Friday, March 19

never tired of something that you wanted ;)

This is the picture that i wanna let you have a peek that im gonna have a massive WEBCAM pictures to upload for the next post with friends :)


Helloooo midnight readers, suppa busy until update my blog on this imperfect timing.Lolaa..This is a very late update since my former school's sports day last week.Im there to support my red team! I remember i started this blog after my sports day last year.Time passes so fast huh.

As long you appreciate every moments then there's no regret =D
I just felt older when i step into the stadium with my refreshing of my mind that i used to run and jump and dance over there.Now im like,

the pictures i uploaded here are half by Husaini's dslr.
Before that,

i had taken my first time PENGAJIAN MALAYSIA MIDTERM =O craps all over the papers just PRAY for the best so i do not have to R E S I T

; i've gotten this assignment to design a supermodel volume space! wish me luck people haha.Im so so so lazy

Long time tak jumpa Desmond !
Maaahhh ring.
This is our "hugo-boy" Kieve hong
Sha-sha the pretty girl
ignore the length of my leg LOL.
Me with my daughter Jovynn Kwon
Without zoom.
After zoom.
My current faceboook's profile picturess ;)
With chingbin's fedoras,He was crazy on that day because he dressed like a celebrity LOL.
This is Ziyung

There you go,mr lim ching bin
My S M I L E lol
well done boon.
My form 5 mathematic's teacher!
Ben, kc ,me and eujyn
the bald which means after NS wooots.

My pretty mui,wenyi
First time taking picture with celine the shy girl.
Last two weeks,reunion with former classmates and steamboat =D

Everyone look exhausted because of working and college.

Messages to my BELOVED "FRIENDS" that love to Disturb MY lovely CBOX

I understand how u felt about me,with hatred and angers and stuff but yea,nothing wrong getting 3A3B3C right?i dont think that's the worst result and i didnt expect to score straights A's.Im satisfied with my own hard work =) Feel free to continue hate me but i guess you love to stalk me :)

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