,Shi Zun
4TH,Mr.Py's love
5TH,Randy Oh
6TH,Jie Sen
7TH,Jun Yew
8TH,Pui Yee
10TH,Kai Sheng
11TH,Wen Qi
12TH;Desmond Wong
13TH,Sonia Lee
Besides that are school friends :D
pictures will be updated very soon.
Stay tuned yea,
p/s: im happy and yes im down at the same time because of some particular reason.

Sunday, July 26

Being far apart from one another is kinda hard.Everyone has their own dream.Well,it might be successive.I doubt so.
Why do i demand for more?I request and sick of asking and being humble for it.Everytime when im in that place,im happy for a moment.
Why can't I continue having that feeling?
Am being sensitive for all the times.
Sometimes,i thought it is happening but not in the end.

When it comes,
i forgot to remind myself to keep and save the precious,
being so careless,
it will just go.
regret and repend for nothing.

no matter what,i know everyone would still do the same,are trying to keep on searching and searching for the lost to repair the broken.
Hope,shall one day everything will be fine.


Friday, July 24

back mr.lee
I felt like an architect =) well that's a part in my ambition list
Last week was so stressed,and yesterday our pengetua "pms-ing" luckily i tak kena :)
3 more days.....
Is the day =P
I getting love my fringe haha!looks younger for sure and i need a feathery hair band.Wait,i seriously need to cut down my shopping as there is 13 more weeks for SPM babe.
Yesterday i received an early bday present from chingbin,jiesen and shizunthey got me a black leather like converse.
Thank YOU =D
What do we do when we are free?plus my new fringe! *giggles*

Agree? Younger? lols.

ps: Don't mess with us,unless you are awesome :O



Wednesday, July 22

It's Wednesday! ;)


I'm freaking exhausted now.Back from sri petaling home which was blackout just now.
I getting to love add maths,i know it is too late but still i learned my maths more than 3 times a month from different teachers.*im nerd* =P

What are you going to do when there's problems and you are in the middle?
I always remind myself that see things with proof and not by figuring it out without knowing the actual reasons.
I trust everyone,certain are just being humble.
I guess I will recover back very soon from encountering this.Cheer people.It is not as hard as you think.I always try to cool down and be relax whenever there is a problem.
I know who's right.I hope.

I love you too.

I felt like having a studded skirt. =D

Monday, July 20

I saw this on saturday at f21 and i'm planning to get it =)
Because i love to shopped at f21 but not all the stuff i like.
After cutting my fringe,surely will receive loads of comments.
Lol,i was so called to be younger than my sister :) sorry i'm puiyee.haha!
Well i kinda like my new fringe =P
I had bad headache today !
Really supper annoying.

I don't know who are you are telling the truth or lies.Please!If you do know anything,just inform me/get off.

my facebook got hacked! darnnn. FUCK YOU UP SIDE DOWN!
I won't create a new one unless i'm desperate for it.

No worries for those who missed out my outings on saturday,because it wasn't really my actual birthday and LOL Benjamin Tong came up to me this morning wished me Happy Belated Birthday! What's Your Problem?haha.It is next week,and yeap people stared at him.He got malu.

Jonathan Pravin sucks =) *just a lame statement from your AWESOME friend*

Till then.
I want back my facbook! BITCH.

Friday, July 17

Should get to the bed now so tomorrow i won't be that exhausted.Neither way.
Going to somewhere tomorrow.
Splassh SplaShh.....
I'm so gonna love you,haha too many fcuk*if u read someone's blog*. =O
You know.
It is just not yet.
I got loads of hint from you guys that getting me fabulous birthday present.Thanks to all of you.It is much more exciting than what i expected for my day.
pressie is not that important.
Friendship do *ehemmm*

Wednesday, July 15

Finally i feel so relaxing *
Happy belated birthday to Mr.Lee !
Sorry,i don't known when was your birthday,but at least i had wished ya.
Two more days,it might be exciting nor pouring sorrowness.Either way,it is alright,everything is still on although im still alone on that day.

Those who had confirmed coming,thanks.I do really appreciate =D

Not suffering.

Finally,i feel secure and i smiled for so much.
Oh oh thanks jingleong and minchun for the pressie.
;my dream car =)
Alfa Romeo Spider.
I never knew so much about alfa romeo not till my dad is the owner of alfa romeo club for more than 20years,the values was got into my dream.
I will work hard for it :)
convertible~huggaaa Hugaaa!

*btw i got a ride on this car before >.Ps:Im worried of all my buddy.Please drink more water.The haze makes me feel like im at Genting Highlands.*retarded*

Baby loves.

Sunday, July 12

My com havn't done repair.This is getting on my nerves,and im not happy whenever involve in love things,as usual.What's really get me up and hyper is when im into shopping for so much.Every girl loves shopping.Agree?Say yes :)
And what?

Thanks to wenqi giving me a beautiful link

which makes me crazy about their prices and their stuffs and i guess im getting some of them if i could =) depends.
due to the posting prob from cedar to kl? lol.

Im getting this tee :)

I want i want ! this maxi

Until here i will have them if i have cash $$$ and i could have them reach to msia.


Till then, good nights .One more week !!! people im so going to have fun =D yeahhh.Sorry for blogging when it is late and no one online .Im forced to,bad connection.

Wednesday, July 8

I just wanna scream !
Most of you know why am i pissed?

yeap i mean it,suckers.
I know what's going about and around,don't be fool when u are around me cus i ain't dumb and i know what's happening.

Deep shit for you. =)
Make me moody and angry for the whole day


Saturday, July 4

I just back from my latin class.School day going on tomorrow.I had been going on and on the same routines.It been years.Goshhhh.
There are some spacing probs going on.What should you do when you are depress?
Synchronizing days and night.Should i burn midnight oil for my studies and let go my stress?

Searching for B.
for my coming up birthday.

Yesterday night was down with dull.Out of no where,somehow there are two idiots came to my msn contact and started to prank me.I don't know who the heck is that and he pretended to be chun kit and wei quan.That's was so stupid!
You never spam my cbox again.Urghhh.

xxx:My previous contact lens already expired.So,i decided to get other colours like baby aqua or violet but out of stock and i hate to wear spects as i always lost them.I had no choice,so i bought the fresh kon bright eye.The diameter was super big <.<
This is the result,small pupil and the lens pupil.
I was super black.
Kindly proceed to my nap now.Ta-daaa.

It was open day yesterday,everything was fine.*wipe sweat*
just that Pn.Aida go comment about me sleeping in class.My class was so kosong,like no one attend to school while other loads of students with their parents,our class mostly people come because of outgoing to times square after open day.
Look at Pik Ee masterpiece :)
The Birthday Boy.
It was open day but someone havnt hantar extra seni project.muahahah.
BoonKyan :)
Birthday boy;Changsing
Act cute pulak
On the way to ts, yenyi;pikee
Jovie;kuan ngee
and me ;)
So Sweet =D
Jom Makan
Me with the bday boy =)
WaiLun is so "HangFuk"
And then............
I get to watch TRANSFORMER!
revenge of the fallen.
It was just SYooikk :) almost 3 hours show.
Sorry,i was looking at somewhere else.
Know your eye is big @.@
Poser do POSE :P
BOON! bad photograher,it was suppose to be a nice picture.Hmmphs
Hilang,cheekit,chingbin and
Chubby fat face D=
My konon besties .
Singing time ;lalalalalalalalala....
opppps =X
Apa macam ini??
We decided to give changsing a Surprise yea.
So,i brought the cake in!happpy birthdayyy to youuuuu.
Sempat pose pun...ngek ngek
Ziyung :)
They were dancing actually;lol
Played R&B song and turn off the light and we dancedike crazy.
All blur blur.
Look at the H1N1 !stupiak.
Not enough?
There was a mirror above.
The End
ps to changsing:i post here 1st then only facebook aites.
When is my computer is going to be fixed?Oh-noo... :(
Not going to watch cheerleading at Stadium Putra because there are going to be alot of people.I do afraid of H1N1.seriously.
hugs hugs.