Tuesday, March 17

♥ 4 Tuition during holidays?

i have my tuition class almost everyday.*you dont wanna know the schedule*
Well,nothing much today.WENT TO PERIJAYA! the center i had my class for the past 6years.
:-ADD MATH [ ilove HATE add math ! ]
i wasnt listening to him,was talking with jyelang,boon chun and kian ming! * lol* wasted~
Kian ming looks liKE CRYING ! lol. HAVE TO TELL THAT THIS GUY DAMN PRO IN ADD MATH!..show off everytime when he is doing the question,and COMPLETED! well.his brain too many formulas `our mr chhang jyelang!
-well after that i went to HUNT FOR STOCK ! loads of updates babe!
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