Wednesday, October 20

20102010 ♥

Past 20102010 already :( but it's fine. It's rare to have this beautiful nice figures on dates.But we're never get 20202020 because there's no 20th month.I know this is lame,i admit.Thanks to my boyfiee and my gf bringing me to Snowflakes at SS15 nowadays.I've been ordering the same bowl at all times.I love the Taroball.First time experience Snowflakes at Pavilion but most said SS15 one is much better.Addition,it's much nearer to my college.At first,i wasn't that really keep like...snowflakes! snowflakes!Just another dessert for me! LOL!
Well,as i promised.My blogshop is already updated :) Will update more next week babes
Just click
Here's only some goodies from the blogshop

 All the items are not restockable :) 
About two more weeks,my short semester will be ending.Assignments are stacking up like mountains and not hills :'( and i am lacking on my ballet because am having RAD Exam next week.Oh my...Am so DEAD!
Recently my group did the Conceptual Model for Jimmy's class.
This is one of my group member,Shaun.He's sticking all the walls up.
The next thing is i need all of you readers to support me in this Soul Chic's Handbag giveaways contest.
Very simple.
First of all,like the Soul Chic's page :

Thanks alot for the supports :)
Behind the scenes during the Soul Chic's photoshoots.
That's me and Chileng.

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