Saturday, June 30

Outfit Update ;

June 2012 is ending today , it's incredible fast the time passes . I was thought I just entered my new semester course in college but it's ending in few weeks . This week is my college exploration week which is also a week of holiday to me ! :) My Hong Kong Trip hasn't blogged enough GRRRR !! Nevermind , lemme post about my this week holiday :) Why not?

Today , everywhere is on jam ! So many people go to the shopping mall :) Have you guys been to Paradigm Mall . It's a pretty cool new mall in Malaysia , if you still don't know about the mall . It looks like this , it is located at Kelana Jaya . When you're in the Lebuhraya Damansara Puchong , you'll come across this building on your left if you're heading to Damansara.

The Mall is big and good for shopping *SMILES*

Facing JAM today ??
I guess everyone is in the mood for SHOPPING because everywhere is having 
Don't miss out the sales in Malaysia now because almost every stores you step in you wanna grab a stuff :P

Well back to the topic :D Remember about me nagging my short hair . I want back my long hair ! Couldn't wait for it to grow and go to the saloon and dye with new colour . I know most girls out there love to dress up before going out to the malls , date or every occasion or event . Have you ever wonder what to wear and what style to mix and match your clothes in your wardrobe. 

Lemme tell you girls something funny which is I have problem choosing what to wear each day >____<
Let me share a lil picture from me what I've worn these week ! *soundsosemangat* SHH!
Outfit 1 
Polka Dots Top ( F block ) and Highwaisted Shorts ( Tangs )
Outfit 2 
Laced with beads Top ( Times Square ) and Highwaisted Shorts ( H&M )

Outfit 3 
Leopard Print dress ( H&M )

That's all for the moment :D
Stay tuned for my Shenzhen Trip post ! :) Happy Shopping .

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