Wednesday, April 28

Take it into it while you're able

I've got back my babe ;D so excited,and i DARE to give it a surgery without any CASING
Pretty sucks to treat you so but trying to make you looks better :D
*Notice something different in the picture?
Yea,my fringe=BANGS by myself :P

Am practice my routine to be ready to battle on this coming saturday at Penang Competition
Taking part in
;Cha cha cha
Here's what've done with my babe

Things to have :-
1. A set of bling bling of your favourite with floral or mini 3D cartoons on it
( get this at only RM12 at pasar malam )
2.A set of bling bling that suits the colours of the back set you've bought
( get 4 pieces at only RM10 at pasar malam )
3.Any alphabet of your name or something you've like
( forgot where i bought )
4.A super sticky glue
( ps:not to STICK it to your handphones )

Not even RM20 D.I.Y yourself :) I took 2 hours plus to do it with extra attention :D

I Love Green but It might LOOKS weird if i blings whole thing with GREEN!
So,i've chosen pink.
The very common colour for girls.

Got this Floral with ribbons to attach behind of your handphone

Few pieces of related colours that you've chosen to blings front part of your handphone

I put an "P" and an "Y"

I took of the bottom left flower with some blings over there,is to attach my alphabets on it.

I've used this glue to stick my alphabet on the ripped off parts :D

Two hours LATER!




Front ,i make it SIMPLE :D

The back, for the camera part u need to adjust and use blade slowly cut a circle .


Snap here and there :D

Well,that's it.

Just take your time dear :)

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