Friday, May 9

Dentiste - Premium Oral Care Solution

It is Flydayyy, too quick to get excited for the weekends. I'm very happy to review a new oral care products to you all because it is important for me and you. I brush my teeth everyday, we tend to forget how to take care of our beautiful smile. Not worries because today I can share about Dentiste to you. Dentiste has the full range of natural products for the premium oral care. 

We are all so busy with our daily plans, it is not too late for us to take note on our dental hygiene because it is related to our body hygiene too. Why is it? We live in Malaysia where we eat yummylicious food everyday, true that. Food residue that left and stick with teeth will breed bacteria and change starch to acid. When acid combined with sticky on gum line will destroy our teeth and cause caries. If not wipe out in time, it will dry and turn into plague that cause our gums swelled and cause bad smell, easily bleeding. At the end it will destroy our bones that support teeth as well as swelled gums will collecting germs and plagues until teeth loosen. This is the simple cycle.

 HiShop is selling Dentisite's products and I recommend you all to try. First of all, it is very effective and it is selling at a very reasonable price. You just got to believe this and try yourself.

Dentiste Premium & Natural White Toothpaste & Dentiste Toothbrush
I got my light purple Dentiste Toothbrush, it comes in other colors too which are Green, Dark Green & Blue.

You wouldn't believe how SOFT is the toothbrush. 

It feel so comfortable and no stress when using this brush.

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Be confident with your smile ;)

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