Friday, December 30

New year eve is tomorrow,hmmm thinking what to do and where to celebrate ! * winks *
I'm gonna blog about my trip to Singapore , I know it's kinda late to post about it because I were busy and college is starting soon :)

Me and my family starts the journey at 8.30am in the morning . Daddy drove us there :)
Reached Singapore at around 12.00pm plus.We stayed at Costa Sand Resort located in Sentosa,Singapore. 
 We travel from places to places around Sentosa with the Sentosa Express.
Sentosa Express able to bring you to Waterfront Station,VivoCity,Beach Station and Imbiah Station.
Different station has different excitement for tourists :)

Waterfront station has Universal Studio and Resort World,meanwhile beach station is back to our hotel which is along the beach and Vivocity is for shopping.
Songs of the sea,i remember that I went here when I was only at the age of 4 if I'm not mistaken.
Beautiful songs with dancing water .
 In Sentosa Express heading to Waterfront to have a walk at Resort World and Universal Studio's entrance.
 I managed to get one USS Tee :) in white!

 Hershey's World.

 Goodies and Plushies.
They were having Xmas sales so I bought lots of Chocolate ;D

 USS Gift Shop.

 Betty Boop.

 Heavy rain in the afternoon, we couldn't get to the Sentosa Express :(
So we visited the Maritime Experiential Musuem & Aquarium.

 Passpot check-ins to different states and country with " Laksamana Cheng Ho "
rmb him? :)

 Garrett Popcorn.
I love their Almond and Macadamia ! 

 Mom and Sisters 
 Food Republe @ VivoCity .

 My Lunch :)

Day 2 @ USS 

Tweeeterrsss - Today 

Friday, December 23

Hershey's Choco from USS 

 I guess most of you guys are using googles :) I do love to use google because mostly occasions or festivals , their homepage has a lil surprise and I love their Christmas's surprise ! 
p/s : click on the little colorful boxes,all of them :D
Happy Holiday and Happy Google ! :P
Merry KISSMAS! mwahhhs,what's your plan?
celebrate with your loved one,family,relatives and friends!

have fun,and a great joy of XMAS!
I has experienced 7aste that held at The Laundry Bar , The Curve.Well,the event supposed to be starts at 8.00pm and we arrived kinda late like an hour and the place were quite packed but we managed to start the party. That night, free flow of beer, and for the VIPS entitled a bottle of Vodka :) , and unlucky me ! I was one of the VIP and I didn't redeerm the bottle *sobs*

They have Russian Roulette as the main game that night , which when you purchase a box of Mild Seven Cigarattes that costs RM10 and you'll be able to take part in the game and win the IPAD 2.

Picture of the night.

 The bryan(s) lol

Florence,Jason me and somebody that came in *_*
 the girls.
Had great party,and I'm sure there will be a better party in future of course.Great people and great music by the DJ.

To know more about 7aste :
Website URL:
Facebook URL:
Twitter URL:

Tuesday, December 20

My blog was on HIATUS for 2 weeks :( 
 is because of my crappy internet in my home isn't working and i need to update my blog at places with Wifi then I just back from Singapore,so yeah more blog posts is coming up soon :)

But nevermind,let's back to the main.
Me and my boyfiee decided to to Melacca for one day trip,yeap! Semester break,everyone is still planning where to go and what to do for the day hahas.
 on the way,lucky us that day weather itself is very calm and nice.

 Stop by at Melacca Chicken Rice Ball Shop for lunchiee.
 Shopping at Pahlawan .

Holla! loves from USS !
brought goodies from Sg :) Sales over there is *woah*