Monday, April 13

Secret of calming my skin with Intensive Hydro Repair Biological Masque

Working days and nights, with makeups everyday for meetings and appearances has made my skin sensitive lately. Plus the less of rest for my skin, I don't want to say bye bye to my baby skin obviously. We often go to facial for extraction but we are ladies always be extra careful to our skin texture too, our skin need to be moisture and also glowing. I need to have healthy skin rather than just depending on cosmetics products. 

One unique about this mask is that it has three layers which contain the two layers of protection for the masks. Therefore, it maintain the good condition and moisture level of the mask. It contains a unique formulation of Hyaluronic Acid, Hydrergy and Syn-Hycan that helps skin achieve maximum hydration and revitalizes the complexion, while Faex and Snail Mucin provide immediate comfort by cooling, calming and restoring the skin, skin emerges infinitely regenerated.

This mask comes with main active ingredients are: 
-Hyaluronic Acid
-Snail Mucin 
-Aloe Vera
and other ingredients.

After applying the mask for once a week, our skin feels cooling, calming and it does restore my skin as I doesn't feel the dryness of the skin after a week. 

Get yours at RM180 ( including GST ) free shipping to your doorstep

I used the mask right after applying toner and cleanse my face, then leave it for 15-20mins ( best to be in air condition room because I love the cool feeling ) 

As you can see from the picture, the texture of the mask is not the cotton mask but is more to silky texture. This made the mask doesn't get dry like the cotton mask sheet. 

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