Thursday, May 30

I'm with * supersmileeee * now because I'm invited to the Live Life Large LG's Blogger Event which is happening on 8th June , 10 am at The Curve ( The Piazza ) . I was excited because I'm very interested to know more about this 84 inch Ultra HD 3D TV ! Yeap , it is this BOOM !

More activities await for me as well as games with fantastic prizes will be given out on that day itself .

Guess what ?
After the event , we blogger are given a chance to win the 84 inch ULTRA HD 3D TV through the best blog post .

And I wish this TV has many great features like the great colors effects , we can actually view and edit our photos liked our mobile applications , more flexible features in the menu , the sound system are as good as the originality of the movie/show ,  better still if we can save more energy and at the same time we are able to watch High Effect and Good Quality display on the screen .

By the way , LG will be having a roadshow besides this blogger's event at The Curve (The Piazza) from 7-9th June 2013, 10am to 10pm.

Therefore , Stay Tuned on my blog to know more about the TV !

Interested to know more about this TV  :

Sunday, May 5

Let me recall , I started having my first tuition was in Primary standard six . I started at the tuition centre nearby my housing area just for a try-out . Well , it is really fun to have my tuition with my friends at the tuition centre as well as making new friends and learning with many other students . At the same time , when I stepped into the secondary school stage , I started to have home tuition . Both home and centre tuition is the difference of matter the size of the classroom and the place to study and learn . This is what is likely from my opinion , yes it is seriously very fun to go the tuition centre to meet new friends and I think it is good experience for every student to discipline themselves learning out from home . This is where the time I go though quiz and seminars provided by the centre . This is all depend on every students whether to get influenced because of the learning environment . I'll keep this simple from my experience :)

Tuition centre is where I get to explore more , join all the activities and seminars that are provided by the centre but the centre of attention wasn't there this is because of the number of the students in the classroom . Meanwhile , for a home tuition the size of the classroom will be reduced from single student up to a larger group at 10 students . This is depending on yourself . I couldn't agree more that I learned more during home tuition this is because the teacher could pay the most attention on you and have all the time for you during the tuition period . 

I came across this new website which is that is I find that it is a very good online platform for parents and students to find the home tuition . is a marketplace for matching tutors and students. It's a website for people who want to find quality tutors. It's also a website for people who want to find home tuition jobs. Not limited to academic subjects only. We also cover special skills like programming, chess playing, pets training, swimming, drumming, piano, entrepreneurship, cooking, dancing, and etc.

Home Tuiton Job : We're a passionate group of people who work really hard so you don't have to. We strive to make our website useful enough for home tutors, yet easy enough for students and parents to get best tutors.


Best part is that you can either find tutor or find job here as a tutor :)

Here is whereby you can choose the area for your home tuition .

I'll make this simpler for you :)
Visit  UPSR tuition for UPSR students and Visit SPM tuition for SPM students
Besides that , this is their new website for the tutor to look for part time job. ")  Moreover for Singapore users as well here is the link :  ""

Saturday, May 4

You've heard many about beauty products especially for every lady out there , you're tried them , you're searched many information for your own skin products . I come to know about this this brand Mary Kay few years ago through the magazines and internet . As I love their varieties of products for every woman's needs for their own skin beauty .


The beauty behind the beautiful brand , Mary Kay Ash Mary Kay was the sixth largest direct selling company in the world in 2011, with net sales of USD 2.9 billion. In fact, Mary Kay® products are sold in more than 35 markets worldwide, and the Company’s global independent sales force exceeds 2 million. Find out more at

Mary Kay is currently organizing a “One Woman Can” beauty contest in conjunction with their 50th anniversary. This makeover contest to allow you girls to bring out the best in your looks and be given a chance to win an all expense paid trip to Hong Kong to attend the star-studded Asia Pacific Regional Finale Contest where the next cover girl of Mary Kay Asia will be chosen! 

Simple and BE INSPIRED !
Join now at the website .

Not to forget to mention about the DREAM PRIZES , You don't wanna miss 'em out babes =)

Mary Kay knows better than most that one woman is capable of achieving, inspiring and enriching lives in countless ways. Mary Kay Ash proved, beyond any doubt, that One Woman Can.™
In celebration of 50 incredible years and a legacy of inspiration, this makeover contest celebrates the impact made by Mary Kay Ash, her company and the women she has inspired around the world.
One Woman Can™ empower. One Woman Can™ inspire. And, in honor of their 50th anniversary, One Woman Can™ really make a difference.

When you get a new look, you also get the chance to go on a Fun & Fablulous 4 Days 3 Nights trip to fashion capital Hong Kong and be trained by Asia's Top Model - plus the opportunity to be the next Mary Kay cover girl in Asia. Together, we can inspire change, inside and out. 

*Subject to sponsor's final approval.

Good Luck loves ! =)