Monday, November 30

The sky is so dark now,i hope i could breathe fresh air when i open the window later.
It's fun being around you.
my flu is getting better.Parent said bring us to watch 2012 today but too bad the tickets were sold out everytime i wanted to do online booking. I think im having a slight fever because of reading bio for whole day until the paper starts.

CLICK on the pictures!
Previously was
but they have now become a new shop website with all glamorous clothes,
They have their own models too with all great outfits on them.

Just pay a visit :)
Remembered?? i asked to help me and join the oxy thing in
I just need around one hundred more :)
This is what you need to do with the help of the pictures.
As you see in the attached picture,im like hundred far away from the grand prize.Yeap im in TOP 3 already.
Thank you for those lovelies who had supported me before.
1 ) CLICK class attack
2 ) CLICK gallery
3 ) CLICK most visited
4 ) You'll see PUI YAN classroom ,click it to visit.
5 ) Sign up.

click on the picture,i had modified what you need to do :)

will go for a rest now,
Im looking for you from here,
FAR Far far away from me.

I studied the whole day long for two years syllabus of Biology will never enough,i won't regret.Everything about biology is OVER! yes,no more seeing bone structure and cells thingy anymore.Today paper,i was blank.I wrote all crap in my essays.It's not working but just to satisfied myself with the paper full of blue ink.There's something wrong with my facebook,it's like updated then it's then not.Two more freaking subjects.OMG,i really couldn't believe that SPM will be ending in so fast.

I'm already having sick now and difficulties of breathing because my nose was blocked.urgh,
I guess the memo is still blank with things to do after SPM,what would the life will be?
I don't wanna imagine,gosh.

There's no more privacy after all,you are reading it too.However,you'll never understand a single word no matter how many thousands of times u keep refreshing the page.
ARE YOU CHOOSING FOR A SUIT CASE and running out from here with a pair of slippers only.LOL
it's funny to hear about it,

new moon,py you MUST watch .He's so HOT !!

Havnt watched 2012?i TELL you that the graphic is fcking awesome and it's DAMN nice!!
PY; yes i knw :( IT'S SPM ,tau?
Bloody flu.

I wanna have more more more and more...

Aaaaahhhhhh CHIIUUUU ! @.@

Friday, November 27

3D katon!

November 27, 2009 0 Comments
Yesterday 271109 ,
me with my family went to The Curve and watched A christmas carol.Woke up early int he morning at 10.30am :( *sleepy* and get ready with my sis.
We started to eat breakfast or lunch?erm,at the manhanttan fish market.
Yes,biology in two more days and i don't know a single thing because i never listen to teacher :P
This is Pui Yee :)
Pui See my youngest happy fun sis.
black and white
The decoration for christmas,
i can celebrate xmas YES,means spm dahh over for me!
I saw metallic grey-ish and purple balls :P
Cute bears along the decoration :D
right time to take picture ;)
I touched :P horse.
Hey little cupid,over here :)
make me !
kami sangat letih ;O
My sis told me something funny about this picture,
boob sticking -.-
i like,, uhhhh?
Yum-chaaaa dulu.
PUiYee! stop taking picture of me reading books.
Reached my aunt shop and i CAMWHORE-DD
It's 5.20pm ,time getting our footsteps to the cinema,
and watch
Starting with this guy who is very selfish and never gives his penny to the poor one,he never believes in CHRISTMAS.He is an OLD GUY.Whenever he walks out to the town,people and kids see him like NAMPAK! *he's like an evil man to the town* He lost his working partner 7 years ago due to some incident.
He lives in a huge mansion ALL ALONE without lights and people.That night xmas eve,he was resting on his own couch and suddenly his partner friend with the spirit come and haunt him telling him that if he never believe in xmas and save the poor one,he willl get into big trouble where all the black spirits who had died and lost direction will haunt him forever.Indeed,he still not afraid and dont' believe in xmas.His "friend" pull him to the window and he saw all the lost spirits are flying around the town with big metal block hanging with chains.They died and regret because never help the poor one when they were alive......then......HAHA,you watched in the cinema with 3D for better view system ;)
She fell asleep halfway through the story *wasted*
PUI YAN ! :)
The sky already dark and i know the lightings will be very beautiful :)
We stand and waited there for the *artificial snow* which is FOAM lol,
You may go there only at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on 27th and 28th nov
If i'm not mistaken,never really cares.
She lagi hyper than me LOL.
It's " SNOWING " hahah.
darn dirty weiih,it's soap.
"SNOW flakes on my beanie"HAHA.
Kissing the bubble foam !
Have a bubbly christmas babe.
Remember next month get me pressie.
I miss you i miss youuuuu.
Biology times :)

Wednesday, November 25

Feeling bored right now
Feels like shopping again.
addmaths had gone already :(
POP PRINCESS-You keep living like you're a movie star
But tell me who you really are
When the lights go down
x) Gonna go to bed soon,loves py.

I love ADD MATHS !
Paper1 was quick easy,paper 2 was disaster but i managed to do most of them :)
Paper 2 section A is super hard rated for above 17 section B i did 4 questions and section C i did 3 questions.
I hope it will help me getting a B or A- better than nothing.
Moral was quite easy thou but DARN PAIN KEEP WRITE WRITE AND WRITE -.-
SPM is so fast,three more subject and i'm done my form 5.
Pretty much miss my friends and school life,but escaped from those school's rule ,
Finally,science subjects biology,physics and chemistry papers,those 3 papers in a subjects.
Whole thick book content must squeeze into my brain just for few hours.*urgh*
Just now was bored,edited some pictures :P
Oxy 10 is very useful during SPM :)
im serious la.haha
It does help.
face faded already.
Oh LALA ,Gaga-licious
My superb friend,Randy Oh aka SON is leaving us next year to Australia ;( we're gonna miss you.I really wanna go PD with the premium SUITES *faint*

Is everything fine?

Did you hear about microdermal piercing before?
Microdermal piercings are permanent body piercings. You will also hear them referred to as dermal anchoring or microdermal implants.
Microdermals look pleasing and aesthetic and are rapidly becoming very popular. They are considered a cool alternative to surface body piercing because they are permanent. They are quick and convenient.
What Does The Process Of Microdermal Piercing Involve?
This basically involves a single piercing on the body where only the one part of the jewelry is visible on the skin’s surface. The other part is just under the skin, held in place by a titanium plate, which has many holes in it so that the tissue may grow through it, nicely anchoring your jewelry. To avoid any risks of rejection steel is usually not used.
*macam terstick diamond in your skin,sakitnya*
am gonna WATCH 2012 tmr.*smile*

I miss you :(
Those summer day's ,
just me and you.

Monday, November 23

Making love with my moral values NOW!
Mathematics was Super fun and syiokk.I did every single questions which makes me feel better :D
It's 1.15am now,most of the SPM candidates are having sweet dreams while im online-ing here.
Plusss,camwhore because MORAL is boring.
5 more days ! i wanna go PD lehh,sobs *emo face*
Seriously 100% not edited webcam pictures.
Nice ehhhh,
I muacks you sayang :)
Sorrry really too hyper because too much moral values
THERE'S 36 !
i'm not even halfway;
*cough* not mine,mahh sis boutique edition monopoly.
How many years didn't touch monopoly,it used to be fun few back years :)

For those who are Still LOST at last minutes for MORAL tomorrow!
1) memorise all the 36 dumb shits,you have too
2)huraikan,jelaskan,terangkan (need nilai,penerangan,contoh)
3)Esei (one paragraph,nilai,**penerangan,contoh,** X 2 then,repeat with another nilai with same paragraph )
-Should get more than credit babe
I will be quiet if you want too *hint*

Saturday, November 21

Maths,Moral and ADDMATHS :) on the wayy,am so happy can't wait for the papers
Thanks to shizun,he got the answer for SEJ paper 1 i score 33/40 could help loads!

Hello Sunday,it's morning (: i miss my friends so much,they are all so SMART now .Tee-hee
I wonder why SPM papers really going so fast on time,not as slow as i expected before.It is a good news thou *smiley* Not knowing that i still don't have the real freedom after SPM,it's pretty sucks to face them at all times but i want to enjoy more when i'm a teen duh. =D


ReAL NOT,just spam my cbox as much as you love.FOC :)

As my love son said, i'm wasting my time to BLOG,but you are wasting your time to READ :)