Sunday, April 25

18th Anniversary William & Luisa Gala Ball

Today is Sunday.
As you people out there knew that i am having sem break,so am i supposed to be very free?
Well,i guess not for me.I've been busy non stop,i really need a BREAK because i am having bad sore throat now :(

Just back from Kyung Joo,Midvalley

my danceworld studio's 18th anniversary,the party was going on at Royal Lake Club.
So,me and my friends are performing rumba and cha cha cha on that night :)
Feeling awesome : havn't and not yet done because next week am going for latin competition !

Practises and lessons were on and on everyday,

i love ....
Never Knew I needed by Ne-yo

Photos during practising the routines :)

Stephen ; Kelvin Ong

long time didint smile with TEETH ;D
William,ourstudio's BOSS ;D
Ar bu chiak BIBIBUBU.

Im out of this photos =( aiks u can only see my leg on the very right side of the picture!

Enjoy :) guess which is me in the video

Click here for the latin performance video on YouTube

*i couldn't load the video here,have no idea why.Either Youtube or Blogger is being a bitch at the meantime now.

I uses contact lens everyday because it ease my sights than using a pair of glasses.I entered this a blogshop's reviewers page and they had this post about Free Trial Contact Lens on FRESHLOOK new products :) it does attract me,and i click the LINK.

It is FreshLook Illuminate 3-days free trial disposable lenses!

FreshLook Illuminate *click*

I can tell you that i love you ,more than words

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