Sunday, October 23

The M A D week

Imma so good girl today staying at home blogging and doing research on my assignments.Hard to believe but yeahh I manage to to do so! ;) I could say that I'm kinda having free time now so do let me blog since already on hiatus for a week.Semester gonna end and YAY! I'm not done yet ,just gonna have about two months of semester break. THAT'S SO LONG til I have not decide what to do during that period.Hmm,gonna blog bout girlfriends and shopping (:

been going around with my girlfriends,eat and shop non-stop thou assignments had made us so "SICK"

At F21, Sales! Great deals..I managed to grab a sandal for RM15 only.Lucky me! 
 We also drove all the way to Bandar Utama, for chilling right after our boring class for COCONUT JELLY.
I had the Original Coconut Jelly, this is what we call Temptations LOL!
Not pricey it's very reasonable price it's just that the location it's at Oasis Business Centre.

 with my dear Carmen.
 * just ignore my sleepy look ._____.*
 Their Menu (:

Well, can say that we had not "ENOUGH" so we ordered the Coconut Grove's Ice Vanilla !
Ratings 6/10 (:

been so busy with assignments.......sighhhh!
what's with the mad week?

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