Sunday, July 3

Eat and SHOP!

feeling hungry? Nomm Nomm,i love T.G.I.F and my favorite drink is their Apple Slush , the crushed ice with apple juice melts in your mouth (:

La Bodega,Pavilion before to watch Green Lantern
Then,my dancing friends from Indonesia is here in Malaysia for a trip (:
Narita and Sianne
They stayed at Park Royal,KL then came to Soon Fatt Restaurant at Seri Petaling for dinner (:

On 25th June, Viva La Bazaar at Times Square as i mentioned in the previous post .
me with Elaine (:
My booth tee-hees!

Accessories , hair pins , hair clips and earrings 

Elaine,me and Eunice (:

On last Monday,i went to IKEA because Zhiwei and baby wants to eat meatballs.By then,we have a walk or "tour" in IKEA since we're bored hahas.

Stay tuned for the next post, Rev Cup Battle of the States - Finale Party!
Massive crowds (:
 Pop Shuvit !

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