Saturday, March 14

♥1 Sports Day

First post of my new blog after deleted most of my old blogs * phew* So yesterday my school had the sports day at msn which is FRIDAY the 13th ! which means it will be a disaster day .Rains fall while we were running and dancing.I just pity at our cute pom pom.They look nice SO UGLY when wet.

Anyhow we got 3rd for the cheereading.I was in rain because i was running for 200m,4x100m and cheer and im so lost packing and searching my stuffs.Luckily my dear was there to help me :)

I got olahragawati award which means i will get the credits then RED house got 1st ,me and ben got the big trophy ,was fucking happy but then pn. aida came to us and claim them back! LOL. No wonder it looks familiar to me because i get the same olahragawati trophy when i was form 2.Our schools took the damn cash from us but they are recycling the trophy every year!

-cheer's outfit was dyed in pompom colours .LMAO ! PS: more pictures to be updated soon IF i found them. Pray hard u losers !fuck it! decided not to download the damn cheerleading video here as it is so so so freaking long! <3>

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