Thursday, July 15

Once again leaves me with no worries.

being a toddler or a young kid was so much fun and better.
Life without worries but do tears for some reasons like you needed pampered much from your parents,getting a plushie,or an ice cream the most is when you poo poo and wanted a bottle of milk much,yea..those days,you could even remember yourself.

For so much had been gone through after living for 17 plus years,life isn't that easy.Not everything just come like snapping your fingers.Efforts and hardworks being through learn how to crawl to learn standing as stable as an adult to started walking but most of us run and fall in the end.Haha.

It's older! a lil like kindergarten (: we meet new friends and teacher taught us how to hold a pencil and learn to write ABC.Continuing with colouring and using colour paper fold origami or flowers and heard shapes.At the end of kindergarten,wearing graduated clothes with a hat and holding a certificate.SMILE!*chik CHAK* There you go,your parents were so happy that you're grown.Tee-hee.

Starts Standard 1,dress up the dark blue pinafore and tie two ponytails with a roller bag ,well i walk to school because it's super near across the road HAHA,my grandparents need to stay there because i am the kid that must accompany for the first few weeks.LOL.After few weeks,i love going school *don't ask why* lol maybe it's fun to be socialize in std one and wearing high socks.As i grew up,i love to participate in running (: and sajak,cerpen and pidato and etc..i found out that Bahasa Malaysia is very easy to learn.Seriously.Joining the Tunas Budaya and go for dancing minggu bahasa =P When i was Std 6,i was so nervous for UPSR ,it's like the end of the world LOL -.- The funniest part is when you have *FRIENDS* issue,like i friend you i don't friend you arrr haha ,then telling their parents and i told to mine.LOLS.funny thou.

Secondary school was pretty fun also sometimes but things get worst always ,as usual.People started to have the attitude of jealousy and wanted to be the first especially,i really have no idea what's wrong with some of them.Form 4,I JUST LOVE IT.It's total Honeymoon to me and Form 5,it's plain BORING.After going through like REALLY
SO MUCH ....
with your parents,your friends,your loved one and OVERCOMING YOURSELF!
we have GAIN much,,
but lost at sometimes too.
it's all experience,
memories that never leave from your heart and couldn't buy them back too
Appreciate and loves who ever is around you (:

College life,
is just a beginning.
Learning more and more about people's attitude.
It's hard but i enjoyed.

Forgives for what i had done for hurting people around me,
i'm still at the learning stage.
It's fine if there's people who still wanna hate me or trying to make me down,
i am just WHO I am,
not the one you wanted me to be (:

thanks for the memories

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