Thursday, May 30

LIVE LIFE LARGE LG's Blogger Event

I'm with * supersmileeee * now because I'm invited to the Live Life Large LG's Blogger Event which is happening on 8th June , 10 am at The Curve ( The Piazza ) . I was excited because I'm very interested to know more about this 84 inch Ultra HD 3D TV ! Yeap , it is this BOOM !

More activities await for me as well as games with fantastic prizes will be given out on that day itself .

Guess what ?
After the event , we blogger are given a chance to win the 84 inch ULTRA HD 3D TV through the best blog post .

And I wish this TV has many great features like the great colors effects , we can actually view and edit our photos liked our mobile applications , more flexible features in the menu , the sound system are as good as the originality of the movie/show ,  better still if we can save more energy and at the same time we are able to watch High Effect and Good Quality display on the screen .

By the way , LG will be having a roadshow besides this blogger's event at The Curve (The Piazza) from 7-9th June 2013, 10am to 10pm.

Therefore , Stay Tuned on my blog to know more about the TV !

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