Wednesday, September 30


September 30, 2009 0 Comments
MISS ME?imba.
Don't know if i should hate you or miss you,Damn i wish that i could resist you.
grow. just put your hands on me.

Im blogging :D
Oh yeah,got my trial results .Not too good and not too bad.Bleh,whatever got A's and B's :) I have some stupid news which is i failed my driving test again,i don't wanna redraw the same pictures hahahahahaha =P at least i still have you by myside.Thanks so much! Spm in like one more month yeah,GIVES YOU HELL.

Just a random post as friends asked me why no updates :P
Wenqi ! lol.


Tuesday, September 22

Miss you guys so much,love you to the MAX !
Spm is coming yet miracles are awaiting us :D
My very last update before hiatus for exams beb. Eason left the teddy to chat with me.

Very not attached,and im happier now.No worries my dear friends and im alright.Thanks for all the sweet chat and lovely messages.PuiYan will be back after SPM :D i'll study for this very last minutes.Wish me luck and i'm here to wish all the best to all my form 5 friends.
Don't be afraid to look forward,is about to demolish the past.
Leave out all the rest :) Once again,i'll be missing you all.

Sunday, September 20

Sometimes you just
have to smile,
pretend everythings
okay,hold back
the tears and
just walk away
I woke up like 9am and follow my parents to klang for hari raya thingy.sighs,i'm used to it.Then,went to jusco =.= at bukit tinggi,camwhore like nobody bussiness with my sis.I really have not much words,nothing for me to complain anymore and i hope i'm still flying.

Almost heart attack.FUCK,are you fake or something?Is this what you been looking for and request for?You love to be in the crowd!Let's fulfill what you needed and don't blame me ` Rest in peace.

This is the part when we are fall in love :)

Ask yourself is it really worth it?The truth will find it's way out and ot's not going to be pleasant when it does.Plus,the whole sneaking around doesn't make you feel any better either.It's inappropriate and we should trust our own partners and most importantly be honest to each other,17

Saturday, September 19

ONCE you let us go,
Woke up early in the morning and attend mathematics class,then went to facial.After that,i went ot my dad new car workshop and have a look.Yesterday,i had nightmare and it makes me cried.We stand here so long and don't care.Now,she is freak out.

everthing just passby me like this but return back to me again,i doubt.She's like a fairy to you,guiding you although you never thinks about it.I gotta think twice,or maybe once.Like you need to.
You have to learn and make things right.I always be by yourside but you let things go too easily,blame to no one.

And why?! Can you like stop all these?! Please.
Easy for you to got back,don't beat me with the reason.We love something.I quickly zipped up my pockets.

Leave me gone forever.
Seriously need DSLR. fuck!

Thursday, September 17

Hmm,i can sense between the age and immature :D it makes me feel better,all i wanted to say is thank you.I found a place with no single tears,i had shared more than words with you.I felt so much comfortable.I need you again.
that's moment during 10.24pm i felt you again.
imma be imma be,
again,Thank You =)

Wednesday, September 16

Get me how?
fucking happy now....YOU KNOW????
I don't give a damn,,,,,yet.
What are you trying to do?Giving courage to bear all the pain.I close my eye and click them awayyyy.Far far away from my sight.It's HURT.It's so great! I have no mood at all,NO!i wanted to change about this.I hope this moment won't be staying for so long in this period.Somehow,i need that knife not you.Don't you think that i am dreaming?I wonder.Possible it could be,all the ways you are using.I knew,all i need is the time to recover.So easy to see the radians between us yet im blind all the while.
Sorry,i really couldn't help it.My hand and my eye are used to it,how could i stopped them?You'll never understand.In the other hand,like i don't understand you.
I'm still having my bad flu.The're no right or wrong although i know.I really have no fcking mood to snap pictures,goodnight sleep.I gave you the time not to bother anymore.I had thought of this,
i have all your arms around me .everything and anything is not worth anymore but i will,because of my ability for STILL.
for will in us,OVERRULED.
Carry on likes nothing wrong.
i guess i had imagined more than you do :)
it's not a big big thing ♥#
happy 100th posting !

Sunday, September 13

Someone's busy,i knew.You can do your work and stuff.I don't want to talk about photos and others although i had been told by you that i used to,i changed.I knew i do that makes me being alone in the crowd.Whatever is happening i also don't know.I almost fainted,i sick.I don't want to say much because there's no difference at all.
Am i at the same line as your friend?

Im not pint point about jealousy.haha!Ehem,AKU pun tak ade,even im not your friend in facebook anymore :(


my heart faded aside,i saw something had changed with my naked eye.It HAPPENS before and now it's AGAIN. Nothing is significance for me and it never left for me =( Useless for me to say because....and sighs,nevermind.


i knew i couldn't fulfill but at least...sighs,is ok.


*i do fainted.

Saturday, September 12

Deep inside,
Once again it breaks.I seek for help,with my pair of arms.So excited yet so painful.
You might understand and know,but you keep quiet.
to let it be or what? So many questions.I'm afraid that you don't really care.She knows,they always telling her something to do something before it's too late.I always made my promises,i hope you do
Please match them back.
With that,i really thank you.
All can i do is keep on smiling just for you.
Put that in your heart,my love.
with loads of misses.
How circumstances played the role.