Thursday, August 22

Finally , Audrey 21st Pop Bashin'

Hello readers , sorry to let you down by away from my blog . I think almost 1 month plus I didn't update my blog as I was busy for some reason . Nothing secretive , eh-heh ? BTW , Thank You for all the birthday wishes in facebook , twitter & instagram ! Finally , I'm 21 , it would be like I can finally enter the club and the casino ? LOL ! Really appreciated to my friends & families for all these while supports m without you all , I do not think I could possibly achieve my dream until today .

Back to the topic ! Pop Bashin' is a theme for Pop Art , therefore I've chosen Wonderwoman lol :P no specific reason , I just love her costume thou :D

Anyway , I am going to blog more about what's happening to me for the past half a year 2013 . It is an amazing years , as well I've learn many new things about life & friends throughout the months .

Firstly , I thought do throw a simple birthday party at a cafe or so on , but after thinking muchh *girls * I wonder that it's 21st , why don't I do something better than just an usual birthday celebration ? Search all the list of suites in Malaysia , came to mind is Ascott at KL . It's a suite with bedrooms , kitchen and living hall , just the right ideal birthday celebration ! I couldn't express much but pictures below can do so hehe thanks so much to Jonathan Yip & Patrick Chong for being my photographer on that night ! 

Specially thanks to Jason Ong for being my chef of the day , he prepared the food & beverages for my friends * hugs * , while the decoration done by my family , Nicholas Leong & Ken Lee ! Music preparation by Arthur Tan . Lastly my hair styled by Chi Wai .

My besties Amanda Liu with ther gorgeous dress
The Triple A
( Audrey Loke , Amanda Liu , Ashley Ahn )
The ladiesssss and a little baby :)

 Eddy Soo , never seen u for a year I guess ?

 Jason Ong , my good friends that always be there for me !
 Sheng Eu , friend since highschool haha ~
 Azrin , my blogger friend :)
 Jonathan Yip , my photographer !
 Me with Clovie , how adorable is she with her shocking look !
 Arthur Tan , my buddy !
 Bernard Tung , the racer and the pretty Jia Chyi
 The Gadget boy ! Kenny Wee !!!

 Tanusia , my long lost friend , JK ... primary and highschool babe !
 Chi Wai & Heven who did my hair :)

 Ken Lee & Nicholas Leong , my good buddy :D

 DJ Keith in da houseee ! 
 The man and a wonder woman * pretty awwwww * LOL

Unbelievable moments with you all my friends , love you all to the max ! Till then , will see you all again in future with best of luck and happiness . Thank you for all these unforgettable moments!


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