Wednesday, January 7

I lost 4KG with Australia Genuine CBS Gold Plus in a month!

Usually I never trusted any slimming pills or any cream that I can try on to lose weight. I was disciplining myself with clean diet and working out in the gym for fitness. I started gym and follow workout plans since April 2013 then I started to lose at about 1KG in 2-3 months then I joined Miss Malaysia World 2013. Therefore, I was at 52KG until 2014. 

Bring it whenever you are travelling! You can enjoy all the delicious food during your holiday trips without workout ;)

End of  2014, I was introduced to this product name Australia CBS. I was doubting but I have the urge to try because I want to achieve my body weigh lesser than 50KG. I did research on this product, there is no side effect and also beware of FAKE PRODUCT.

Surprisingly, I followed the step of taking Australia CBS pills in time and I lost 4KG in a month plus, no kidding. I was size S but now I am size XS and my pant aren't tight anymore. 

This both are my favourite high waisted short bought since 2013 and tagged size S, now even my thigh when I was wearing any of my skinny jeans, I do not feel tight at my thigh area. I am a happy girl now! =D

Australia CBS, depending on individual body absorption. Some could see the effect and result in 2 weeks time, that is unbelievable. What does Australia CBS does is that it reduces our body fats but not water therefore, it might be not loss in weights but in body size.

This is how I consume Australia CBS:
1) I consume Australia CBS at 20 to 30 minutes before lunch and dinner.
2) You must drink at least 3L water daily.
3) Stop consuming during having period
4) A duration of 3 hours at least, to consume before drinking alcoholic drinks

I still go to the gym and workout because I don't want to be only SLIM but with lean and toned body, about my eating habits on diet plans I will share with you the most basic and how do I deal with my body eating habits. 

Australia CBS Gold Plus did a great work on BODY SIZE REDUCTION!

If you have cellulites issues, you may also try our best selling KOREA Rushup Essence! Works on getting V-Shaped face too, contact me to reach more testimonial. I use Korea Rushup to tone my body during my workout sessions.

Above are my picture in Bikini Body, on the left is 2014 and on the right is 2013

Create your DESIRE BODY now or NEVER.

To get to know more about Australia CBS plus my daily routine, feel free to personal message me at [email protected] or add me on WeChat with the ID: luxeandbeyond

You wouldn't believe me, I also couldn't believe it until I see the result in my body size changes.


Happy walker said...

supported your review~ =)

(A Growing Teenager Diary Malaysia)

Anonymous said...

Is this a paid ads?

Audrey said...

this is non paid ads ;)

Anonymous said...

How many pills do you take per day?

Audrey said...

Hi, I consume 2 pills per day :)

Unknown said...

May I know where go you buy this product?

Unknown said...

May I know where do you buy this product ?

Lucy said...

Sibutramine is the main ingredient in Australia CBS. The major side effects of this drug is a higher possibility of Heart Attack, Stroke and abnormal Liver function. FYI - This drug, Sibutramine is BANNED IN USA, UK and oddly enough... AUSTRALIA. So how can this drug be good for you long term, if it causes long term damaged to your body. Life is more than the short-term gain of being thin.. like true happiness and inner peace. Please, as a public figure - send the right image out. And right information. Read the news more on the death cases all over the world from eating bad pills like this Australia cbs. Love your life. Be more aware

Audrey said...

Hello Lucy, thank you for your comment

As you can see we dun have Sibutramine ingredients that she mentioned in the comment. Just ask her do she take the genuine products? We have six years reputations ady. We have confidence to our products which are comfirm no side effects at all

Audrey said...

You can purchase from me, add me on wechat : audreypuiyan

Audrey said...

Two pills per day :)

Unknown said...

I add u wechat d. I wan know the price thanks

kellychua said...

hello!u mean u started to take two pills per day or after u slim down ur body n just wana maintain just just take two?

Anonymous said...


Just some doubts. Is this product really made in Australia?
And, why can't we find more information about this product anywhere on the Internet? Is this product already in the Market and was distributed / re-manufactured / re-packaged / re-sell to us? Or was it manufactured in Malaysia by local company?

Audrey said...

Yes, the manufacture company is origin from Australia. And we r the main distributor in Malaysia. You can't find any official website through Internet as we mostly distribute in bulk , and we have distributed to all states in Maia even overseas for almost 8 years. Until now still hot selling. FYI, We repackaged and distributed in Malaysia.